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4/1/18-4/7/18 1_15_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 2_14 4/1/18-4/7/18 3_10
4/1/18-4/7/18 4_13_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 5_11_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 6_13
4/1/18-4/7/18 7_11_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 8_10 4/1/18-4/7/18 9_9
4/1/18-4/7/18 10_7_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 11_7
4/1/18-4/7/18 12_7 4/1/18-4/7/18 13_6_orig
4/1/18-4/7/18 13b_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 14_6_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 Fernand3
4/1/18-4/7/18 15_6_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 16_6 4/1/18-4/7/18 17_5_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 18_5_orig
4/1/18-4/7/18 20_5 4/1/18-4/7/18 20a 4/1/18-4/7/18 21_4_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 22_3
4/1/18-4/7/18 23_3 4/1/18-4/7/18 24_2 4/1/18-4/7/18 25_2_orig
4/1/18-4/7/18 26_2_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 27_2 4/1/18-4/7/18 29_2_orig
4/1/18-4/7/18 30
4/1/18-4/7/18 31_orig 4/1/18-4/7/18 Bbq-avocado-toast-avocado-on-grilled-bread-5 4/1/18-4/7/18 Download_36
4/1/18-4/7/18 Cup-coffee-white-full-black-white-background-31694974
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images_40_orig

~~enters the Main Hall twirling around upon her toes feeling the long golden locks fan out around her...her hips swaying teasingly back and forth move across the floor...feeling the rising beat of her heart as she stops in front of kitchen spotting only the little ganni asleep on the mat by the entrance

~~slipping inside it...glancing back...tilting her head to the side peeking over her shoulder...her blue eyes twinkling as she peeks at the kit making sure she nay disturbed him and he isn't following her....quickly turning slipping into the kitchen washes her hands...moving across the floor to the shelves reaching up and lifting down the sack of blackwine beans

~~holding it tightly in her hands as she turns placing the bag on the table...turning to find the stone and mortar...sitting it to the table...lifting the stone and placing it in side the mortar...carefully opening the bag and pouring a small amount of beans onto the motar

~~picking up the  stone and pressing it down on the beans...grinding the beans between using all her weight to grind down upon the beans...reaching into the bag adding more beans grinding them until she has the right amount to make a kettle of blackwine

~~quickly slipping from the counter and padding to the fire pit...bending over picking up the stick and poking at the fire...reaching into the wood pile...and adding more firewood to the fire...reaching for a rep cloth lifting up the kettle and taking it to empty...quickly washing it and drying it before filling it up with fresh water from the water barrel

~~carrying it to the fire pit and sitting it down...glides back to the counter she pulls another small rep cloth...laying it on the table...scooping up the ground blackwine beans and putting the in the middle of the cloth...pulling all the corners of the rep cloth together...putting a string and a cork tying a knot towards the end holding the blackwine inside

~~slipping back to the cooking fires...she moves to the fire pit dropping the cloth into the water knowing no grounds will be floating around...picking up the kettle and carrying to place it upon the hearth...wiping off her hands on the rep cloth before moving across the floor to and picking up a basket

~~sitting the basket back down she...turns as she slips back to the cabinet...pressing her full form up against the counter reaching forward picking up the beautiful temwood tray lifting up a rep cloth she carefully slides it over the beautiful wood of the tray...sitting the tray to the counter she reaches and picks up a clean white napkin placing it on the tray and adding the a fork to lay upon it...reaching up the shelf...lifting down a big plate and a tiny wooden board...sitting them on the tray...reaching up picking up a spoon setting it to the tray also

~~peeking once again to the shelves she looks for the perfect cup...s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g her arm upward...curling her fingers around the cup she pulls it to her slipping down to her feet...sitting it down upon the tray....picking up the tray and basket...placing it upon table outside...taking the basket she moves to the cold pit and pulls vulo eggs out and places them into the basket

~~moving to the basket of vegetables...picking up a few mushrooms...onions...a peppers...placing them into the basket...looking to the fruit..she carefully selecting over them...a bunch of ta-grapes...ramberries...and a small melon...looking down into the basket

~~thinking to herself and picking up the small chuck of cooked tabuk placing it into the basket...turning adding a bit of bosk cheese and picking up the fresh pitcher of bosk milk before slipping back over to the table near the fire pit

~~remembering she forgot something she runs back to get a glass of citrus juice sets it to the tray and also gets a bowl...sitting it on the table...carefully using a sharp shell to cut the small melon into bit size pieces...adding the ramberries and the grapes

