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PostSubject: 3/4/18-3/10/18   3/4/18-3/10/18 EmptySun Mar 04, 2018 12:44 pm


collecting dishes/fire/washing dishes/cleaning sandpit/benas/urts/sweeping/bath/dinner/lil ganni

3/4/18-3/10/18 Tumblr-inline-n5baj7zv1h1qbj2nm 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download_13_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Old-kettle-sitting-hot-fire-13150415
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-3_4 3/4/18-3/10/18 10-cracked-jug_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_14 3/4/18-3/10/18 Dishes-in-sink_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 12223378 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-2_10_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-4_4_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Il-340x270-933323066-a4wf_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Facial-tics-thumb_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-5_4 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-1_8
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-7_1 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-6_2
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-12_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 589dea2e769562-76756712_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Hunk-of-bread001_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-8_1 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-2_4_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Cute-kitten-drawing-lets-draw-cute-kitten-baby-cat-e299a5-youtube_orig

~~aqua eyes sweep around...seeing she is alone...her long legs...nearly skipping down the steps...the smile still lifting plump lips...her little feet automatically leads her over to the low slung tables to collect left behind dishes a soft hum comes to her lips as she moves about the low tables and the high set tables on the dais...before heading to the kitchen with steps that seem to barely touch the tiles...skirting the sandpit...the gentle sway of supple hips barely missing the edge of the high set counter as she enters the kitchen to deposit the vessels...glossy locks sway across the hourglass shape of her back as she moves to prop open the back door

~~taking a deep breath of the salty air...she wedges the little rock in the crook of the door to keep it open before turning towards the fire pit...taking up the poker...she gives a few jabs at the embers before setting it aside and shifting to the wood pile and feeding the flames their breakfast...stepping back as she inspects the work...aqua eyes watches as the flames devour the fresh wood...reflecting in her eyes as the warmth mixes with the fire stoked deep in her belly that keeps her hot

~running her hands over her curves...she takes up the thickened rep cloth before grabbing the kettle of hot water on her way back into the kitchen...dipping her fingertips into the soap flakes...she drops a pinch into the sink before pouring the steamy hot water in...causing a mound of bubbles to form...slipping to the water barrel...she refills the kettle then ambles back with light steps back to the fire pit to replace it...the smile on her lips never her slender throat begins to hum...taking up the cracked pitcher she shifts to the water barrel once more to give it a dip in and out just before pouring it into the sink to temper the hot water

...setting the pitcher to the side...she plunges dainty hands into the water...going about washing up the dishes with attention to detail as she works...washing rinsing and drying each with the upmost care, her hips swinging from side to side as she shifts back and replace them on the shelves

~~replacing the last tankard...she turns around and eyes the Main Hall closely...the sands catching her attention...aqua eyes sweep over the mess that it is and figures it needs a good raking...long graceful steps take her to the rake wedged in the corner just as dainty hands takes it up before she glides towards the sandpit...stepping to the high side of the figure eight pit where she pauses for a few ihn as her eyes go a little glassy from the sweet thoughts rambling through her mind and shaping the sultry smile on wet lips

~~giving a shake of her head to bring her dirty little mind back to the task at hand...tresses settle around her slender shoulders in a tangled web...she steps into the pit with the rake and begins the task of bring some order back to the sands...working her way from side to side in an arcing pattern...she stops every so often to bend down and collect what is brought to the surface...aqua eyes gleam as she finds various bina beads and shiny cheap coins...surely left from the attire of the dancing girls

...each little trinket she finds she carefully places along the outside edge of the sandpit before returning to the task at hand...moving backwards and down the figure eight...she bumps into the wooden post with a little yelp as the remind of the Hold Jarl is felt on the swell of her ass...nearly gasping...she gives a hard shake of her head that ripples down through her body and brings her attention back to the task at hand

~~turning as she thinks she hears the Hold Jarl...dark lashes flutter over sweeping eyes as her warm smile shapes her pretty face and dainty hands hold to the rake...realizing she must be hearing things...she goes back to her raking... circling around the wooden post before moving on with the sweeping arcs...forming a pattern in the sands...humming softly as  she feels the rake hit something a little bigger than what could possibly be a bina bead or cheap coin...having learned her lesson before...she digs at the lump with the rake until a beady little eye appears causing a yelp from pink lips...

~~scrunching her she sees the urt is body-less, she shakes her head figuring it must be left from the great urt hunt...tip toeing as if she doesn't want to disturb it...less it wakes up and gives chase...she quickly makes her way to the kitchen and takes up a rep cloth for protection...returning to the beady dead eyes...she covers it with the cloth and picks up the head with a shudder...lightly stepping to the fire pit she gives it a toss into the leaping flames with another little yelp

~laying the cloth on the side of the pit...she goes back to raking...focusing on continuing the arcing patterns she makes...the smile returns to her plump lips as she continues to find little trinkets here and there...each sweep of the rake removing traces of her own little footsteps in the sands...the glossy sweep of her locks swaying across her back listens to the snapping crackle of the fire consumes the nasty little head of the urt...coming near to the bottom of the pit...once more her rake hits something hard...cringing as she digs up the lump...she nearly retches as she sees the body of another urt
~seeing the clean bloody cut of the body...she knows now for certain it has to be left over from the urt hunt...knowing she has to get it out...she thinks it is a good thing she raked as she would not want to be dancing and withering in the sands with these dead critters...she quickly goes to the edge and grabs the rep cloth...bending down...she covers the bloodied body and quickly rushes to the fire pit where she tosses it in with a little yelp...the sizzle making her crinkle her pert nose...she turns back to the sandpit...more determined to finish that raking and ensure the pit is free of dead urts

