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 pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1

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pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1 Empty
PostSubject: pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1   pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1 EmptySat Jul 07, 2018 2:49 pm

posted by pure

pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1 17da3a8842894905f67f523444ed6876--female-photography-white-photographypure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1 Wiriting%20analytical%20_1524645724

[14:01] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[14:02] *pure1 blue eyes wide...a frightened girl slowly walks to the edge of the pit...pausing and looking around...all that she can hear though is the sound of a heart pounding hard...echoing her nervous movements...straining towards the edge and freedom the Guard unfurls his whip at her defiance...ready to lay stripes upon her tender flesh*
[14:03] *Onak quirks a brow, semi interested and semi pissed*
[14:04] *pure1 fearful of the lash she steps out on to the sand dropping to her knees...head bowed toughened arms stretch out to the side as muscles tense and relax waiting for the music to start "ready" she announces softly*
[14:06] *pure1 as the first notes of the music begin...she pauses...drawing in a breath before using taut leg muscles to lift a sun kissed body to its feet...letting the tempo of the music dictate the movements slow and graceful arms lift up and over a head of golden a quick motion they are then jerked down quickly to grasp at the chains that bind her *
[14:09] *pure1 tugging hard she throws her body about the pit...slipping tiny fingers under the white ribbon...muscles strain attempting to pull it from her neck...first one wrist then the other tugs and pulls on the make shift collar a soft face showing anguish and despair to be free from this life that promises nothing but sorrow*
[14:11] pure1: . /me slowly bringing red and raw hands to a face racked with sadness...silent tears are released into them...lifting her face to look into the eyes of the Hold Jarl tear filled blue eyes plead for his mercy...for freedom....seeing no hope...the arms fall limp to the side as once vibrant eyes close and powerful legs crumble...her delicate body falls to the sparkling sand
[14:13] *pure1 she pauses briefly...lying there...shaking and dejected...then for reasons unknown her head up rises up...looking again at the Hold Jarl new sensations awaken in her that she never been felt before...rolling back up onto muscular knees an overwhelming excitement causes breathing to become heavy and rapid as beads of sweat glisten down her chest*
[14:14] *Onak watches, My full attention on her fight to what she is*
[14:15] *pure1 supple hands glide over toned thighs...looking at her hands in amazement as if they were discovering something never before seen...standing slowly...delicate hands run over a flat...hard stomach and then to firm breasts...she moves about the pit...twirling and leaping using the chains about her like a heavy scarf in a macabre dance her body twists and bends...dipping low to the beat of the music in joyous celebration*
[14:17] pure1: /me her face beams with sheer exhilaration....looking at the Hold Jarl in a new light...a once bound heart pounds furiously in its freedom to please him feeling the passion fully engulfing her this power of wanting to please the Hold Jarl she is fueled by the desire to submit to his needs...everything that she is belongs to him....passionate eyes plead once more...but this time for him to claim take her as his
[14:18] *pure1 as the music fades...her body can do no more...arms and legs refusing to do as she wishes...she collapses to the sandbefore the Hold total submission*
[14:21] *Onak eyes the wench, sand and sweat on her as I speak*
[14:22] Onak: Fetch blackwine, slavegirl. Then you test
[14:22] *pure1 she takes a big breath then stands saying sweetly to the handsome Hold Jarl*
[14:23] pure1: yes Jarl blackwine righ away
[14:25] *pure1 she runs her hands along her body brushing off the sands as she sashays toward the kitchen area..once there she readies herself to serve the only man she cares about...she dons her kirtle on making sure the waist line is high showing much skin she washes her hands dries them fetches his cup softly ladels the blakwine to the rim then turns*
[14:28] *pure1 she gives her head a twist standing tall and proud to be a bondmaid each step back to the Hold Jarl are ever so carefully taken each hip bump matches the beating of her heart...on his right side she joins him...a smile to calm him as she leans closer lifiting his cup before him she tickles his ear with her harmonious voice as her supple skin of her breasts presses to his shoulder*
[14:29] pure1: your blackwine Jarl...may it warm you as warm as her slave belly is
[14:30] *pure1 with saying this she moves a little side to side to brush against his shoulder teaseing him with her chest*
[14:36] *Onak chuckles and takes it*
[14:36] Onak: Now, let's see what you know beast. Think you will pass?
[14:37] *Onak takes a swig of the burning brew a tilt of My head telling her to the ground before Me*
[14:37] *pure1 she gives a sweet smile as he takes the mug from her her fingers run along his forearm and states*
[14:38] pure1: she sure hopes so Jarl...she hopes so
[14:40] *pure1 she wiggles down to the floor in a kneel thighs spread hands resting atop her thighs with back of her hands palms up head held straight with a smile to please...her blue eyes look to the Hold Jarl and sings *