~~quickly mixing all the fruit together pushing the bowl to the side to allow the fruit juices to blend together...picking out the mushrooms carefully slices them cutting the onion and pepper into small pieces...quickly moving to pick up a medium size iron skillet

~~dropping in a bit of butter from the bowl on the table and scooping up the vegetables putting them in the skillet...placing it to the hearth...wishing to get the vegetables cooked slightly...wiping her hands off on the rep cloth she turns upon her toes

~~searching for a small bowl and cracking the eggs into it...adding a splash of milk and quickly uses a fork to beat the eggs...leaving it to sit while she turns picking up the spoon and stirring the vegetables in the skillet...pulling the last of the ingredients from the basket she cuts the tabuk into bite size pieces

~~slices several pieces of cheese from the block of cheese...stirring the vegetables once more she spreading them out in the bottom of the skillet before picking up the bowl and pouring the eggs into the pan...Allow the eggs and vegetables to cook together for a bit

~~pulling the fresh baked sa-tarna bread that she baked earlier this morning and carefully slices two slices from it turning placing them upon the grill...checking on the eggs finding they are perfect to add the tubuk in picking up the bowl she carefully sprinkles a generous amount of tubuk pieces before arranging the slices of cheese...carefully folding one edge of the eggs over the other

~~turning over the pieces of bread...grilling the other side...picking up the skillet she slides the omelet onto the waiting plate reaching to the grill and lifting up the grilled sa-tarna bread...quickly spreading the butter onto it...sitting it on the tiny board next to the omelet plate...arranging some of the assorted fresh fruit to one side of the plate to garnish

~~before reaching for the cup...holding in her hands as she turns leaning over the kettle wrinkling her nose at the strong aroma of the freshly made blackwine....holding the cup out and quickly filling it to the rim....sitting the cup back upon the tray...once again checking to ensure she has everything

~~picking up the tray and carefully holding it to her as she slips across the room...lowering her eyes as she moves to Main Hall sliding down upon her knees to the right of the Hold Jarl's seat her long blonde hair tumbling around her...her back arched with her thighs kissed as lovers...leaning slightly to settle the tray to the Hold Jarl's table...whispers as her head bows and ha"your breakfast Hold Jarl may it nourish your soul and bring a smile to your morning"...she awaits in silence

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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Age : 37
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4/1/18-4/7/18 1_164/1/18-4/7/18 2_154/1/18-4/7/18 3_114/1/18-4/7/18 4_144/1/18-4/7/18 5_124/1/18-4/7/18 6_144/1/18-4/7/18 7_124/1/18-4/7/18 7a4/1/18-4/7/18 8_114/1/18-4/7/18 9_104/1/18-4/7/18 10_84/1/18-4/7/18 11_84/1/18-4/7/18 12_84/1/18-4/7/18 13_7
4/1/18-4/7/18 14_74/1/18-4/7/18 15_74/1/18-4/7/18 16_74/1/18-4/7/18 17_64/1/18-4/7/18 18_64/1/18-4/7/18 19_54/1/18-4/7/18 20_64/1/18-4/7/18 21_54/1/18-4/7/18 22_44/1/18-4/7/18 23_44/1/18-4/7/18 24_34/1/18-4/7/18 25_34/1/18-4/7/18 26_34/1/18-4/7/18 27_34/1/18-4/7/18 28_34/1/18-4/7/18 29_34/1/18-4/7/18 30_14/1/18-4/7/18 31_14/1/18-4/7/18 324/1/18-4/7/18 334/1/18-4/7/18 33b4/1/18-4/7/18 344/1/18-4/7/18 354/1/18-4/7/18 364/1/18-4/7/18 374/1/18-4/7/18 384/1/18-4/7/18 394/1/18-4/7/18 Rbbg-06_1
4/1/18-4/7/18 Download_37 4/1/18-4/7/18 Download-1_23 4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-1_36 4/1/18-4/7/18 Images_42
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-2_29_orig

~~as she sits and daydreams only having doodled on the pages of her notebook she closes it shut and hops down thinks...oO(since we have no slaves have not had our slave wine...yeah....she thinks she remembers how to make it) walks away from the window seat

~~thinking over the ingredients and materials she will be needing so the Hold Jarl  can administer us girl our slave wine...entering into the kitchen she searches the high shelves for a large pot that could be used for such a job as this knowing she put some to the back of the shelf heaving the huge metal pot from the back of the shelf placing it onto the counter she brushes a stray hair from her face

