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PostSubject: 6/8/18-6/9/18   6/8/18-6/9/18 EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 6:51 pm

posted 06.08.2018
19:50:49 by pure

6/8/18-6/9/18 Three-times-the-charm-journaling-ecourse-besottment-400px

[17:21] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[17:24] *pure1 having been working on the training packet she takes a well needed break and strides back inside the Hold looking up her blue eyes take in a precious sight and her heart trembles in her chest and her belly boils with excitement of seeing the Hold Jarl <C>*
[17:26] *Onak turns from the firre, and chunks My empty blackwine mug to her*
[17:26] Onak:  Fetch, wench
[17:28] *pure1 with out hesitation she catches the mug saying "yes Jarl blackwine" her hips sway to side to side over to the hearth she is thrilled to be able to serve the Hold Jarl she filles the mug lovingly to the rim with blackwine just the way he likes it...twirling around she knows he must know how she feels towards him as she smiles her way to the right side of his seat*
[17:29] *Onak turns back to the fire a moment after seeing her walk away and smirks to Myself, thinking back to that auction*
[17:30] *pure1 kneeling with thighs that kiss she cups the mug gracefully lifting up and out offering his mug to himfull of the hot brew words excape her mouth for a second she swallows and whispers*
[17:30] pure1:  your blackwine Jarl...she hopes it bring pleasure to you as she hope she has pleased you greatly
[17:31] *Onak quirks a brow*
[17:31] Onak:  Have you gone blind beast?
[17:31] pure1:  no Jarl she does not think so
[17:31] *pure1 she wonders*
[17:33] *Onak shakes My head, unmoving from where I stand*
[17:33] Onak:  Then merely stupid.
[17:34] pure1:  it is my fault yes Jarl girl was presumeing you were in your seat her fault for not asking you were you were before girl entered so yes mearly stupid Jarl
[17:34] *Onak nods*
[17:35] Onak:  And here I was thinking I had made a good purchase when I went to the auction. Perhaps I should rethink that.
[17:36] pure1:  with tears welling up in her eyes for if she is not here where would she be her old owner was dead then he bought her to serve for the Isle all she could says was
[17:36] pure1:  yes Jarl
[17:38] *Onak turns once more to face the fires, hearing the ice storm moving in*
[17:43] *pure1 she scootches closer to him by walking on her knees holding his the mug of blackwine over by fire where he stands to his right wanting to least have what he commanded before he rid her of this place...heart beating fast she offers up and out his blackwine whispers*
[17:44] pure1:  your mug of blackwine Jarl may it forever warm your heart
[17:44] *Onak snatches the mug from her hands, snarling*
[17:45] Onak:  It will be lukewarm. Do it again. I thought you knew at least basics.
[17:45] pure1:  yes Jarl she will do it again
[17:45] *Onak chunks the mug towards the kitchen, a mess she will have to clean up*
[17:48] *pure1 she rises up to her full statue hands rise to the mantel as she grasps a new mug for his blackwine pours the mug with the hot brew...she looks to him knowing he is upset with her but she still smiles for him and her belly yearns to serve him..steps softly to his right weves down to a kneel raising arms with cup between soft palms offer to him the mug filled and sings*
[17:48] pure1:  your blackwine Jarl...pure hopes it pleases your soul
[17:49] *pure1 she awaits for him to grasp the mug from her offering hands to his strong hands*
[17:52] Onak:  How is that possible? you stand, and voila it's all Here at the Main chambers vs the kitchen?
[17:55] pure1:  Jarl the blackwine kettle is at the hearth being ready when you need to be serviced as is the fresh mugs handy to fetch from the mantel
[17:56] pure1:  you are standing at the fires..thus she did not have to move far to serve you
[17:56] pure1:  or fetch for you Jarl
[17:59] pure1:  if slaves do there chores they make sure things are at hand so the Free can be served quickly if she could stay standing by you you would get it more quickly but you wish her to kneel like a southern girl not a bond
[18:00] *Onak turns around, hearing her speak without shutting up and rears My lft hand back, letting it slam palm first into her face without mercy*
[18:00] Onak:  Shut up!
[18:01] *pure1 nods but made sure no blackwine was spilled*
[18:02] Onak:  you don't havbe any to hold.
[18:04] *pure1 thinks????*
[18:12] *pure1 rises up and sways her way to the kitchen peeking over her should at the Hold Jarl with a loveling smile on her face and a special twinkle in her eyes  just for him...she quickly reaches for a fresh and clean mug...slides over to the cooking fires to the hot kettle of blackwine having been stepped just enough like the Hold Jarl likes it...she ladles the mug full then turns facing the Main Hall*
[18:15] Onak:  you make no mention of the fact that I struck you. Does it matter not to you that I find you displeasing?
[18:20] *pure1 her cheek still fire red where he slapped her hard...his power lingering a sting still...with grace she sashays to his right...she is great full  so far he is letting her stay on...floating downward to a kneel her tender hands offering up and out the warmed mug of blankwine saying to him with a voice that crackles*
[18:20] pure1:  your blackwine Jarl...may three times be a charm for you
[18:21] *pure1 she quitely stays still but don't know how she is trembling like a leaf*
[18:24] *Onak takes the mug, the steam of it stating how hot it is as I take a swig eyeing the wench*
[18:25] Onak:  I thought patience I had. Perhaps I am wrong. I am considering selling you next time I go ashore.
[18:39] *pure1 looking to him as he takes the mug a smile leaves her face but a frown does not eyes well up she wispers in a voice so soft and delicate*
[18:39] pure1:  please Jarl reconcider pure will try and do her best to please you
[18:40] *Onak quirks a brow at beast, merely taking a swig of My blackwine*
[18:42] *pure1 she bats her eyes quickly trying to be cute the way she would see the others do when they wanted something*
[18:43] Onak:  you try, I give you that.
[18:43] pure1:  yes Jarl
[18:43] Onak:  I go in 2 hands time. you have that long to at least have basics.
[18:43] pure1:  yes Jarl..where are you going?
[18:44] Onak:  Depends. If I sell you it will be to the place with the most coin.
[18:44] *Onak smirks, and strides out*
[18:44] Onak has signed off.
[19:41] *pure1 girl rises up moves towards the kitchen where he tossed the first cup of blackwine she bends at the waist to pick up the shattered pieces..rising she takes and tosses the broken pieces in the box at the side of the back door out side with damaged vessels and plates saving for making projects*
[19:43] *pure1 she turns going to the basin and get a hot wet rep cloth from the dish pan she rings it out and goes back to the spillage and wipes up every drop of blackwine...returns tio the kitchen and tosses the repin the laundry*
[19:45] *pure1 she walks softly to the bathing room and looks in the mirror the hand print from his slap is fading but still hurts mainly her soul for she tries hard to please the Hold Jarl and she just can't seem to get things right...right there and then she is determined to please him even if she has to do thing fifty times to get it right*
[19:46] *pure1 she travels from the bathroom to the sitting area outside under the big tree where she was answering the questions of the training pack having got thru the first two questions*
[19:47] *pure1 she settle in leaning against the tree picking up the note pad and starts to write...looks up watching the lil ganni trying to catch the butterfly *

