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PostSubject: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptySun Mar 25, 2018 11:51 am



3/25/18-3/31/18 1_8 3/25/18-3/31/18 2_6 3/25/18-3/31/18 3_4_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 4_6_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 4b_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 5_5_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 6_7_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 7_6_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 8_5_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 9_4_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 10_4_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 11_4_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 12b_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 13_3_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 13a_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 15_3_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 16_3_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-16_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-13_2_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Pasties-1024x683_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Images_35_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Download-1_21 3/25/18-3/31/18 Download_30_orig

3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-1_31_orig
~~wiggling side to side as she makes her way to where the supplies were kept under main counter in the nooks and crannies taking out a broom...rep cloth...soap...bucket...mop and some beeswax...placing those to the side as she starts by moving around each low table fixing the fur into place and gathering up any left over vessels or dishes...fixing all the oil lamps and checking the firewood supply swaying her hips as she sings a soft tune

~~taking the broom to sweep and twirls the head of the broom along the titles and harsh stones of the Hold even the steps got a good sweep over for knowing so many come and go it needed it...every little spot even the ones hiding in the dark was covered and swept well...making a pile of dirt...dust and others things she could not tell in the middle Laying dustpan down to sweep and stir all onto the dustpan then hop out and dispose of out of the way...going back inside to do a once over again making sure all was well not was to disappoint

~~pours some fresh water just warm a little as she adds a little soap making bubbles...Pushing the mop into the water some as she rings it out over the bucket then starting by the two steps near the green door she makes her way to shine and make the floor of the Hold like new as it could get at least...working way around the furs to lift them up to mop and clean under them as well...nothing like a good ole fashion clean to keep things nice and bright for the Hold Jarl

~~pouring the water out as she makes some fresh soapy water to dip some cloths in to wiggle and dance her way to clean and rub low tables...bouncing her ample butty as she kneels down as each table to wash and make little circles to bigger then back...blowing her warm breath on the table to rub it out checking underneath as well...thinking the furs could use replacing as she clean the ones there  

~~taking some cloths and the beeswax making her way to the dais to shine and beeswax the Hold Jarl's table and chair...dusting and cleaning making sure every inch is dust free...moving to apply the beeswax to a cloth rubbing into the surface following the direction of the grain...leaving for a few as she moves to sweep and clean under the table nothing sticky was left there...once done she buffs over where she place the beeswax to restore the shine and new looking feeling

~~she takes her supplies and returns them where they belong...then treks to the waters edge to bathe before she serves the Hold Jarl his lunch...knowing he will be pleased in how the tables and his chair looks after just seeing to yes she must bathe so she will look just as fresh and his belongings...deposits the towel in the laundry making a note laundry needs to be done soon...she gathers a tray
and chooses the Hold Jarl's lunch

~~upon the tray she places a plate of a tarsk meat pie...a bowl of roasted vegetables  and a glass of verr's milk along with a sweet treat of a skillet cinnamon bun...lifting the tray she walks carefully to the Main Hall and sets the tray of food to the Hold Jarl's table and to the right in the sunlight from the open window she kneels with thighs that hug arched back and crown of gold bowed...hands rest palms down upon smooth upper thighs as she awaits to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptyTue Mar 27, 2018 10:25 am

cleaning fire place/bath/lunch/awaiting

3/25/18-3/31/18 1_10 3/25/18-3/31/18 2_8
3/25/18-3/31/18 3_5_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 4_8
3/25/18-3/31/18 5_7_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 5-b_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 6_9_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 7_8
3/25/18-3/31/18 8_6 3/25/18-3/31/18 9_5_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-1_32_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 240-f-181115505-6bhu7dveterurggznk90bult0bw2rpxo
3/25/18-3/31/18 Beef-tenderloin-sandwich 3/25/18-3/31/18 54f8bc62eb528-pepper-potato-home-fries-061219-lg
3/25/18-3/31/18 Download_32_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Vanilla-ice-cream-with-chocolate-stracciatella
3/25/18-3/31/18 4312823-sy540