~~washing her hands thoroughly before she begins this important task making sure they are clean from any germs taking a clean dry rep cloth from the fresh pile drying her soft palms...tying back her hair with a white ribbon so it will stay out the way and washes her hands once more

~~ bright orbs scan the kitchen in search of the ingredients she needs swaying her radiant frame over to the racks of wine selecting three bottles of Ka la na stacking them into her arms being cautious as not to drop and break any...looks over on the hearth seeing one of the girls has made a stew that smells wonderful knowing just how it smells the Hold Jarl will love to have for dinner tonight...pures tummy growls...but knows she will eat when she is done with her task of making slave wine

~~placing the three bottles onto the counter next to the large pot she takes a large siproot running it under the water begins to work tiny hands scrubbing at the root from any dirt on the outside of the root...lifting the pot from the counter sliding onto the firey hearth the stove nice and hot ready for the pot taking the three bottles of Ka la na slowly pouring each bottle into the pot...cuts up the root and places it in while she awaits the Ka la na and sip root to boil all the way thru

~~ tilts the empty bottles of ka la na under the warm water scrubbing at the labels to remove any trace of it being called Ka la na so will not get mixed up for any other drink....the sweet aroma of the Ka la na berries filling the air in the kitchen as the liquid comes to a boil, wrapping cloths around ones tiny palms removing the pot from the heat onto a wooden block on the counter awaiting the Ka la na to cool down, cleaning the surfaces as she waits.

~~testing the temperature of the Ka la na and siproot it now cool isa slides the pot back over to the heated stove leaving the pot to heat for twenty Ehn until the root begins to soften in the Ka la na....removing from the heat once more she takes a ladle stirring the mixture...placing onto a low heat watching the liquid as the root begins to fall apart into the Ka la na.

~~taking the pot off the heat allowing the mixture to cool naturally before adding one more bottle of Ka la na she gets from the rack to the mixture stirring as she pours it into the pot...she scrubs the label off this bottle as well rinsing it with warm water

~~getting a clean pot pure drapes a cheese cloth over it then pours the now luke warm ka la na wine into the cheesecloth straining the root from the mixture removes the cheese cloth wringing it out into the pot getting all the liquid...then tosses the pulp to the slop bucket and places the cheesecloth in the laundry basket turning back to the counter

~~ taking a funnel she places the spout into the bottle lifts the top and pours into the funnel till the bottle almost fills up...she repeats this process three more times having filled four in all...she washes up the funnel and both pots rinsing and the spoon she mixed with drying and putting all back in their rightful beds till needed again....heading out to the supply shed she rummages through a box of corks chooses 4 she knows will do nicely and returns to the kitchen fills a tiny pot with water

~~tosses in the cooks to sterilize them bringing to a boil and then letting them sit for a they swell take another pot places ice chips in and water picks the corks up with tongs..and dips them into the iced water...then pure place the corks into each bottle and gently taps them in with a soft mallet...securing to corks....she makes tiny label and strings them around the neck marking them slave wine.....cleans up her last mess...and takes the bottles into the medical room

~~she sets them to the shelf looking around notices someone has done a great job cleaning in here...everything is sparkling and it just smells clean...thinks..oO( now this is the way a medical room is to look)...smiles knowing she has some great girls who want the home to stay immaculate so the Hold Jarl and Free will have no worries.....pure closes the door gently and steps away

~~heading down the hall...tiny feet carrying her to work in the kitchen...whistling away to herself looking at the shelves in the kitchen thinking what a state they are in...making a mental note for herself to make sure to put the vessels back in the appropriate places when finished with.

~~crystal blue orbs roaming the shelves cupping each vessel with small palms taking each vessel off the shelving one by one clearing space on the shelving...takes a clean rep cloth...scampering in the supply room for the bucket, filling the bucket with hot steamy water sprinkling some soap powder into the bucket swishing the water with nimble fingers moaning (mmm) humbly as the water starts to sting her fingers the bubbles foaming on top of the water

~~dipping the rep cloth into the water and rinsing it thoroughly she begins to scrub at the shelves from any gathering dust or dirt paying attention especially to the corners...rinsing the cloth thru every now and again...letting the shelves dry naturally she exposes of the dirty water...reaching for a clean dry rep cloth working around each vessel polishing them to a gleaming shine...checking for any that need to be disposed of due to nicks on the rim only having to toss one out to the trash

