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PostSubject: 3/18/18-3/24/18   3/18/18-3/24/18 EmptySun Mar 18, 2018 6:33 pm


waxing chairs/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 1_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 2_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 3_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 4_1_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 6_2 3/18/18-3/24/18 7_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 8_1_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 10_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 11
3/18/18-3/24/18 13_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 14_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 12
3/18/18-3/24/18 16 3/18/18-3/24/18 15 3/18/18-3/24/18 17
3/18/18-3/24/18 18_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 19 3/18/18-3/24/18 20_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 22_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 21 3/18/18-3/24/18 23_orig

~~she rises to her feet and pads quietly on bare feet over the seamless stone step to the worn floor...her path then towards the kitchen rather than the slave furs...she hums softly to herself as she lowers to her knees and plunders beneath the counter...a peek of firm ass cheeks seen  as she crawls along in her search

~~a smile curves the line of her lips as pale blues eyes fix on the object of her quest...reaching to pull the metal tin out...she shifts her frame upward and rises back to her feet... searching out a polishing cloth she carries both the items with her as she pivots on the balls of her feet and sets her path to the dais

~~treading softly up the steps... she looks out to the empty room as she steps to the first chair she nears.... folding to her knees...the rep lain across her thigh as she works the lid free from the tin.... with a wiggling shift of hips against her heels as passes the cloth over the wax held in the tin and leans to polish the wood of the Hold Jarl's chair.... bountiful tit flesh jiggles as she works in small circles... spreading the wax

~~she continues on with her task...crawling around the chair till every bit of wood is covered with the polishing wax...when she returns to her starting point...she sets the tin to her side and then works in small circles with a clean portion of the cloth... brushing back soft tendrils that teased around her face as she polished the wax off... leaving behind a gleaming finish

~~holding the tin and cloth in one hand...the curve of her ass lifts from heels as she knee crawls to the next chair...setting the tin back again...tucking a strand of spirals behind the shell of her ear...she wraps the cloth around two delicate fingertips and begins the motions of applying the wax again... humming softly as she works the wax over the wood...her thoughts wandering too all of the Men who had served  in the home...some of which she felt fortunate to know like Jarl Thunderbolt...and then to those who serve currently...smiling as she thought of each one but mostly of the Hold Jarl

~~listening to the other girls talk back and forth as she quietly works...the muscles of her arms beginning to ache beneath her soft flesh...tho she continues polishing each chair till she is at the last...pausing a moment to wiggle the fingers of her her arm a shake...then picking up the cloth and wax again and continuing to polish the last chair

~~shimmering light blue orbs gaze over the wood as it reappears from beneath the coat of wax...the light from the lamps dancing over the glossy finish...she pays careful attention to make sure the wax is removed from the creases where the wood joins together...sitting back on her heels and setting the tin and cloth to her side...she links fingers together and stretches them high above hear head...her back arching as she leans first to the left and then right...stretching the sore spots..thinking a soak in a hot tub may be in order before serving dinner tonight

~~picking up her supplies waving to the other girls working...she takes the supplies and trades them for a towel soap and bath salts to ease away the pain in her arms and back...she slips in the tub enjoying it's heat as she soaks...exits the bathing room after drying off fluffing hair and deposits the towel and soap and salts where they belong...rushes to the kitchen to get the Hold Jarl's dinner

~~lining a tray with a platter she walks to the cooking fires and chooses a chili tarsk sausage with tiny crackers and pickle on top...some crinkle cut fried sul...a huge mug of dark ale and a piece of carrot cake...she sashays the tray to the newly clean chair of the Hold Jarl in the Main Hall and sets it to the table then takes her place on the right kneeling thighs kissed hands cupping knees head and eyes downward she awaits till she is needed for service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/18/18-3/24/18   3/18/18-3/24/18 EmptyMon Mar 19, 2018 3:07 pm