~~stands to her fullest height...walks into the kitchen...then with care she cleanses fair hands beneath cool waters...they glisten and sparkle with Thassa as she she accomplishes this...breathes in...and grins hopeful of finding a brush to clean around the fire pit...not wishing the charcoal and spark dust to be an eyesore for the Hold Jarl and Free of the Hold...she would smile as ivory hands reach for a large brush...turns and with long strides and sways of curvy hips the girl walks towards the Main Hall and the fire pit...with a brush and a dustpan she found in tow

~~approaches the fire pit...its warmth beckons her in...light blue eyes fiercely eye the dust around it...desperate to have it enter a dream like state of perfection she hurries forward to get to work...with focus and determination now in thickly framed eyes...she whimpers as dust always distresses the girl...breathes slowly inwards and then brushes the dust back...she watches it swirl in spirals as it gathers and she smiles once it is settled in a neat mound close enough she can use the dustpan...the warmth heats her ivory skin as she leans forth and golden mane trickles down in straight lengths over a flawless spine...squirms as she breathes in and feels her desire to surrender and appears in every action she does

~~rests the brush against a wall...she then grabs the dust pan she shines as its made of a durable metal that wear and tear would not cause flaw to it...smiles as she knows such items are over worked by girls in hopes of keeping a neat and pleasant place for the Free...smiles as her mind goes to the Hold Jarl...her white ribbon as light as air around her neck...her thoughts never far from hopes of seeing him

~~she breathes in this wish and comforts herself with the knowledge this task will make a nicer place for the Free to frequent...kneels down on a mat...she then sweeps the dust into the dustpan and drops it with care into a pail that is designed to gather all the dust before it is discarded once full

~~straightens back up...she keeps a firm grip on the dustpan and then starts to wander back to the kitchen with both brush and pan...she returns them to there place then rushes to take a bath to get all the soot off her...drying off and fluffing her hair dry she tosses the towel into the laundry knowing laundry must get done soon

~~in the kitchen she prepares a tray of a tarsk tenderloin sandwich...fried sul & peppers...a mug of ale..and a bowl of ice milk with chocolate chips...lifting the tray she sashays her round bottom to and fro into the Main Hall to serve the Hold Jarl his lunch...making sure to carefully set it to the to the right of his seat pure drops to her knees while they kiss..her sleek back arches as her blonde head bows and she awaits to be of service when the Hold Jarl comes in just a few for some Free have already gathered in the Main Hall

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."

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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptyWed Mar 28, 2018 2:34 pm


wine/bath dinner/awaiting

3/25/18-3/31/18 1_11_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 2a 3/25/18-3/31/18 2b_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 2_9 3/25/18-3/31/18 2c_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 3_6_orig 
3/25/18-3/31/18 2_10 3/25/18-3/31/18 4_9_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 O-amanda-seyfried-facebook_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images_36 3/25/18-3/31/18 Depositphotos-145631137-stock-video-woman-taking-bath_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Delight-by-dawn-cupcake_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 1382539796174 3/25/18-3/31/18 59847fe0-6a7f-41d9-8ea4-26ee27a53f9c
3/25/18-3/31/18 Cajun-roasted-potatoes-18-5a50bf820c1a82003600c040_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-3_20_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-1_33

~~deciding to go and check the wines...she scurries over to the supply shed and leaps inside...quickly finding the bottles and looking at them trying to read the labels...a sigh escapes her lips as she can't tell what is what deciding to taste test them...she looks around to be sure nobody is around...lifting the bottle and trying to read what it says but the labels are muffled and blurry...a lift of her shoulders in a shrug...she looks again trying to spell it out and figure out what wine it is

~~A-V-E W-I-N-E...scratching her head...wondering what that means...pouty lips form the sounds of the word...trying to figuring out the first word...she feels she must taste now so to label it popping the cork...she brings it to her lips..."UGH" she makes an awful face as the taste comes to her tongue...shaking her head "SLAVE WINE"...she marks it..."'s bitter"