~~glad she had noticed it marred so the Hold Jarl and the other Free would be harmed from it now...a bright smile crosses her soft pink lips placing the Hold Jarl's tankard on the bottom shelf just where he likes it arranging the vessels onto the shelves where they can be found quickly and easily for service

~~ looks about smiling seeing the vessels twinkle at her....she giggles...remember...she should go check the Hold Jarl' ship maybe some cleaning need be done there...exits out the back door and down the path....tagging along is Jarl Thunderbolt...following pure.... moving to the small bank that overlooks the port...crystal blue eyes bright with unshed tears...sees the ship bobbing tethered to the dock...small careful steps carry her down the bank to the rough wooden dock....moving to the ship...looking up the gangplank...bare feet soundless as she moves up it and onto the deck

~~goes to Hold Jarl's cabin and looks to the trunk pulls out the pair of thigh high boots that have been cleaned from the other night and puts them on so her feet will be free of splinters

~~returning to the deck...looking about her seeing it is still in readiness...should the Hold Jarl have to set sail at anytime...looking to the pale and ladel hanging near the dais...she unhooks it and moves to the side to dump the old stale water overboard...refilling it with fresh water...rehangs it on it's hook

~~moving about the deck...lifts the furs...carrying them one by one to the rail...shaking them out and replacing them...slipping down the ladder to move below deck...stopping in the small little kitchen...eyes scanning for anything that needs to be disposed of...stepping into the small cold room...shivering as she feels the chilled air...seeing nothing amiss...turns and moves back to the passageway...stopping before the door to the Captain's cabin...trembling hand reaching out...turning the knob...opens the door

~~mall steps carry her within...inhaling...sad smile upon her face as she smells the odor that belongs to only him...eyes misty...she moves to the small porthole...opening it to let fresh air in...takes up a cloth working her way about the room...wiping dust from tops of chests...wiping down his swords...and weapons...careful only to lightly touch them with the cloth...removing the dust...stepping to the bed...removing the furs on it...sneezing as the dust tickles her nose

~~setting them into the passageway...opening one of the chests...replaces the furs on the bed...running small hands over the softness of the fresh furs....moving into the passageway...lifting the pile of furs...long legs carry her to the ladder...pressing the furs between her and the ladder...working her way to the deck...pushing the furs up before her

~~climbing up onto the wood of the deck...dropping to her belly as she hears yells from the dock...inching her way to the side...peeking over...chuckles as she watches the crew amuse themselves with a game of Ubar of the dock...chuckling as they fall into the by one.

~~rising gracefully to feet...returns to the furs...lifting them and shaking them over the side...hanging them along the rail to air out...moving to the sails...looking over them...seeing all are neatly tied...and sorted...slips across them to scurry up into the crows nest thinks..oO(ha ha Jarl Thunderbolt...pure made it up here)...lifting up the telescope that rests there...looking out to the sea...watching for any ships or tarns heading towards the docks enjoying a since of high up no care in the world

~~seeing only water and clear sky...she shimmies back down to the deck...with one last longing look about her...she slips off to the gangplank...moving slowly down to the dock...head bowing slightly forward...small steps carry her back towards the Hold...Jarl Thunderbolt comes around her as he follows her back

~~as they approach the gate...she pastes a smile to her lips...forcing herself to think of happy things...knowing as a slave...she has no rights to feel the time she passes thru the gate...she is singing a happy tune about a play ground in her mind ( hummmmm)

"When this old world gets me down and there's no love to be found I close my eyes and soon I find I'm in a playground in my mind Where the children laugh and the children play And we sing a song all day ...In the wonders that I find in the playground in my mind In a world that used to be close your eyes and follow me Where the children laugh and the children play And we'll sing a song all day...Living in a world that I left behind Happy little children In the playground in my mind See the little children See how they play in the playground in my mind la la la"

~~dances around Jarl Thunderbolt as she sings...all the way up the path to the Hold...giggling and then upon t-i-p-t-o-e-s she places a kiss to his cheek for tagging along with her to the ship so she could clean what needed clean...looking down she notices she still has the thigh high boots on...she sits upon the step lifts her one legs removes it then the next holding them she walks over to one of the thralls leaning against a tree and ask him sweetly if he will take the boots back down to the ship