bosk steaks/mushrooms/counters/dishes/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 1_3_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 2_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 3_1
3/18/18-3/24/18 4_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 5_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 6_3_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 7_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 8_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 9_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 10_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 11_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 12_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Belly-e1306437598961_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 14_1_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 15_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 16_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 17_1_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 18_1
3/18/18-3/24/18 19_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 20_1_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 21_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 22_1 3/18/18-3/24/18 23_1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 24 3/18/18-3/24/18 25_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-3_16_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 1382539982692
3/18/18-3/24/18 26_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 27
3/18/18-3/24/18 28_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 29
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-1_29_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Download_25_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Amanda-seyfried-signed-autographed-8x10-photo-hot-sexy-coa-vd5-2-t7388444-230 3/18/18-3/24/18 Download-1_18_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 0916-grilled-butter-basted-porthouse-steak-re-he-m_orig3/18/18-3/24/18 1454949510570_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Download-2_14_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images_27 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-2_22_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Creme-brulee-0_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Fa01d1b6a73a7c800cf045cca1752fad

~~walking down the stone steps...into the Main Hall looking around she sees it  is empty...walking to the kitchen...knowing she should get right to work on making some dinner...going to the shelves...pulling out a medium mixing bowl she places it on the finds a mug placing that on the counter...she goes into the cold room...taking the basket of ramberries...along with a bottle of Kalana...looking she sees the parcel she is looking for from the butcher...knowing it is the bosk steaks

~~walking out of the cold room...setting all her ingredients onto the counter...she rushes over into the herb garden plucking three fresh bay leaves...hurrying back to the kitchen she grabs the peppercorns on her way to the counter...stopping to catch her breath for a moment...lifting the Kalana to her lips tugging a bit to get the cork free...she pours it into the bowl till its half full...replacing the cork...setting it down grabbing a small bowl she puts several handfuls of ramberries in...crushing them with the masher...mashing them up

~~fulling the mug with ramberries she pours it in with the wine...shredding the bay leaves she puts them in as well...placing some peppercorns on the counter...she lifts a wooden spoon and begins to crush the peppercorns till they are fine...the girl thinks to her self what a great way to get out a girl's frustrations...softly smiling she dumps them into the mixture...finely she places the bosk steaks in the bowl mixing them around...placing a rep cloth over the meat she sits it aside

~~picking up the Kalana and ramberries...she quickly walks back to the cold room...putting them back...shivering as the cold seeps into her body...finding the mushrooms and vulo eggs...she takes them and looks for a tahari pepper... garlic...and a small onion...finding her treasures...she quickly walks out of the cold room....setting her finds on the counter...smacking her self in the head...remembering she needed bosk butter and now has to brave the cold room once more...retrieving the butter she places it in a small pan and sets in on the hearth to melt

~~walking over to the spits on the fire...she takes the knife and slices off a good chunk of tarsk meat turning in a small circle she makes her way back to the counter placing it down...shredding the meat placing it first in a mug then dumping into the bowl and repeating till she has filled the mug twice...softly humming as she works...hoping this meal will please the Hold Jarl and other Free when they partake...she gets back to work...finely dicing the pepper garlic and onions...dumping them into the bowl...adding a few pinches of salt

~~looking at the large mushrooms...she begins the task of removing their stems...after she removed the stems she had 64 mushroom caps...she looks and hopes it will be enough...chopping the stems finely...thinking to her self this is very cathartic to a girl...dumping the stems into the mixture...cracking the eggs in and begins to mix well...picking up one mushroom at a time

~~she fills them one by one...placing them into a baking pan...running across the kitchen to get the melted butter...she goes back to the mushrooms and brushes them all with butter...taking a deep breath...thinking out loud this sure does smell good...taking the mushrooms over to the hearth...placing them to the outside so they can cook low and slow

~~she watches for a few moments as the kettle bond makes some custard and place it in to tiny bowls also then sets a candle to the top to singe the sugar on top making it crusty..smiles then continues her chore

~~placing the unusable things into the compost pail...she puts away any ingredients that she doesn't need now...picking up a damp rep cloth...the girl wipes the counter down making it clean again...tossing it back into the pail she picks up the marinating steak and walks to the hearth...placing the steaks one at a time down on the grill...dumping the rest of the marinade into a pot to bubble and boil...basting the meat every few ehn

~~skipping away from the steaks...she makes sure all her mess is cleaned up...finding a big platter she reaches for it...going back to the steaks... basting them once more...she flips them and bastes the other side...after another ten ehn she takes them off the heat... placing each steak onto the platter

