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 pure dances and messed things up

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pure dances and messed things up Empty
PostSubject: pure dances and messed things up   pure dances and messed things up EmptySun Jun 17, 2018 12:41 pm

posted by pure

pure dances and messed things up S-l400

[13:02] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[13:04] *pure1 the tall willowy girl glides to the center of the room a silky blue robe conceals her luscious form her peaches and cream skin*
[13:06] *pure1 her back is straight breasts held high chin tilted up, showing off her thorough bred lines as the music starts up she lifts her slender arms...beginning a graceful elegant dance her body starts to sway to the music she takes tiny steps and then stretches long limbs naked toes pointed *
[13:08] *Onak watches with interrest, seeing how far her training has went*
[13:09] *pure1 the blue silk slide over full breasts rounded hips and belly as she turns in place to the music...causing her skin to flush gradually as the drums pick up the beat the girl dances with increasing passion...her movements softening hair like molten gold floats about her the dance becomes more sensual...each twist of her body, every toss of her head betrays great hidden heat she runs her hands over the silky robe*
[13:12] *pure1 blushing she adds a sinuous touch to the dance belly rotating under the silk hands caressing the rounded shape keeping to the music the girl sways as her hands slide lower lingering then to her smooth silk clad hips and thighs moving with increasing speed she tosses her head reaching to her shoulder she unties a knot and lets the robe slide to the ground sighing with pleasure as the silk caresses her warm flesh*
[13:13] *Onak takes a sip of My mead, watching her robe leave her flesh*
[13:15] *pure1 a crimson blush spreads over her fair skin as she gyrates to the music arms held above her head wrist to wrist hips and belly rotating her naked body turns and writhes breasts heaving her erect nipples betraying her arousal wiggling she dances in place swaying in one spot as if impaled...sliding upon an invisible pole flushing and moaning softly*
[13:18] *pure1 in a smooth swift motion she drops herself to her knees...spreading them wide...moaning again at the stretch of her muscles...feeling herself open and wanting...she pounds her fists on the sand in frustration...then...knowing who she is...what she is...she leans forward between her widespread thighs...crushing her breasts and belly and forehead to the sand...stretching slender,golden arms arms above her head.. crossing her wrists*
[13:18] *pure1 the thunder of her slaveheart filling her ears as the music comes to an end*
[13:19] Onak: cut off at wri* and that's only 5
[13:20] pure1: wrists
[13:23] pure1: the music had driven her to the Hold Jarl's boots she gyrates her hips passionately for his pleasure as she dances for him then she sinks to her knees and the mesh tightly together her back arches shoulders touching the floor her luscious shape undulating helplessly the music stops and then she slowly subsides breathless at his feet
[13:25] Onak: Makes no sense, you were already kneeling in position..
[13:26] Onak: Write another dance. Do it right or I'll give you something easier, such as being a mere kitchen cleaner. I don't tolerate stupid bonds
[13:26] pure1: yes Jarl
[13:27] *Onak shakes My head, drinking My mead*
[13:29] Onak: you have til the moons set on the morrow. If it's not done, and in a ways that pleasing the fuck out of Me, you will be a mere chore animal. A slave who can't dance right doesn't deserve to look upon the Free much less serve them
[13:31] pure1: yes Jarl she will be prepared
[13:31] *Onak growls, standing and striding out*
[13:31] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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pure dances and messed things up
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