~~to return them to the trunk...he gladly say yes to her...she smiles softly to him and thanks him...pure turns and enters the Hold thru the kitchen door...washes her hands..then looks about goes over to the hearth and stirs the stew one of the others has made...then glides to the counter...taking a end piece of bread slicing it butters it up finds her a glass of verr milk and sits and has her nourishment for the evening...washes her cup then takes a towel and bar of vanilla soap and goes to bathe

~~stepping in the hot water she quickly bathes...washes hair and rinses...know she must hurry for others have to bathe as well...towel dries her self on the way to the bathroom to brush her teeth and comb out her hair..sprinkles some dusting powder over her tanned frame so she shimmers....smiling she takes the towl deposits it in the laundry

~~knowing she must get the Hold Jarl's dinner...taking up a tray and a bowel she ladles up a bowl of the stew...some twisted bread knots with salt on top...a big mug of ale and a bosk buttermilk pie for desert lifts the tray and takes it to the Main Hall and sets it to the hold Jarl's table and the rushes back to the window seat to watch for Him to return from business

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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lunch /bath/ganni/awaiting

4/1/18-4/7/18 1_17 4/1/18-4/7/18 2_16 4/1/18-4/7/18 3_12 4/1/18-4/7/18 4_15
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-1_37 4/1/18-4/7/18 Download-2_16 4/1/18-4/7/18 Iphone-2014-621 4/1/18-4/7/18 Download_38
4/1/18-4/7/18 Sandwiches-23-638 4/1/18-4/7/18 Images_43 4/1/18-4/7/18 Carrot-cupcakes-cream-cheese-frosting-recipe 4/1/18-4/7/18 Download-1_24
4/1/18-4/7/18 17440425831-21e3960a13-b 4/1/18-4/7/18 0a3f6166601d69ecf0badda75fdfbbb0
4/1/18-4/7/18 Download-3_8 4/1/18-4/7/18 Portrait-1507074-960-720

~~feeling the sun upon her flesh listening to the sounds in the yard of the Hold as she slips from her favorite spot the window seat rises up and moves to the kitchen to prepare the lunch time meal....entering the kitchen she moves to the wash basin washes her hands she looks around as she wonders what to make...smiling to herself as she slips backwards and goes to the cool pit and looks into it

~~grabbing two hunks of cheese and the half tarsk ham she moves to the table near the fire pit and set’s the meats and cheese down before grabbing a large tray carefully shinning the tray to perfection she carries it and sits in on the table and garnishes it with some katch then picks up a sharp stone...taking the tarsk meat and slicing into thick slices for sandwiches...arranging the slices upon the tray

~~picking up the cheeses she slices them and adds it to the other half of the tray...making sure it is pleasing to the eye to look at..she picks up the tray and walks it into the Main Hall leaving it on the Main table for the Hold Jarl and other Free  to help their selves when they are ready for lunch...she goes back to the cold room to get the tray of garnishments to make the sandwiches they make much petty and sets them aside the meat and cheese tray..then goes to kitchen to get the bread

~~pulling the basket of  bread closer to her she takes the two loaves and sits it on the table and begins to slice it into thick slices...placing it carefully back into the basket...turning upon her toes she moves to the cool room and pulls several small melons into her hands sitting them on the table and reaches for another tray and some skewers...she slices the melon then takes a heart shape cookie cutter cutting them in to shapes and skewers them in to a pretty display

~~having worked carefully and sitting it near the tray of meats and cheese and the basket of bread...smiling to herself as she hoping her lunch meal will be pleasing to the Hold Jarl and other of the girls brings in a tray of cup cakes she had made...pure's belly rumbles for they look real tempting to taste but knows she better not to...she then quickly gets a bar of lavender soap and a towel and heads to the waters edge to bathe so she will be fresh to be able to serve when needed...know the hold Jarl likes a clean female slave in his home...

~~when she is done bathing she comes to stand in the Main Hall setting down a tray of filled ale glasses then stands in the sunlight...looking down she sees the little ganni laying on his back trying to get her attention...she giggles...thinking that even slaves do all they can to be noticed

~~hearing the Hold Jarl's voice she quickly sashays to the right side of his seat thigh kiss shut back arches golden head bows hands palms down upon soft he sits he looks to her then taps her right shoulder she raises her left hand to her lips
as the lil ganni licks her feet trying to hold back a giggle..then tips her head up to look at him casts her blue orbs upon him...whispers