~~she takes the remaining marinade and puts it to the heat on the stove brings it to a boil to make a nice dipping sauce for the steaks...watching it bubble up...places the sauce in tiny dishes for individual servings

~~taking out the cooked mushrooms she places them by the steaks...smiling as she looks at what her hard work has made...she places the meal on the hearth to stay warm for the Free...taking her dirty dishes to the wash area

~~taking hot water from the fire...she pours it into a pail and begins the task of washing her dishes...humming to herself hips sway...until she has all her dishes washed and rinsed...setting them to dry...she takes a moment to enjoy the quiet of the kitchen...knowing it isn't like this often....putting her dishes away...walking back out into the Main Hall...looking about...a soft smile graces plump lips knowing soon it will be dinner time and this place will be busy

~~she rushes off to take a bath and make her look presentable to the Hold Jarl as she serves him dinner...placing some of the vanilla perfume in all the right places to entice his senses...drifting back to the kitchen she plates the Hold Jarl's dinner setting it to a tray grabbing a bottle of wine and a goblet so she can serve his drink at his feet

~~she takes up one of the little custard desert and a plate of bread along with the steak and mushrooms and a side bowl of the ramsberry sauce...and takes it to the Hold Jarl's place of honor with a little zip to her step and rocking of hips...setting it to his table...then takes her kneel to the right of his chair where she belongs as he had told her..awaiting for him to arrive

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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cleaning sleen pen/feeding sleen/sweeping spider nest/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 1_4_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 2_3
3/18/18-3/24/18 3_orig3/18/18-3/24/18 3_2
3/18/18-3/24/18 5_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 6_4
3/18/18-3/24/18 7_3_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 4_3_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 9_2 3/18/18-3/24/18 10_2_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 8_3 3/18/18-3/24/18 11_2_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 12_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 13_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 14_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 15_2
3/18/18-3/24/18 16_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 17_2_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 18_2 3/18/18-3/24/18 19_2_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 20_2_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 20-a_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 21_2 3/18/18-3/24/18 8-1_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Xh7ghw5epvy8zcumaeefnhglgqb8z8wfvlprwyjmhhg53-v7p-v-0a 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-1_30_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images_28
3/18/18-3/24/18 Red-hot-and-blue_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Img-7781edit
3/18/18-3/24/18 Download_26_orig

~~slowly crawling from the furs beside the Hold Jarl's bed...pure removes the cuff from her ankle...pure stretches tall and takes a deep breath before walking to the shed to feed the sleen as she was asked to by Jarl Thunderbolt last night...reaching the shed slipping inside...squinting at the dim light before his eyes adjust to it...using her big blue eyes to scan the shed looking for what she needs

~~picking up the hay bale leaving it close to the red iron fence...a fence heavy enough to hold the big nasty sleen...hearing and feeling beasts stomp the ground pure knows they must be hungry and the pen nasty and full of sleen dung...walking back into the shed pure picks up a pile of empty burlap sacks tucking them under her arm picking up the pitchfork and slop bucket she returns to the pen and sets the bucket next to the hay bale

~~she carefully picks up the bale of hay seeing the sleen on one side of pen pure drapes the sacks on the rail of the fence before she opens the gate and quietly slips inside so as not to have the beasts move or charge her...taking a sack off the rail pure opens it grabbing the pitchfork and pulling it into the pen with her

~~pure starts to pick up the dirty hay and puts it into the sack gagging and choking as she does... "DANG the dung STINKS!!!...what have these things eaten lately?...Oh!!...right scrapes of food and runaway slave girls and thralls"...filling one sack then two three and four until the dirty hay and dung are gone...pitching the pitchfork over the rail pure reaches over and picks up the bale of hay and drops it to the ground inside the pen...she breaks it up and scatters it around the pen then hops the rail close to the slop bucket and is careful filling the food trough as not to get slammed into by a hungry sleen

~~picking up the pitchfork and the heavy bags of sleen dung she reaches the back of the shed...laying the sacks of dung in a corner to be burned up at another time...leaning the pitchfork against the wall of the shed...seeking to do something to better girl's home and please the Hold Jarl and pure at the same time...she decides on her way to the Hold to knock down any spider's nests that may have dared to defile the soothing peace of the Main Hall

~~once she is in the kitchen grabbing a black tie...girl puts her luxurious blonde hair in a tight ponytail...pure walks about the Main Hall...surveying the infestation...something else catches her sparkling blue eyes...she notices a ship entering the harbor...wondering what sort of cargo the stately ship carries and if there are any pretties she may want to beg the Hold Jarl for?...this thought brings a sly smile to her pretty face..."Hmmm "puppy dog" eyes perhaps?"