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."

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PostSubject: Re: 6/8/18-6/9/18   6/8/18-6/9/18 EmptySat Jun 09, 2018 7:32 pm

posted 06.09.2018
20:20:27 by pure

6/8/18-6/9/18 QGb2NZm

[18:44] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[18:46] *pure1 girl walks into the Hall from the Hold Jarls Chambers where she was doing her Training pack assignments her heart fluuters as eyes of blue take in the sight of the Hold Jarl...taking her brazen ass to the Kitchen area she pluck a mug from the shelf and slips over to the cooking fires to the blackwine kettle <C>*
[18:49] *pure1 knowing an ice storm is on it's way she knows the Hold Jarl will wish to keep warm as possible taking the kettle in her left hand and filling the mug full turns gathers herself and with great posture she flutters like a bird into the Main Hall where he is sitting warming him self by the fires<C>*
[18:50] *pure1 approaching him her legs trembles and she quickly bends to her knees on his right side as soft thighs touch her loving hands offer up and out the him as she looks into his eyes and softly says*
[18:51] pure1: Blackwine Jarl pure bring to you to help warm your insides she prays her serve was just as warming
[18:52] *Onak nods and takes My mug before tussling her hair*
[18:52] Onak: I see you are quick on the training.
[18:52] *pure1 hardly able to keep still for being by him makes her nervous but then again not she stays quite*
[18:53] *Onak takes a swig of the blackwine*
[18:53] *pure1 retracting her slender arms she lets her hands fall upon her creamy thighs to rest palms doward...a sigh of relief comes to her as he pets her hair..she quitely replies*
[18:53] pure1: yes Jarl
[18:53] Onak: Are you taking a break or are you done?
[18:54] pure1: well needed break Jarl...has one more question then the Home work still to do
[18:56] pure1: Jarl...when do you think the ice storm will be upon us?
[18:57] Onak: By the middle of the night I suppose.
[18:58] pure1: shall she bring you more bedding to keep you warm for the night Jarl?
[18:59] *pure1 she thinks to her self ...o0(or pure can keep you warm)..(silly girl stop that)*
[18:59] *Onak takes a swig of blackwine a moment*
[19:00] Onak: I think that will be fine. Of course, I'll probably be up with much blackwine as well.
[19:00] *pure1 still looking at him she smiles and tilts her head a mimic she learned from other slaves*
[19:01] pure1: then pure will make sure pleanty will be readily for you Jarl before she turns in for the evening
[19:02] *pure1 thinks...oO(this serving a man is hard work...when with Mistress girl was coddled)*
[19:02] *Onak chuckles*
[19:03] Onak: Perhaps, there's a way to work blackwine into My chambers. Then you would sleep on the floor and fetch it when I need it
[19:03] *pure1 ponders a moment*
[19:05] *Onak eyes her, enjoying just the relaxinbg moment*
[19:06] pure1: Yes Jarl that can be arranged
[19:08] Onak: Explain, slavegirl? Please Me with your answer and you will be allowed to sleep at the foot of My bed
[19:11] *pure1 arranges her kneel to get ready to please him with her answers*
[19:12] *Onak drains the mug watching*
[19:12] *pure1 she rises up reaching for his mug so she can refill it as she explains*
[19:14] pure1: well Jarl while the fires are buring in your Chambers brightly girl could being a kettle up full of blackwine and a grate to place the kettle on the lighter side of the fire to keep the brew nice and warm for your pallet Jarl
[19:18] *Onak nods, releasing the mug, eyes hint of pleasure with the slave before I say*
[19:18] Onak: Good.
[19:18] *Onak swats her sashay ass on his way out*
[19:19] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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