~~"greetings Jarl...girl prays the morning has been kind to you and your work was easy...girl knows you always work your hardest to keep your Home and land flourishing and in order...girl just prays it was a lighter day then some of the others...may pure bring you some ale and some food  that she and the others prepared??"...she awaits for his reply her heart beating rapidly" />

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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4/1/18-4/7/18 Sad-woman-istock-600x3154/1/18-4/7/18 Images-7_84/1/18-4/7/18 2_17
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-3_224/1/18-4/7/18 Spinach-frittata-method-4-600x4004/1/18-4/7/18 Images-1_38
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-4_154/1/18-4/7/18 Download_394/1/18-4/7/18 Download-1_254/1/18-4/7/18 Images_44
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-8_10
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-2_314/1/18-4/7/18 Steamed-spinach-with-lemon-a102018-horiz4/1/18-4/7/18 4804188054/1/18-4/7/18 Images-9_84/1/18-4/7/18 20150329-sierramadresunrise-cocktail-elana-lepkowski-1500x1125
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-6_12_orig

~~thinking to herself that is it time to begin the preparation for the evening meal she slips from the Main Hall window seat...she smiles to a thrall who is loading the wood box by the hearth...and pads across the floor to the kitchen washes her hands and sashays to the cold room looking for something to make for dinner

~~bringing out a large bosk steak and carries it to the table near the fire pit...before returning and gather a bunch of katch...knowing that the Hold Jarl will be hungry and she wishes to prepare a good dinner meal for him

~~placing the katch into the kettle she adds a bit of water and puts it over the fire so that it can begin to cook...lifting up the cloth from the basket she checks to make sure there is enough sa-tarna rolls for the evening meal....smiling thinking she doesn’t need to make any for this night.

~~she looks to the basket of fruit on the table it has ten large peaches...laying them on the table and turning upon her toes...reaches for a bowl...picking up the flat stone she carefully slices the peaches into wedges and puts them into the bowl before going to the cool room placing them there to keep cool

~~taking up the bosk steak...laying the steak upon the grill over the fire pit...watching it carefully and turning it at just the right time...taking the steak once it is cooked and putting it to the far edges of the grill so that it will stay warm and not continue to cook while she bathes...carefully she stirs the katch thinking dinner is now ready

~~cleaning up her mess with quick strides she get some soap and a towel making her way to the bath room...pours her self a hot bath...enjoying the warm water on her flesh...washes hair...exits the tub dries off clean up area then deposits the towel to the laundry and soap to the closet

~~off to the kitchen she carefully plates up the bosk steak and garnishes plate with a slice of citrus...then in a bowl she ladles up some of the katch garnishing with a tospit slice...and a plate of four sa-tarna rolls...she makes up a quick cocktail spoons up a small bowl of the peaches...sets them to the tray

~~lifts the tray of food and sashays hips from side to side ans she walks the offering to the Hold Jarl's seat...placing the tray to the table...descends to her knees on the right side of his seat palms down her hands sleep upon her soft thighs her back arches she diverts her blue eyes awaiting him to arrive in a few

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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watches Hold Jarl leave/serves a Guest

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4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-1_394/1/18-4/7/18 1_184/1/18-4/7/18 1b
4/1/18-4/7/18 Maxresdefault_64/1/18-4/7/18 Images-3_234/1/18-4/7/18 Download_40
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-4_16
4/1/18-4/7/18 240-f-167119850-tlc7mpyrwiqa38tw2dfkbzwp8ayjzqmj_14/1/18-4/7/18 Images-5_164/1/18-4/7/18 Images_454/1/18-4/7/18 Stock-photo-coffee-on-wooden-tray-with-sugar-and-milk-cup-of-coffee-hot-coffee-beans-778732309
4/1/18-4/7/18 2_184/1/18-4/7/18 747-304835162
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-6_13

pure : uplifts to small feet...gliding lightly across the room...tiny steps carry her to sink before the Guest that just arrived at the Hold in the Main Hall, velvet thighs kiss as she casts a shimmering sapphire gaze to the toes of his boots...her chin lifting high...she softly begs, "May pure offer You anything this morning Jarl?"