~~shaking her head...long ponytail bouncing...she returns to the task...determined to plow ahead girl looks up to the open rafters...shuddering slightly when she sees there is indeed a nest on one of the heavy beams...with a soft oath pure heads to the kitchen to procure some weapons for arachnid destruction

~~moving swiftly through the Main Hall on silent bare feet...a girl enters the kitchen and searches for the right equipment...imagining she was here fetching a drink for the waiting handsome Hold Jarl...this thought makes pure's slave belly flutter...and longing for his touch...a needy moan coming from her pink lips...she pinches her arm sharply to clear the vision from her mind

~~she grabs the special broom and also a rep cloth...returning to the Main Hall girl gulps in deep breaths of the clean ocean air...dragging a heavy chair under the nasty nest...girl steps carefully up on it...shuddering...girl swings the broom vigorously and knocks down the offensive nest

~~very glad to be done with this...girl steps down from the chair...sweeping up the mess created from spider's former home...pure has an overwhelming feeling that things are crawling on her whole body a good...thorough shake and combing fingers through her thick hair...laughing to herself at the sight she must be with breasts bouncing and hair flying...carefully cleaning off the chair whisking off any debris with rep cloth

~~putting the chair back where it belongs...pure has a sudden vision of sitting in the Hold Jarl's lap in this chair and she gasps...biting pink lips...she focuses again...putting broom nearly in it's proper place...she rushes to take a bath making sure she has no creepy crawlers on she will be clean to serve the Hold Jarl

~~after her bath she gathers the Hold Jarl's dinner on a tray...hoping he likes what she picked out...
(a rack of ribs...beans...fried sul and a mug of ale with a brown butter chocolate chip cookie skillet for desert )...then walks the tray to the Main Hall and set it to the table beside the Hold Jarl's seat...then kneels to await to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/18/18-3/24/18   3/18/18-3/24/18 EmptyWed Mar 21, 2018 6:31 pm


making cheese/cheese tray/bath/lunch/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 Seyfried1 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-10_4_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-7_5_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Download_27
3/18/18-3/24/18 Pic15 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-10_5
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images_29 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-3_17_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Maxresdefault_3_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-5_14_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-8_8 3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-7_6_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-2_23_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Cheese-wheels-istria-ebnm2w
3/18/18-3/24/18 Download-1_19_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 3b02b82f4139d6253158523770912aff-history-articles-viking-age
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-6_10_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Long-island-iced-tea
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-9_6_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-4_14 3/18/18-3/24/18 Crystal-pears-jpg_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 C9aede8f6533ebbb4b171c67d6e5f9ec-photo-studio-boudoir-photography

~~emerging from the forest in the early morning light...pure passes the lake that she has spent so much time fishing on recently to make her way to the shed housing the cheese table...the air is cool and crisp this morning...its chill brushing across her skin causing a slight shiver to course through her

~~she carries a jug of milk in her arms...its contents sloshing as she walks...the north facing shed holds the paga still as well and the smell of pungent cheese mixes with the liquor to create an interesting aroma...setting the jug beside the milk vat...she take the flat paddle and stirs the milk there settling...skimming the fat from the top

~~scooping the fat off and placing it in one of the bowls on the table she sniffs in the sharp scent...her stomach growls in protest...unscrewing the press...she releases the round of cheese that had previously been curing and sets the hard block to the side...soon...she will need to wrap these blocks for storage

~~taking the curd from the bowl and pouring it into the press...she screws the wooden bolt down...watching the liquid squish out of the bottom of the machine...quickly grabbing a rag...she wipes the milky fluid from the table and cranks down on the press again....again wiping the excess

