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 6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked

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6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked Empty
PostSubject: 6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked   6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked EmptySat Jun 09, 2018 9:48 pm


6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked 7ac938c5565887aa88b1aeeb57d4705c

[21:36] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[21:38] *pure1 coming from the High Jarls Chambers just finshed with setting up the blackwine station at the fireplace so she can devotedly serve him at his whim in the wee hours of the night as the cold snow storm comes in she spies the Hold Jarl looking thru some papers as he does she slips quietly as a urt to the kitchen area<C> *
[21:41] *Onak hearing the steps of the slave, I bellow*
[21:41] Onak:  Mead, like a bond. Time you learn.
[21:42] *pure1 hearing him with her tender ears she replies soft but loudly enough for him to hear her *
[21:43] pure1:  yes Jarl Mead seerved like a bond
[21:43] *Onak goes back to My papers, knowing soon enough the hands will be up and travel I will to do some trading*
[21:47] *pure1 Moving quickly to the fires in the kitchen she takes a deep breath and hefts up the pitcher feeling the warmth fill her soft palms turning to the Main Hall her breath catches in her throat as she begins to move toward him*
[21:48] *pure1 nestling the pitcher against the line between belly and thigh she feels one breast warmed by the steam and the fiery brew tickle her nose even as she curls her fingers about a horn upon one of the long tables...raising the pitcher of Mead she feels the smooth horn grow warm and heavy in the caress of her fingers worming her way under his arm she kisses His neck tenderly and whispers into His ear*
[21:48] pure1:  your Mead Jarl
[21:49] *pure1 and with a small nibble upon His lobe she raises the horn before him*
[21:50] *Onak curls My rht arm around the wench, taking the horn in My lft enjoying the much needed mead*
[21:51] Onak:  you work your way more into My thinking I will you keep you.
[21:52] *pure1 a big smile comes to her soft plump lips as he takes his horn and drinks her belly flips as he hugs her with his arm and she replies to his statement *
[21:52] *Onak taking another swig, I hand the wench the horn to hold as I turn back to My papers to finish them up..My rht hand finding a lovely breast, twisting the nipple between My thumb and finger harshly*
[21:52] pure1:  yes Jarl
[21:54] *pure1 she clutches his horn like it is fragil and she wishes not to drop it or have any harm come to it...she has longed for his touch now she is getting it...she thinks ...oO(this is not so bad ....better than some ole bitties caresses)*
[21:55] *Onak grins at the wench, giving up on paperwork when such a thing is in My lap and motions for My horn*
[21:57] *pure1 she wiggles a tad in his caress hands him his horn upon his motion and bites her bottom lip in antisipation of his lips kissing the rim to drink*
[21:59] *Onak takes a long swig, before  I toss it to the floor for her to clean later...wrapping My lft hand around her blonde locks instead, pulling her head up to look at Me*
[22:01] *pure1 she hears the wind blowing outside the the the same time she feels his strong hand grasping her long golden hair and being lifted up to look at him face to face she smiles like the slaves have done before as she watched them never having had the pleasure of doing*
[22:04] *pure1 she bites her lower lip trembling in his grip did she do something wrong is this it...she awaits her faite...just please let him not be too harsh *
[22:06] *Onak enjoys the doubt that shows in her face, no slave should be comfy in wondering..and crushes My mouth to hers, tasting as I force her mouth open, taking it as Mine to explore, calloused hands flicking her nipples*
[22:09] *pure1 she loses her breath as his lips press against hers she feels like she is about to faint the fire in her belly burning brightly as she has longed for the touch of a man as strong as he demanding from her what he wishes and taking it*
[22:11] *Onak groans, knowing every move will not be gentle, letting her know I Own her in every way...standing, I toss her over My shoulder a moment, quick strides taking Me to a long table before I toss her upon it*
[22:17] *pure1 being lifted upon his shoulder as he stands with her hearing his manly grunts and groans as he does so she feels every step he takes in her heated belly the hard wood of the longtables rough with carvings and morsels of food she feels as he tosses her bluntly on the table him standing above her her baby blues looking up to him in fright she never ever was treated like this..tho she longed for this day *
[22:21] *Onak yanking her towards Me, her ass at the edge of the table as I untie My leathers My cock already thick and hard as I look at her body, skimming it from blue eyes, down large tits, the opening of her pussy *
[22:23] *Onak leaning down, I crush My lips to hers again, moving down as I bite her the soft skin of her neck, the nipples that are perfect...before I rise from her, tugging her ass to press against My cock*
[22:25] *pure1 being pulled to him fine round ass proped upon the ledge of the table as he released his cock thick long and throbing her aqua eyes grow wide as he looks at her in a lustful way she keeps her focus on him his expressions his hard face makes...there is no getting out of this...she will be conqoured by a true man of Gor*
[22:27] *Onak watches her, slapping her tits wanting to see My handprint upon them before I lean back, large hands on her hips as a slam forward, using My hands to pull her firmly against Me, feeling the tightness of her cunt as I push fully in*
[22:29] *pure1 the bites of his teeth leave his mark upon her..she screams as he enters her hard and deep her lustful desires overfilled....her breath quickens *
[22:31] *Onak enjoying a quick moment of just the feel of her before I begin to move, thrusting inside of her over and over, hands tights around her hips, until I am slamming into her, feeling My cock swell, balls slapping her ass as they tighten, My eyes not once leaving her face*
[22:34] *pure1 as the pain of his entrance overcomes her she begins to enjoy the closeness of each other becoming as one with each other eyes locking in on each inner soul the quivers of joy relinquish her body his strong hold of her inviting she wants this as badly as he does*
[22:34] *Onak groaning, almost a growl as I fuck her harder still stopping only long enough to pull out of her pussy, using a hand to yank her down, a swift movement to have her thrown to her knees fore Me, My cock enveloping her mouth as I thrust inside of her*
[22:37] *pure1 having been been pulled off the table and forced to her knees her juices drip from her flower as she tastes the nectar of her flower upon his thick long cock being shoved in her mouth with lustful movements she steadies her self by placing her hands on his thighs as he takes her mouth as he did her heat*
[22:38] *Onak growling as I cum, I use My lft hand to hold her head still, her mouth touching the bottom of the shaft, knowing she can't breathe as I press as far down her throat as I can, a low growl as I cum, hot and thick*
[22:40] *Onak pulling her head back after I am done, I smile, using her hair to wipe My not so hard cock dry before I nod*
[22:40] *pure1 her breath stole from her as he releases his seed down her throat only thing she can do is swallow some seeping out the sides of her mouth as growns come from deep in her throat and gurgles*
[22:41] *Onak thinking perhaps tonight I will take her again, I nod again, before yanking her upwards, large strides carrying her to My chambers for the night, tossing her to the foot as I say*
[22:42] Onak:  Blackwine better be ready all night for when I awaken with the storm
[22:42] *pure1 catching her breath with heavy heaves she doesn't care that he soiled her hair as he cleaned his cock from her spittal she smile all flushed *
[22:42] pure1:  yes Jarl
[22:42] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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6/19/18 pures flower has been plucked
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