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 12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate

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12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate Empty
PostSubject: 12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate   12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 1:10 pm

12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate 696ab8e74a5a62fa0469fd2f3dc06ba7

~~she awakens to men talking close by the crates where she is hiding she sits up and listens hard one man is talking about how he hears that a ship from the North has been destroyed by the shoals and the passengers had not survived

~~could this be the ship she boarded the night before? and what has happened to her Mistress?? at this point she sneezes pure covers her mouth quickly...just then one of the men look about and spot her..she shakes with fear

~~"imp what be your businees here" he barkes her blue gems lower as she adjusts her kneel to a tower and softly sings " Master she really does not know..last thing i remember is boarding a ship with other girls and my Mistress at Scagnar Harbor Master...then next thing she remembers is waking up face down clad in a fur blanket here wet cold and all alone" he listens to her story and reaches out his hand to her and she gracefully takes his hand in her tiny one as he brings her to her feet

~~"what shall I do with you? your name girl?" he asks"...."pure Master is what she is called what you decided to do with her Master" she replies back....hopefully he will feed her and let her freshen up..."you must of been on the Ship that had been seems to be it's soul survivor..Odin must find favor in you girl." the man thinks a bit...he looks to his companion and commands that she come with them....

~~ she learns the man who found her name is Earl his companion Thorin..she follows behind them 3 paces till they reach the Tavern to which there he hands pure off to one of the girls who's name is katie he commands katie to take care of pure

~~ katie nods to the command and asks me to come with her to the back room to which pure follows...there katie points out a small bath a small bowl of food and a white cloth to wrap up in "here  clean up dress and eat..then you can help serve around here" she says...i nod with acceptance

~~pure wonders what will be her fate now that she has no Mistress or a home in that fact...she quickly cleans up and eats and wiggles her small frame in the white cloth her chest heaving heavily from it's clutches as she strides in the Tavern to where katie is wiping down the bar

~~"pure is ready to help" i say katie looks pure over and thinks she will be a big help around here "go wait on the Masters who brought you here" she says... and with a quaint smile pure says "sure enough" spins on her toes  after grasping a pitcher of Mead..and twirls over to the table where the men sit at

~~ rubbing up against the shoulder of the one called Earl and whispers softly to his ear "Mead Master?" and wiggles a bit on her toes as she awaits his answer..he turns to look at her and with a hearty laugh he says "yes...."yes Master" she replies and reaches around him for the horn that is in front of him tipping the pitcher till the vessel is full... she sets the pitcher down steps forward and graces his lap with her heart shape ass lifting the horn to his lips and announces " your mead Master may you find it as pleasing as pure is to you"....

~~ he takes a sip then the horn from the girls hand and replies "yes yes indeed it pleases me as do you girl..still i think you would make great coin at market..go now...get your sweet rump and wait for me by the door"...."yes Master" and she lifts to a stand and slithers thru the seats and tables till she reaches the door to the Tavern she stands beautifuly head high hands behind her arched back with a sweet smile to her pink lips...what will happen now????
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12/28/17 pure has been found out and is awaiting her fate
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