~~placing the cork back into that bottle still wrinkling nose she has to get that taste from her blue orbs peer at another bottle...lifts it and tries to read the label...E-E-D-I-N-G W-I-N-E...again lips from the words scratching her head...looking from bottle to bottle...another shrug of her shoulders as she pops the cork and taste that one..."Hmm"..smacks her lips..."that tastes better...must be BREEDING WINE"...she marks it with a giggle

~~a wide grin passes her lips as she hurries out with the bottle to use it for should give them a wonderful taste...runs off to the kitchen and quickly fixes the muffins with the wine...knowing how the Hold Jarl and the Free loves muffins...runs off singing "what a good girl pure is ....muffins...muffins muffins"

~~she runs going to take a bath while she awaits for the muffins to cool...sinking into the tub...making sure to freshen herself up before she serves the Hold Jarl his dinner...drying off she dries her hair and cleans up the bathing area deposits the towel in the laundry to which she sees has been taking care of finally

~~in the kitchen she takes up a tray and places one of the muffins atop along with a plate of fried vulo...beans and tark bits...and fried sul...with a large mug of ale...taking the tray to the Main Hall to set at the Hold Jarl's table then kneels to the right of his chair as he enters and awaits to be of service

Slave Wine --
A black,bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive;
its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be
counter-acted with a another sweet-tasting beverage
(see: breeding wine).  
Marauders of Gor
Dancer of Gor

Breeding Wine -- A sweet beverage which counteracts the effects of
slave wine making a slave girl fertile; also called second wine.
Blood Brothers of Gor

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."

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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 8:46 am


baking bread/bath/awaiting

3/25/18-3/31/18 1_12 3/25/18-3/31/18 2_11
3/25/18-3/31/18 3_7 3/25/18-3/31/18 4_10_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 5_8 3/25/18-3/31/18 6_10_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 9_6 3/25/18-3/31/18 10_5
3/25/18-3/31/18 11_5_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 12_5_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 13_4_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 14_4 3/25/18-3/31/18 15_43/25/18-3/31/18 16_4_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 17_3_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 19_3_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 20_3_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 4e05f8c347f2a9743db28d02316a36a3-wild-photography-female-photography_orig3/25/18-3/31/18 A454f6f4bad1a1e7a7da1c7a0f498a90_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images_37

~~rises upwards on her feet with a smile...her eyes shining as she goes to make some sa-tarna bread as it goes with meals on occasion...the girls tummy undulates as she moves considerable purpose and desire to do a good job on this bread for the Hold Jarl...long legs will the girl forward...her hair sways lazily like a breeze of gold behind her..gets bathed in a glow of light spectrum's which bounce around the room and walls to illuminate her body...inhales a breath...a bit nervous of making the bread...desperate to make it in a manner which will make it tasty for the Hold Jarl who will consume it...whom she yearns to serve and please always

~~walks into the kitchen...her ruby lips part to reveal an extremely genuine smile as she moves...tendrils of soft hair lovingly mask alabaster limbs...she stops close to the water source and carefully starts to wash her palms in fresh water...smiles and cleanses them to make sure they are perfect for making and kneading sa-tarna bread...smiles with her mind focused on the task at hand always...dries hands off on a rep cloth once they are perfect...drops it to the laundry and selects a large three footed bowl to mix the bread in...she smiles she breathes easier knowing she can use it to bake the sa-tarna loaves

~~turns and walks with long strides and a happy smile curled up on her features...her hair swirls with slight chaotic movement...carefully inhales and exhales as she stops to gather a tied sack of sa-tarna flour...finds some yeast and baking powder also...she smiles and also collects a basket filled with vulo eggs...lays them all by the baking bowl and whimpers as moves towards the cold room...nervous of the chill she will soon experience on lissome body...stops to open the door...cold air rushes out and nips and chills her body...carefully breathes and then stops to grip a pitcher of bosk milk and a small dish of bosk butter...grips them carefully as she walks out and swings her hip to shut the door off with a smile...walks back towards her work space excited to get the bread baked...loving being able to cook for the Hold Jarl