[14:40] pure1: ready Jarl
[14:41] *Onak reaches down a bit after unsheating My 6in dagger, a broad finger sliding between the ribbon and her skin as I slice it, leaning back up to set the dagger to My lft on the bench as I take another swig before stating*
[14:41] Onak: Fail, and it won't be a ribbon that next touches your neck. Clear?
[14:43] *pure1 as he cuts the white ribbon that has been on her neck since the day on the acution block and her brought eyes fill with tears nay understanding till he tells her if she fails she will only feel his dagger to replace it she says sadly*
[14:43] pure1: yes Jarl
[14:44] Onak: Good.
[14:44] Onak: 2 meats, why they are ate, where they come from, and describe them
[14:45] pure1: yes Jarl two meats why you eat them and where they come from and tell you about them
[14:46] Onak: Don't repeat the question. I know what I asked
[14:46] pure1: yes Jarl
[14:50] pure1: first meat is bosk eat it because it is a meat that is handy for the Free own bosks and you also get milk from them to drink...the meat is easy to prepare you can smoke it grind it dry can barbeque it bake it..fry it <C>
[14:53] pure1: it is lean raised...easy from farm to table...all natural
[14:55] pure1: they meat comes from the animal bosk... a huge, shaggy, long-horned...ill-tempered bovine which shambles in large...slow-moving herds
[15:00] pure1: second meat is vulo...the meat comes from the vulo...a domesticated pigeon raised for eggs and eat them because again they are handy and easy to get eggs and meat from themalso the fethers can be uses in making pillows or matresses or garnish a gaarment..the meat is easy to prepare you can boil fry baked grill the is flavorable...juicy...delicious...wonderful
[15:01] *Onak nods*
[15:01] Onak: Name 5 veggies. Just names
[15:01] Onak: by now you should know how to cook with most things
[15:01] *pure1 she takes a breath and wiggles a bit adjusting her kneel...then hears his next question and she answers*
[15:01] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:02] *Onak eyes her, taking a drink*
[15:02] pure1: carrots...katch...snow peas...radish...corn
[15:03] Onak: Fruit
[15:04] *pure1 watching him as his lips touch the side of his mug getting lost in remembering his lips upon hers...she shakes this memory from her head as he asks her another question she stumbles saying*
[15:04] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:05] pure1: fruit...grapes...pomegranate
[15:06] *pure1 licks her lips just meantioning of the fruits *
[15:06] Onak: Two things that can be boiled, or fried.
[15:06] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:06] *Onak green eyes intent, firing out the test to not give her much time to think, she should know these*
[15:07] pure1: tarsk meat...verr stomaches
[15:07] Onak: Something not meat that can be boiled or fried
[15:07] pure1: eggs...oysters
[15:08] Onak: Suls
[15:08] pure1: yes Jarl you can boil and fry them as well
[15:09] Onak: I know. It's a favoriet of Mine you should remember should you pass. As well as fried oysters
[15:09] Onak: Moving on. Name 3 desserts
[15:09] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:09] pure1: cakes...pies...pudding
[15:10] Onak: 7 lower castes
[15:10] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:12] pure1: Weavers...Thieves...Silver Smiths...Singers...Merchants...Bakers...Perfumers
[15:12] Onak: 3 things that could happen to a slave that has been found displeasing
[15:13] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:13] *pure1 gulps hoping to be pleasing*
[15:14] pure1: put on the oars...whipped...killed
[15:14] Onak: 2 big differences in being a FW's slave and a FM's slave
[15:15] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:15] pure1: work is harder...not being coddled...
[15:16] *Onak quirks a brow*
[15:16] pure1: when you are a FM's Slave
[15:16] pure1: slave*
[15:17] Onak: That is your 2 major differences?
[15:18] pure1: yes Jarl...when she was a FW slave she really did not have to work and if she did not work it nay mattered the Woman would not care.... and she hardly punished girl she just loved to play with her hair and dress her up in pretty clothes
[15:18] pure1: just so she did not have to keep the books
[15:18] pure1: being with you
[15:19] Onak: Work I agree on
[15:19] Onak: Coddled...not coddled...I would think having to go from protected, to being forced to please any FM that wants you should be a big one
[15:20] Onak: Granted, I could be wrong on that.
[15:20] *Onak drains the rest of My mug before I speak*
[15:20] Onak: Which is better?
[15:20] pure1: girl makes sure to do her chores and serve you as you wish do pet her but you do not always make a big pado about what she does you just note what she has done
[15:21] pure1: being with you Jarl a man...a strong man you let her to be free in everyting she does she hides nothing
[15:21] Onak: I meant fucking. A FM comes to visit and wants you in His furs you go.
[15:22] pure1: yes Jarl she is a Isle bond she is to please the Men
[15:22] *Onak nods*
[15:22] Onak: I will think on your words, and decide if you have passed. you will know before the moons set either way
[15:23] pure1: yes Jarl
[15:23] *Onak stands, My face blank as I step out to see to other things needed*

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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pure redoes her dance and is tested from Training Pack 1
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