GUEST: "yes pure...blackwine first slave"

pure: smiles to Him repeats his request "Yes Jarl...blackwine first slave"

pure: inches back away from him pushing lithe form upwards with small palms small hips shifting in the direction of the kitchen...smiling to him as she looks back to him...she moves into the kitchen stepping to the counter...tiny toes lifting a sparkling gaze even with the shelving in search of a pleasing mug to grace soft lips...fingers snaking along the vessels she grasps a finely etched mug and lowers back to tender flats...bringing the vessel to the delicate swell of her hip

pure: sapphire eyes dancing within it's hue as she sets it on the counter and lowers in search of a small tray...grasping a fine temwood tray she lifts setting the mug upon it... reaching for a spoon within the drawer she sets the spoon aside the mug and glances lightly about...deep sapphire eyes dancing merrily as she espies the sugar and reaches for it setting it upon the tray...lifting the tray she turns and steps across the room to the cool room slipping inside a small shudder coursing through her heated form as the chill sweeps over her...quickly grasping a small container of bosk milk she places it upon the tray and steps back to the warmth

pure: moves to the hearth taking  in the strong scent of the heady blackwine as she nears the warmth of the fire...her eyes sparkling as she floods with heat..lifting the kettle she fills the mug to just below the rim...replacing the kettle she takes one last breath and turns back to the Main Hall and the Jarl she serves...light steps carrying her to halt at his feet

pure: lowers to his feet and rests the tray before her...her head lifting high she keeps a glimmering gaze focused on the tray and her task...quietly asking...."how many sugars Jarl? and how light do you prefer the blackwine?

Guest: 2 sugars and not to light girl

pure: "yes Jarl sweeten the blackwine twice and touch it with some cream"...smiles at His command and adds two even spoonfuls of the sugar swirling the blackwine with the spoon as she adds enough of the milk to form a creamy light caramel shade,...smiling she sets the spoon and the cream aside lifting the mug, ...she pushes the tray out of the way

pure: nestles the mug with in her hands a moment melding the warmth...gently easing it along the smooth alabaster trail of supple curves she holds within a loving slaves heart..bowing her head forth between outreached arms...small hands lifting in offering..."warm fresh blackwine for your pleasure this morning Jarl... girl hopes it will warm and wake you this day and that her service has been pleasing to you"...she awaits silently for his hand to grasp the cup from hers

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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watches the sun come up /tends to vulo/eggs/breakfast/bath/awaiting

4/1/18-4/7/18 21314630214/1/18-4/7/18 1_194/1/18-4/7/18 1b_14/1/18-4/7/18 2_19
4/1/18-4/7/18 3_134/1/18-4/7/18 4_164/1/18-4/7/18 5_134/1/18-4/7/18 6_15 4/1/18-4/7/18 7_134/1/18-4/7/18 8_124/1/18-4/7/18 9_114/1/18-4/7/18 10_9
4/1/18-4/7/18 11_94/1/18-4/7/18 12_94/1/18-4/7/18 13_84/1/18-4/7/18 13b_1
4/1/18-4/7/18 14_84/1/18-4/7/18 15_8
4/1/18-4/7/18 16_8
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-2_334/1/18-4/7/18 Kitten-1031261-960-720
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images_46_orig

~~looking out the window from the window seat looking to watch the sunrise after her cooking breakfast...shakes the day dreams she is having about the Hold Jarl then lifts to her feet and moves through the Hold...light blue eyes peek about as she makes her way to the supply shed and slips inside pushing the door aside

~~moves within the shed and takes up an empty bucket...grabs another empty one and pushes it into the barrel of feed for the vulo...fills it about half way and then makes her way with both buckets to the entrance of the shed

~~leaves the shed and smiles as feet whisper though the yard, moves toward the vulo pen and sets the empty buckets to the ground...reaches into the bucket with feed and takes a handful

~~tosses it upon the ground and watches as the birds begin to gather around and peck at it...tosses handful after handful until the bucket it empty...moves to the barrel of water close by and fills the bucket with the water

~~slips into the vulo pen one bucket in each hand...pours the water into the container for them and then slips inside where the nests are...moves long the nests and gathers the eggs noting the pens have been mucked she goes to the fence and grasps a bundle of hay and tosses some fresh then fluffs up the nests with some fresh hay

~~after she gently places the eggs gently into the bucket...filling them both up with fresh eggs while the vulo eat turns and quickly slips from the pen...makes her way to the kitchen and goes inside

sets the buckets to the counter and takes down the egg rack...transfers the eggs to the rack and then stacks the buckets to one side...lifts the rack with her hands and then enters the cold room

~~spotting a empty spot and smiles setting the rack of eggs there to stay nice and fresh...brushes hands along thighs as she exits the cold room