~~smiles as she stops by the bowl she will use to bake...pours some sa-tarna flour in the bowl...she then adds yeast and baking powder a small spoon of each...with care she adds some white salt and then in a separate bowl she cracks 6 vulo eggs...and pours bosk milk and water in...she whisks them around with a two pronged fork...makes a slight well in the dry mixture and then starts to use a spoon to gather the bread into a dough...she sprinkles sa-tarna flour on the wooden work space and moves the dough to it...she gathers it in a ball and starts to use a rolling pin to roll it out...keeps it in a round shape and starts to flatten it out with her hand till it resembles a round flat loaf...smiles happy with the shape she grabs a rounded baking dish...she uses some rence paper to smear the bosk butter around the large baking dish...transfers the flat rounded loaf to the dish and carefully moves to place it in the oven...smiles pushing it inside knowing it will take an ahn or so to bake

~~slowly moves with long blonde hair swaying...she carries the bowl to the wash basin and the spoon...breathes in slowly as she stops and pours some water into the bowl...she adds in soap and crosses to the hearth...she carefully uses a rep to lift a kettle of hot water off the flames...breathes in and then walks back to the wash basin with it...pours hot water to the bowl and then stops and moves a rep cloth around the bowl...washes it out and watches as it starts to clean and become fresh and usable...washes the spoons and fork next...she then stops and lays them to the straining board...smiles as time passes by...she carefully stops and cleans the bowl out...starts to wash down the surface she used to prepare the bread...smiles and makes it shine with cleanness...stops and then drops the used rep cloth in the laundry with a flourish of her wrist...she grips a clean dry cloth and starts to dry the dishes she used and the cutlery...carefully gets them dried and cleaned and then leans up to place the items back in there places....turns and feels her hip caress the wall surface as she moves...she breathes in slowly and then moves back to the oven smelling bread flow in the air...she grabs two large rep cloths in pale hands and moves to carry them over to the oven to get the now baked bread

~~smiles as she carefully removes the tray from the oven...she turns the bread out onto a wire rack to cool and sets the tray in water to soak so as to loosen the remains upon it...smiles softly as she breathes in deeply and then starts to wash the dish to bake the loaf out...carefully tilts her head and dries the dish off once it is perfect...she lays it back in its place and turns and walks to the counter and cuts some of the bread places it on a board pours a mug of bosk milk and some honey and takes it to the Hold Jarl's bed chambers and lays it on the stool in arms reach for him to enjoy a taste of her baking

~~she tiptoes out and takes a towel with her to take a morning dip and to make sure she is clean as her name...dipping down into the waters enjoying its coolness on her skin...after awhile of soaking she lays upon the big gray rock basking in the mornings sunlight...watching the clouds and the birds pass by over head...when her hair is dry she fluffs it up...then makes the trek back to the Hold depositing the towel in the laundry...making her way back to the Hold Jarl's bed chambers and takes a kneel on the right side of his bed in the sunlight awaiting to be of service when he wakes

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptySat Mar 31, 2018 10:15 am



3/25/18-3/31/18 1_13_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 2_12 3/25/18-3/31/18 3_8_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 4_11_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 5_9_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 6_11 3/25/18-3/31/18 8_8
3/25/18-3/31/18 9_7
3/25/18-3/31/18 Download_33 3/25/18-3/31/18 Images_38 3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-1_34
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-3_21
3/25/18-3/31/18 Images-2_27_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Getty-rm-photo-of-woman-washng-her-hair
3/25/18-3/31/18 Detox-vegetable-soup-labelled1-500x500_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 Egg-salad-sandwich-1024x1024_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 Giant-donut-cake-6 3/25/18-3/31/18 155406-640x428_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 82b495438fae0e881b198b4aa058e705-amanda-seifried-flawless-beauty_orig

~~dashing by the feet pad quickly across the stones as quick hands grab a large basket...a bundle of energy pushes through the doors and outside thankful it is beginning to warm some and the sun is out

