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 pure is branded and collared 7/8/18

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pure is branded and collared 7/8/18 Empty
PostSubject: pure is branded and collared 7/8/18   pure is branded and collared 7/8/18 EmptySun Jul 08, 2018 7:14 pm

posted by pure

pure is branded and collared 7/8/18 1378867805pizapw1531095158pure is branded and collared 7/8/18 1_a758bf4f7cb3fa4c2d44f2bd7803d617pure is branded and collared 7/8/18 1378867805pizapw1531178263_orig

[15:56] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[15:58] *pure1 as girl leaves the verr pen having tended to their needs she locks the gate turning to go back up to the Hold to see the Hold Jarl...she is worried if she passed the test or if today will be her last...entering the kitchen she reaches for her kirtle she tucked into the cubby hole next to her boots and cape...wiggling her hips backand forth as she places it over her head*
[16:01] *pure1 she irons her hands down her stomache adjusting the material and checking each side making sure that her belt lets the side bunch up to show her supple skin her breasts are mounted up and out pressing against the material in the bust...she fluffs her hair and turns on her toes plucks up a reop cloth and waltzes her pretty ass into the Main Hall*
[16:04] *pure1 her hips dance to the tune in her head as she places the rep cloth on to the wooden table and begins wiping the water marks and debri from the tables...dancing from table to table adjusting the furs on the benches to be just right so the Free's behinds will find comfort as they partake in the evenings sananigans*
[16:06] *pure1 when she passes the window her heart flutters and her belly begins to rumble as she sees the Hold Jarl with two of the Guards near a fallen tree..the big log just plopped there...she stands pretty as any woman should as she watches what is going on out side*
[16:11] *Onak standing there, conversing as we strip the log of its bark I spy a wench in the window and hold up My  empty horn*
[16:11] *Onak winking to My main guard, Ass, I listen to him discuss his recent capture of a wild thing*
[16:15] *pure1 seeing the Hold Jarl Hold up his horn...pure shakes the thoughts from her head and nods with a great big smile she turns quickly and russels to the kitchen to the hearth knowing it is cool outside she knows the honey mead will be well recieved...she ladels up a ptcher of the heated sweet brew and turns and makes heer way to the door where she slips on her boots then her feet met the walkway outside the Hold*
[16:18] *Onak the top half at least of the log smooth from the debarking, I lean against it, large hand wiping sweat from My face, My vest long thrown to the ground in the work*
[16:18] *pure1 she takes careful steps making sure not to stumble on any of the branches that have fallen  around where the log her heart beast faster the closer she gets to the Hold Jarl...shimming up to his right side so close she can feel his breath upon her chilled skin she speaks in a soft tone and reaches for his horn poring the mead from the pitcher to fill it up some steam excaping she says *
[16:18] pure1:  your Mead Jarl may it warm your soul on this cool evening
[16:19] *Onak chuckles as I take the horn, drowning half of it before handing it to Ass*
[16:19] Onak:  Warmth I don't need, slavegirl but the mead I did
[16:19] *Onak points to the wide log*
[16:20] Onak:  you know what this is wench?
[16:20] pure1:  ahhh apiece of a tree Jarl
[16:20] pure1:  looks like that one right over there
[16:20] pure1:  she points to her left
[16:21] *Onak chuckles*
[16:21] Onak:  Kinda, but there's no bark. you see Me, Ass and Dumb here stripped it smooth
[16:21] Onak:  Course, had to have a fire going as well.
[16:22] *pure1 looks then looks to each of the Guards and then back to the Hold Jarl..then says*
[16:22] pure1:  ohhh the log looks pretty and that fire must of warmned you since you said you did not need warmth but the mead
[16:22] *Onak cracks My neck, a cold bath with a hot animal may be in order*
[16:24] Onak:  Indeed. Course, Dumb here is lazy and wanted to sit all the time. So we had to pull out this big block of iron for him to sit on
[16:24] *pure1 looks again around her taken in all the Hold Jarl spoke about...then she sees it....*
[16:24] *Onak points near the firest, greens eyes direct on the slavegirl though*
[16:24] pure1:  oh do not mar girl
[16:25] *Onak chuckles, and glances to the Guards*
[16:26] *pure1 she falls to her knees places her head to his side hands raised to him begging him dearly *
[16:26] Onak:  Now, marring seems to Me to make something ugly. I think, I'll brand you, making sure you are a marked slave.
[16:26] pure1:  and Jarl that is pretty??
[16:26] Onak:  Then, that iron chunk there will decided your fate. An iron collar, or the edge of My sword. Either way, it's as a marked wench
[16:27] Onak:  Depends on if I draw your blood. Then, not so much
[16:27] pure1:  why would you mark her a slave just to slit her throat??
[16:27] pure1:  Jarl??
[16:27] Onak:  Well, what are you>
[16:28] pure1:  she is a bond of the Isle Jarl
[16:28] Onak:  That's My point. No one would know if I decided to drop your body off along the road that you were slave. you are unmarked
[16:29] pure1:  let them wonder Jarl...please
[16:29] *Onak chuckles, heraing the Guards saying hell no*
[16:29] Onak:  I have to agree with My Men. Not going to happen.
[16:30] Onak:  Pain and gain. Or pain and..well dead
[16:30] *pure1 looks to the Guards and purses her lips..thinking and she made special pies for them*
[16:30] pure1:  yes Jarl....