~~satisfied that she had pressed this block enough...she leaves it to settle....turning her attentions to the blocks on the table...she examines each placing the ones that had dried enough on the bottom shelf...a small crumble breaks from one piece and falls to the table... her stomach again growls in defiance...angry for her slipping out of the house without food this morning

~~she wrinkles her face and picks up the tiny morsel from the table without really thinking about it and pops it in her mouth...the sharp tang floods her mouth causing her taste buds to water as she rolls the cheese over her tongue...savoring its flavor...the aroma fills her nostrils as well...oO("Oh! This is excellent cheese")she thinks to herself  

~~smiling...she is pleased with outcome as she opens the milk jar that she brought and adds it to the vat...she presses out a few more blocks for drying then carefully cleans her mess...peeking around the shed...she looks at the rising sun assessing the time knowing it is about lunch time she hunts for a wheel of cheese and takes it to the kitchen up at the Hold

~~she quickly assembles a cheese tray with crackers and a smoked tarsk sausage and a small bowl of berries...along with a cool goblet of fresh iced tea....she takes it out to the Main Hall and places it on the table at the Hold Jarl's seat..then leaves to take a bath to make sure she is refreshed to serve him his dinner...soaking in the tub for a few she exits the tub and places the vanilla scent she so likes takes her supplies and places them back where they belong tossing the towel in the laundry

~~back to the kitchen she takes a tray out then ladles up a bowl of sea food the catches of the day...with a mug of frothy ale...and for a sweet treat she places a few candied pear slices to tempt the Hold Jarl's sweet tooth...she takes his dinner to his seat in the Main Hall setting the offerings to his side table for easy access then kneels to the right of his chair thighs closed shut hands resting atop thighs palms down..back straight head of gold bowed blue eyes diverted as she awaits to be of service ​

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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chopping trees/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 Images_30 3/18/18-3/24/18 1a_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 2_4_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 4_4_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 5_3 3/18/18-3/24/18 5b_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 1_5_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 6_5
3/18/18-3/24/18 7_4 3/18/18-3/24/18 6a
3/18/18-3/24/18 Images-2_24
3/18/18-3/24/18 16867280135-b512597b0f 3/18/18-3/24/18 A02ea280f15513925fc7982cd42d0fef_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 Ab5c233411ba20019acb31f59ac99747 3/18/18-3/24/18 E2f5142decd313668f69182f12c2d2ca
3/18/18-3/24/18 A628ecbef9f5ec69c57e4d5aa1243f28_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 Maxresdefault_4_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 A7669ee3b3c8c8de011821920272a2ec

~~heading to the shed pure exits in hand after getting permission to use the tool...from the Hold Jarl at lunch time...she walks deep into the forest...looking for the perfect trees to chop down...seeing one using the axe pure marks it and moves on to the next one...marking it as well...keeps going marking two more trees she returns to the first one

~~lifting the ax high overhead takes a mighty swing...feeling the vibration though the ax handle as it hits the tree she pulls back and takes another big swing...piece of wood go flying pure has to duck out of the way quickly so as not to get hit...she continues chopping until he can just push on the tree hearing the crack as it falls and hits the ground now that this one is down...moves to the next tree...wiping his forehead to get rid of the beads of sweat that have built up

~~once the sweat is gone she picks the ax back up and continues chopping the wood into smaller logs...leaving them in small piles to be collected later on...turning on her heel the girl walks back to the shed...entering and lets her blue eyes adjust to the dim light...seeing a sledge on the wall the girl takes it down and carries it back to the pile of stacked wood...stacking the wood on the sledge...pure pulls it back to the woodshed and unloads it...making the trip between several times

~~afterwards she goes to the kitchen porch and takes a bath in the wash tub making sure to get off all the dirt and grime from her slave flesh so she will be more presentable to serve...she deposits the towel in the laundry then makes her way to the cooking fires to get the Hold Jarl's dinner she takes up a tray and chooses for him four small roasted vulo hens..some sauteed wild mushrooms...a goblet of ramsberry tea and a plate of chocolate covered cherries