~~bare feet move silently across the sun kissed grounds...the basket swinging at girls side...she finds her way to the gardens...a slow smile spreads across her lips as girl assess what needs to be done

~~easing to her knees against the coarse dirt...the girl begins gathering assorted veggies...carefully picking the best ones and tossing stones from the garden as she goes...long fingers dip into the soil pulling weeds and tossing them aside as the basket fills with fresh veggies of onion...peppers and peas

~~having filled the basket..girl makes her way back to the edge of the garden frowning at weeds the girl has missed setting the basket aside girl sits in the dirt...wiggling shaped hips into a comfortable rut

~~leaning forward the girl begins to dig...not paying attention as her mind wanders...raking and patting it down...the warm sun covering bronzed skin...moist beads beginning to form against her skin...wiping her face with the back of a soiled hand...continuing on till the task is complete

~~pushing up tall and straight...the girl stands to height...happily taking the basket of veggies inside to the wash basin to wash them and place them in the pantry

~~stepping inside the kitchen...the little minx makes her way to the wash basin...dumping the veggies in the sink...glancing at the pump...girl tries to figure out exactly what it is and how it works...soft fingers glide over the pump in an attempt to figure this out

~~thinking about it a few moments...girl decides a this is how it works and moves the handle up and down...hearing a gurgle begin...she stops and peeks at the end...sputtering as water splashes her face...jumping back with a yelp she eyes this thing never really used this thing the whole time shes been here

~~easing forward to try this again...a careful hand reaches out and grabs the handle with a firm grip...pulling down on the handle girl stands back this time and watches as the water spills over the veggies...quickly washing them before the water stops...sticking her tongue out at the contraption...with a smirk on her face dries the veggies then places them in bins in the pantry

~~quickly taking to the bath tub to bathe to get the garden dirt off of her...washing her long blonde hair...drying off and brushing dry her hair...making her self look presentable when she serves the Hold Jarl his lunch...a busy morning in the garden...has done the girl well...she moves to the kitchen and deposits the towel in the laundry

~~looking to the stove she sees the kitchen wench had made a pot of vegetable soup...pure dips some up into a bowl and lays it to a tray along with a egg sandwich...a little decorated cake...and a cup of iced blackwine...she takes the tray and places it at the Hold Jarl's table for his lunch then kneels on his right awaiting to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptySat Mar 31, 2018 10:23 am


sparring pit cleaned/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/25/18-3/31/18 1_93/25/18-3/31/18 2_7
3/25/18-3/31/18 569956069_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 4_7_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 5_6_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 6_8
3/25/18-3/31/18 7_7
3/25/18-3/31/18 4-ham-potato-skillet-breakfast-9307-680 3/25/18-3/31/18 Download_31 3/25/18-3/31/18 Berry-pie-1-480x270_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 A40c624626b349a74709d09e68d54831-boudoir-photography-photography-ideas

~~knowing the Free Men will be practicing in the pits tonight taking out the rake from the small shed she goes and stands in the center of the pit placing the rake down she begins to twirl spinning with the rake in the sand she makes a small circle with the rake

~~when a perfect circle is made she steps out a pace and begins to lightly glide in a wider circle...then wider and wider until the rake had covered about six feet leaving a perfectly raked center in the pit

~~then further out she goes as she finds a small steel dagger she groans and notices Jarl Thunderbolt she points to the dagger and whispers "there is a dagger in the pit Jarl"...he steps down into the pit and seeing the silver handled dagger he picks it up nodding he then moves back out of the pits to take it to the head guard

~~the dagger taken care of she laughs well one Jarl is minus a dagger guess we will see what is found tonight guess he had more luscious things on his mind as she feels her perky breast tease her slender frame

~~the rake begins to circle again round and round she goes the rake biting into the sand as she giggles as the pebbles tickle her bare feet thinking of what it would be like to be taken to the she sleen in the sands all the sandy bits getting into places of naughtiness she moans as she stops her day dream and returns to circle the rake until she only had one more circle to make in the sand