[16:33] *pure1 she leans back spreads her legs and places the back of her hands upon her silky thighs head held hightakes in a big breath and just awiats her fate the buring in her belly strong as if this be the last way to serve the Hold Jarl so be it...she will serve him with her last breath*
[16:51] *Onak takes the horn from the guard, downing the rest of it before nodding to Myself*
[16:51] Onak:  It's going to hurt like hell.
[16:51] *pure1 hears the Jarl gulp down the rest of the mead from his horn and hears him announce this will hurt and says*
[16:52] pure1:  if you command it then it will be Jarl
[16:52] *Onak reaches down to where she kneels, grabbing her by her tresses, a harsh kiss to her mouth exploring what belongs to Me before turning her around, shoving her to face  the smooth wood *
[16:54] *Onak motioning for Dumb and Ass, they pull her up, her toes barely on the ground as they each pin one shoulder of hers...My dagger unsheathed as a clean slice upwards splits her kirtle in half, exposing her right thigh*
[16:54] *pure1 she welcomes his lips as he pulles her up by her sunny she turns she sees the smoothness of the log to which he has shoved her face into she stays still awating as tears begin to butn her blue orbs*
[16:54] Onak:  Now see, most will be on the left, though most anywhere would work. However, I am left handed, so yours will be on the right, about Here
[16:55] *Onak traces a calloused finger outside her thigh just at that sweet spot below the curve of her hip*
[16:55] pure1:  yes Jarl as she is a south paw as well
[16:55] Onak:  Doesn't matter what you are
[16:56] *pure1 his hands tho rough to the feel  makes the heart of her belly heat greatly she replies*
[16:56] pure1:  yes Jarl
[16:57] *Onak having thought of a stick for her to bite upon, and decided naught..I step back just a bit to the fires, the iron white enough to burn and do it's job but not enough to scar nasty*
[16:58] *Onak letting the thrall appear as quickly as he will disappear, watching him wipe down her thigh, cleaning it*
[16:59] *pure1 feels the boy wet her thigh where the Hold Jarl rubbed then just like that he was gone and she was just facing the log awaiting for this all to be over not really liking the thought of her being marked in this manner but if this is what the Hold Jarl wants so be it...she takes in a deep breath*
[17:01] *Onak grabs the short short of the iron, green eyes serious as I turn a half step, a practiced hand pushing the half brand to her thigh, steady for should she jerk it won't screw up the half circle, a sharp diagonal line attached on it's right*
[17:01] *Onak 5 ihn...and it's removed from her flesh, a smirk as I smell the skin burnt*
[17:03] *pure1 feeling the hot iron press into her flesh tears fall like rain as she just keeps sucking in air the pain so unbareable she forgets to exhale her body trembles as he removes the hot iron then a great scream excapes her throat*
[17:03] pure1:  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[17:05] *pure1 she keeps sucking in air and letting it out fast...her watering the ground with her tears she perses her lips and places her left hand in front of her face pushing on her noise some but blocking her mouth as she tries to regain herself from the pain*
[17:06] *pure1 she speaks*
[17:06] pure1:  is it over Jarl
[17:07] *Onak gives her but a moment, before cocking My head to the guards to release her, My lft hand grabbing the back of her neck to throw her to the anvil*
[17:07] Onak:  I gave you no permission to speak, beast
[17:08] *pure1 she just he presses now her to the cold piece of iron by her throat that is free from any adornment *
[17:11] *Onak lifting her head to scoot it a bit, the collar opened, half under her I speak*
[17:11] Onak:  you passed test one. Ive decided to keep you.
[17:12] *pure1 everything is happening so fast the sting from the hot iron is letting up...she feels him adjust her head upon a half of a piece of iron...then hears she will not die today...her heart flips*
[17:13] *Onak leans the other half of the collar over her neck, aigning the 2 flat circles, as I place the rivet in it*
[17:13] Onak:  Don't move
[17:13] *pure1 she stays really still tho her body is shivering*
[17:15] *Onak takes the hammer, precise with each strike as I close the collar, lined perfectly, the collar thick but allowing an inch between her neck and it's steel*
[17:16] *Onak taking her by her hair, I lift her in broad arms, now marked and steeled, a quick thanks for the Guards help before I stride back into the Hall steps striding to My chair as I crouch, setting her downward ontop a large pillow*
[17:18] *pure1 her blue eyes close to each sound of the hammer as it hits the riviot in to lock the iron collar to her swan like neck soft and lovely...her head in a whirlwind as he picks her up in his stron arms and strides back up to the Hold into the Main Hall to which she was cleaning  just a little bit ago...the soft pillow he lays her upon is comforting she smile to him and takes her hands and wipes her wet eyes then looks to him *
[17:21] *pure1 asks*
[17:21] pure1:  Jarl may girl speak now?
[17:23] *pure1 her left hand reaches to her throat feeling the hard cold steel that adorns her neck..then looks to her upper thigh seeing the 1/2 circle and the diagonal line  the brand of the North *
[17:39] Onak:  Speak
[17:39] pure1:  thank you for keeping girl Jarl
[17:39] Onak:  And know that you will not be coddled. you may rest for the evening, then it's back to duties.
[17:39] *Onak leans forward, tussling her hair before rising*
[17:39] pure1:  yes Jarl
[17:39] Onak:  Now, to chop that damn log
[17:39] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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pure is branded and collared 7/8/18
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