~~smiles softly and moves back through the kitchen...checking the fire she adds bosk chips and little logs to them to make sure they burn hot enough for the day...checks the blackwine that is brewing above the cooking fire...inhales the strong aroma as she stirs it gently he goes back to the vulo pens with a sack and gathers all the feathers she can and takes and places them in the supply shed for making pillows

~~she enters the kitchen and washes her hands the lil ganni peeks watching her...pure giggles...plucking up a tray she gathers the food she prepared earlier...setting the plate of food to it that contains...three fried vulo eggs...buttered toast...hashbrowns...two stripes of fried tarsk bacon..some red citrus fruit...citrus juice..and a cup of blackwine

~~tiptoes into the Main Hall and sets the tray of food to the Hold Jarl's table...then she rushes away to take a bathe so she will be decent to be of service so wishes the Hold Jarl...the little ganni sets on the towel and watches girl...once again pure giggles...after her bath pure comes back into the Main Hall where her Jarl is eating his breakfast

~~she sashays up to his right side...kneels with back straight and thighs kissing...her blonde head bows as she whispers "Jarl....good morning ...pure begs to be of use how may she be of service this morning??..she awaits in complete silence...being close to him makes her belly boil and her heart beat rapidly

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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Jarl Thunderbolt/checks sheets & dinner/mends socks/naps/urt/sheets/bath/dinner/awaiting

4/1/18-4/7/18 1_204/1/18-4/7/18 2_204/1/18-4/7/18 3_14
4/1/18-4/7/18 30134063220-01d593b24c-z4/1/18-4/7/18 Images_47
4/1/18-4/7/18 5402078918-966e5948804/1/18-4/7/18 Fixing-sock-15
4/1/18-4/7/18 6bf49e75621b266b8f06bc74ae15d7354/1/18-4/7/18 Images-2_344/1/18-4/7/18 Hqdefault_1
4/1/18-4/7/18 Images-1_404/1/18-4/7/18 Download-2_17
4/1/18-4/7/18 Ev1a7461
4/1/18-4/7/18 Pompeian-plate-finished-edited-14/1/18-4/7/18 Download_414/1/18-4/7/18 Images-3_244/1/18-4/7/18 Quick-as-a-wink-rice-pudding-or-articleimage-categorypage-id-927347
4/1/18-4/7/18 4655be75921adb4a52395818e308a63f-1024x1024-2x

~~looks to Jarl Thunderbolt drinking his ale and smiles...knowing he is in no need of service at the moment...then prances off to check the laundry....running her hands along their softness....feeling they are still damp...she makes way to the kitchen...and washes her hands and checks on the dinner she is preparing

~~me lifts the lid on the pot of gabbage and sul with tark sausage...and checks to see if the sul is done....smiling seeing it is...she lift the pot off the high flame.....adding a dab of butter salt and pepper...checking to see if the fried cornbread is still warming

~~she moves to the counter top and butters them....and covers them to keep them warm...denoting a great dinner...the Hold Jarl and his guests will be well fed...she smiles.....and reenters the Main Hall and kneels in respect at the Hold Jarl's furs...pulling out the sewing kit that she started early this morning and finishes darning Hold Jarl's socks....giggles

~~his big toe looked so pitiful hanging out that
me she threads the needle and ties it off and places her hand inside...and begins sewing tiny stitches making them double so they hold strong...

~~sets one sock aside and takes up the other noting a tear in the the top and fixes it setting her sewing down as she finishes it..she places it off to the side she reclines on her Masters furs...yawns...thinks RL Masters yawns made her sleepy.....she drift off to nap zzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz Jarl Thunderbolt comes in...pure looks to him and winks whipers "playing tree urt"

~~you know those greasy little things....there are a few cooking on the spit dancing above the fire....later she will will fix u a big sandwich" he declines
she  rises back up thinking no resting for her today

~~ takes the Hold Jarl's socks and places them where they belong goes to check the sheets again finding they are dry taking them down and folding them and takes them to the guest room so in the morning can change the sheets again in the morning so the next guestwill have fresh ones.... the rest she takes to the laundry room

~~rushes to take a bath then to fix the Hold Jarl's dinner of cabbage tarsk sausage and sul...with fried corn bread a mug of ale...and a cup of rice pudding placing all to a tray she walks into the Main Hall with the offering hips take on a extra sway as she approaches the Hold Jarl's seat...balancing the tray to his table she takes a kneel to be of service whn he arrives in just a few heart beats...she awaits in silence

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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