~~stepping out of the sand she then makes sure that the rake stays in the pit pressing down hard she moves around the out side of the pits digging into the sand smiling as the last circle is made in the sand.. the sand now not blemished at all ready for the Free to step into the sands she grins as the rake marks were perfectly aligns as she moves back and places the rake back into the shed

~~she hopes if the Hold Jarl spars he wins and nay gets hurt...she rushes to take a bath making sure no sand is on her..stepping into the tub all her troubles seems to disappear as the hot water infuses with her flesh and relaxes her...staying for a few to soak her mind wonders to the Hold Jarl and what he has been up to this day

~~shaking those thoughts from her head she sinks into the tub to rinse off gets out and dries off..,fluffing her hair dry...she takes the towel to the laundry then twirls around and heads to the kitchen to fetch the Hold Jarl's dinner she chooses a tray and atop it she places a plate of tarsk ham sul and fried vulo eggs...a goblet of ice tea and a single deep dish blue berry pie

~~she takes the tray to the Main Hall and deposits the tray to where the Hold Jarl seat is on his table before him...she then sinks to her knees to the right of his head bowed hands resting palms down on soft thighs she awaits to be of service...then she hears his heavy boot falls upon the floor her belly does flip flops happy and nervous to see him this day

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/25/18-3/31/18   3/25/18-3/31/18 EmptySat Mar 31, 2018 10:52 am



3/25/18-3/31/18 1_14 3/25/18-3/31/18 2_13_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 3_9_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 4_12_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 5_10_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 6_12
3/25/18-3/31/18 7_10 3/25/18-3/31/18 8_9_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 9_8 3/25/18-3/31/18 10_6_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 11_6
3/25/18-3/31/18 12_6 3/25/18-3/31/18 13_5_orig 3/25/18-3/31/18 13a_1_orig
3/25/18-3/31/18 14_5 3/25/18-3/31/18 15_5_orig
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~~the softness of her skin still bearing the calmness of sleep as she drifts into the kitchen and rakes at her mass of wayward curls to bring them to some soft of order...the calm wonderment of deep blue eyes gaze about the magnificent kitchen as she seeks out a scrap of rence paper and writing tool

~~a gentle smile blossoming on near angelic features as she...drifts about the kitchen scratching symbols of supplies she notes need tending...the silence in the Hold unheeded as she focuses on the Hold Jarl and the needs for his consumption...silken hair drifting over her nakedness as she turns this way and that...bending and crouching...the flex of muscles awakening her skin as she peeks to sacks...baskets and racks

~~finally slipping to the cold room...shivering in the caress of nature's chilled breath...nipples aching in the tightened response to the chill...the chill climbing up warm inner thighs as the writing tools scratches whispers onto the paper...backing out...her tight bottom leaning into the counter as the sparkle of escape twinkles in gypsy blue eyes

~~paper in her delicate grip she slips out into the sunlight...standing but a ihn in the upward tip of her face to the sun...gentle breeze catching her curls in a wispy dance on sun kissed flesh as she moves for the back of the kitchen taken out the little wooden wagon dragging it tenderly into the sun...the discarded piece of tethered wood scraps dragged home...washed and oiled and banged into shape...a delicate hand closing on the handle as she gazes about the beautiful grounds

~~flexing thighs carry her gait forth...her little wagon plodding along obediently...flinging open the door to gaze in on the well stocked shelves of the storage shed as the sunlight creeps into the dimmed light...setting to task...moving through the stock to gather and set bottles and sacks to tarna grain...rice...a sack of sul...eight bottles of ka-la-na...scanters around she spots the tins of cherished beans

~~gathering one she clutches it close for a Ihn and adds it to the wagon...the wagon bursting at the seams as she giggles and turns for the kitchen...storing all where they belong...a warm excitement filling her as she turns back to search for the orchard

~~dashing off for the storage shed wielding an empty basket...the fluid race of slave muscle through soft breezes flushing her skin to the kiss of the sunlight...handle clutched she spots her destiny and wagon and slave move through the grasses to gather some fruit