~~shifting the tray to both hands she turns on the balls of her bare feet and swings her hips from side to side as she walks detouring benches and tables till she reaches the Hold Jarl's seat as he sits in his chair she places the tray before him then to the right of him she takes her kneel

~~thighs hugging tightly..back arches chest out heart pounding against her chest...hands that lay to her upper things with palms down as she bows her head of gold with a soft tone she announces..."Jarl..pure bring you a dinner of vulo mushrooms iced tea and candied cherries she prays you enjoy them just as much as it enjoyed pure to serve you in your Home...can pure be in more need?"...she awaits quietly as he settles in his chair more for his reply" />

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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mats/mopped floor/bathed/lunch/awaiting

3/18/18-3/24/18 1_6_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 2_5_orig 3/18/18-3/24/18 3_3_orig
3/18/18-3/24/18 4_5 3/18/18-3/24/18 5_4_orig
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~~quietly the blonde bombshell slipped into the slave kennels...liquid pools of sapphire gazing about from beneath the flutter of sooty lashes...a warm smile tugging at the corners of lush lips...bare feet carried her further into the room..  moving about she gathered up the many mats and carried them out back into the yard and sat them down then one by one she hung them on the make shift line that was out there

~~she left the mats hanging so they could air out some while she tended other duties back inside...slithering back in she fetched a bucket of hot soapy water..a broom and several old rep clothes use for cleaning.. she left the bucket and rags outside the door and entered the slave kennel with the broom...moving to far back of the room she began sweeping the floor.. making sure to run the broom down the corners of the walls and up along where wall met ceiling in case there where any cob webs...she wanted the kennel to be well clean before the next slave class so her sisters and brothers in bondage had a nice place to gather

~~the floor swept she sat the broom outside the door then pulled the bucket inside with her across the room and knelt down...she dunked a rag into the soapy water then rung it out and began scrubbing the floor...scrub scrub rub a dub...slowly but surely working her way back across the room...taking time to dry the floor as she went...this way the mats could go right back in after she had finished...knees crawling the blonde beauty of Hunjer Isle moving inch by inch...mopping and scrubbing until the floor shined

~~humming softly...happily as she went about her task.. backing out the door as she finished cleaning the floor...then rising in a fluid motion....she turned on the balls of bare feet and carried the bucket outside...she dumped out the now dirty water then rinsed the bucket and dried it before carrying it back inside and putting it away...she dropped the rags into the small basket then retrieved the broom and went back to where she had hung the mats

~~out by the mats she lifted the broom in the air and brought it down and forward slapping it against a mat then slapping it again before moving to the next mat...she made her way down the line beating each mat in turn...they had been properly cleaned not long ago so just needed a quick cleaning this go around

~~with all the mats beat she hurried to put the broom away then returned to the mats and one by one took them off the line and gave them a good shake before placing them on the ground...the shaking would fluff them up so they'd be nice and soft against the sweet flesh of the slaves who knelt on them and slept on them

~~the last mat done she gathered them all up and carried them back into the slave kennel and arranged them about the room.. then she stood back and looked and smelled better and if she was lucky her efforts would please the Hold Jarl

~~her chore done she turned and hurried off to find the Hold Jarl's lunch her small body shivered as her thoughts turned from chores to Him..a low whimper rumbling deep within her throat...her steps quickening suddenly desperate to be in his the kitchen she quickly gathered a towel and bar of soap and went to the bathing room nd took a bath washing and drying herself and putting on the vanilla scent...then in the kitchen she deposited the towel and bathing needs to their proper place../the turned to grasp up a tray for the Hold Jarl's lunch

~~carefully she choose the food and drink he would have this afternoon...picking up the tray she smiled and walked swiftly into the Main Hall to serve...looking over the tables she can see the handsome Hold Jarl already seated and ready for lunch...her hips took on a dance of their own as she approached him slowly kneeling upon his right she melts to the fur holding the tray level with her stomach while her thigh touched gently..she lifted the tray up and out towards him and whispered softly

~~"Jarl...pure offers your lunch and she prays it will please and nourish your body this mid day...she hopes you find girl's dedication to you favorable" she places the tray before him on the table..then retracts to her kneel awaiting in silence his reply

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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