~~blue eyes alive in the scents and color of wild dina...the larma and plum trees rich for the plucking...pit fruit begging to be taken...her height a boon as she climbs into the wagon to stretch yet higher for plumper treats...the bark scraping her breasts as branches catch her hair...climbing down...clinging to a larma...rolling it gently in her hands as a wistful gaze turns back hoping the Hold Jarl might come Home early

~~the basket taking on weight...turning for the succulent bushes riding along the border of the trees...dropping to her knees she begins to collect ramberries...sucking at her bottom lip as her mouth begins to water...settling them to the center of her treasured tree fruit...sucking gently at the juice on her fingers as she gazes to the sun to seek out the time

~~jumping up she turns for the waters edge trickling its calling song on its journey...hefting the basket in a tiny groan the cool rushing water climbing her legs as she drifts into the water and lowers the basket...slowly she twirls...the fruit washed in her demand for nothing but sweet perfection...lingering but a Ehn as she drags up the basket in a rushing trickle of cool water down belly and thighs...gasping in her clutch...returning to the wagon...the fruit ready for the Hold Jarl's touch as she turns back to the Hold

~~retrieving her now damp list from the wagon...giggling at her folly...stopping at the storage shed to gather a satchel for dates and nuts...her wondering curiosity still alive to know the yard as she spots a trap door and hesitates...delicate fingers clutch the pull rope...she yanks and yelps as a rush of icy breath crashes into her nakedness...squealing with delight that the Hold Jarl has yet another cold room dropping the door she breaks into a laugh...shaking her head in a wonder at what she thought might have been stored beneath the floor

~~still looking about...peeking into tins of spice and sugars...her eyes twinkling as she finds the tins of chocolate...thinking of Him closing His mouth on a chocolate dipped ramberry...heart pounding in the vision...adding the tin to the wagon she grabs a bunch of carrots and turns back for the kitchen...the fruit stored to cool...the nuts...dates...and chocolate racked...escaping yet again...slave and wagon turn for the woods with her egg basket and list

~~not particularly enjoying the smelly squawking beasts...slipping into their wild nests feathers tickling her skin as the birds take off...her basket filled with the eggs that are needed...gazing gently at the ugly birds as she steals their labors as all here serve the Hold Jarl...backing away...shaking feathers from her hair...turning to the dairy shed she gathers the bucket of fresh milk always set daily for gathering

~~taking a hunk of both verr and bosk cheese..sniffing at the wrapped pungency..shivering in gratitude that she need not tend the ugly beasts which produce such wonders for his palette as she adds the cheese to wagon and slowly peeks about...knowing it is here somewhere in the storage shed

~~her nose curling to not so pleasant scents...spotting what might be it...she moves in the soft grace of her natural sway...dragging the door slowly as a rush of cold grips her in the scents of chilled blood

~~eyes wide as she winces at the carcass suspended from its hook...backing away from it as she turns to a shelf to gather a large roast...the cold bloody meat sending a tremor down her spine...even the flesh of beasts such as these exist for the service of such as the Hold Jarl...laying the roast in rence paper...turning away quickly in the shove of ass to door...dashing to escape as she hears a bosk gated somewhere nearby

~~standing to warm in the sunlight...her delicate hand reaching for the handle of her wagon...turning back for the kitchen...aqua eyes fixed on the Hold as her empty hand reaches up to gently touch the white ribbon on her neck...storing the rest of the treasures...the meat skewed and hung to spit...fuel tossed to flame...turning for the wash room to bathe she gently washes herself in deep thoughts of the Hold Jarl,s dinner

~~after her bath she goes to the kitchen to tend to the Hold Jarl's dinner she carves a few slices of roast that was cooking on the spit...she gets up a platter of mixed vegetables a hunk of bread..a glass of blackberry tospit iced tea..and a slice tospit pie...she takes the Hold Jarl's dinner to his table and carefully sets it down...then takes her place on the right side of his seat and kneels awaiting to be of service...a deep sigh of relief of all the work she got done today

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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