~~as she steps backwards...ragging the rake with her...out of the pit...she gives a last sweeping pull of the rake to erase the touch of her feet in the pit...ambling with graceful steps back to the kitchen...she replaces the rake in it's corner before disappearing behind the high set counter to rummage around with clanks and bangs as she finds a chipped cup from the little section of slave dishes...popping back up...she skirts by the counter and back to the pit before sinking to tender knees as her fingers pluck up the various trinkets laid around the outside edge of the pit

~the curves of her body wiggles from side to side...she works her way around the pit on her knees...plopping each little trinket into the cup...her mind already forming ideas on what to do with them...her slender throat continues the song of her hum in a happy little tune as she works...having finally circled the outline of the figure eight pit...she rocks back to rise up on shapely legs while dainty hands clutch the cup to the flat expanse of her belly

~~setting it on the counter as she passes by it... she takes up the broom and heads back to the pit...stopping at the edge, she goes about doing a little dance of sweeping the grains of sands back into the pit where they belong...stopping every so often with a little twirl and giggle...her mind forming and playing with the dance that is occupying her mind and translating to her movements...highly arched feet shuffling...every so often she stops and gives an extra shake of her hips until finally she has completed her journey around the pit

~~back to the kitchen then get soap and a towel and running down to the waters edge to bathe...knowing soon she has to get the Hold Jarl his dinner...she washes up rinses and dries her self off then makes way to the kitchen to deposit the towel and places the soap to the cabinet..twirls on her toes and gets a tray and utensils napkin and a few dishes she will need

~~taking up a platter placing some of the roast verr on the platter along with some kort and sul adds a bit of gravy atop the meat...adds to the tray a mug of ale and a plate of candied nuts...lifts the tray and takes it out to the Main Hall to the Hold Jarls side table and sets it down so it will be ready for the Hold Jarl who is due in just a few to join the others for his dinner

~~she walks out side to find the lil ganni who she saw earlier in the yard...finding him he turns up on his back to get a belly rub...she bends down and tickles him with her fingers saying to him..."you would think you would of caught the uth and ate them for you dinner lil one...giggles and keeps playing with him

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/4/18-3/10/18   3/4/18-3/10/18 EmptyTue Mar 06, 2018 12:29 pm


washes up/makes chocolate filled pastries/bathes/cleans up/hold Jarls sweet treat/cuffed awaiting

3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-1_18 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download33 3/4/18-3/10/18 10-hayden-panetierre_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Serving-platters-trays-large-platter-1-grande 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_16 3/4/18-3/10/18 Butterfly-meadow174-sugar-bowl-6083984-whr
3/4/18-3/10/18 Role-of-yeast-in-wine-making_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download_15 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-3_6_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-1_10_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-6_1_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-2_6
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_17 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-3_1_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-4_1
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-4_6 3/4/18-3/10/18 Butter-in-flour-1_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Dsc-0005-1024x685_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-5_2_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-5_6_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-6_4_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Washing-dishes-l1 3/4/18-3/10/18 Videoblocks-pov-of-woman-drying-dishes-with-towel-snjehe-bf-thumbnail-small01_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-7_2 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-7 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-8_3 3/4/18-3/10/18 Img-6506_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 8f999953-7c54-46d4-b67b-d86a38e7033c 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-10_1
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-9_2
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-8_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-12_2 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-11_1_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 20-minute-chocolate-croissants-5
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-13_1_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Bdsm-submission-fantasy

~walks with poised steps deep into the Holds kitchen...hips...bountiful in curves rock...her arms swing as she moves displacing air...happy to be able to work for the Hold Jarl...steps into the kitchen and next washes hands cleanses hands and beams...prepared to make some lovely pastries...knowing the Hold's Menu has assorted pastries of the day for one copper tarsk...the slave was prepared to make mouth watering coin could be made for the Hold Jarl...dries hands on a rep cloth and next drops it to the laundry...smiles...with shining eyes now a direct link to heart

~~pure utterly thrilled to be baking again...practically jumping with infectious service to the Hold Jarl's Home is of highest precedence in the slaves mind...turns...hips swing...golden mane thrashes the air as she moves to gather a large platter...the slave girl would use this for ingredients...walks to the dry goods area of the kitchen...places a small sack of sa-tarna flour to the platter a covered dish of white sugar...yeast...a dish of chocolate shards

~~smiles and carries the plattter back to the wooden work space...places it down...moves for a dish of bosk butter...then brings a bowl of vulo eggs and finally ducks to the cold room...gasps as cold air ripples her she carries a jug of bosk milk back to the work space...takes stock of the ingredients...with focused gaze...once positive is all present...she claps hands gleefully...imagines the wonderful pastries that will be left for the Free to enjoy..especially the Hold Jarl

~~shimmies with the jug of bosk milk over to the hearth...he warmth wraps about frame...a huge smile perks up as she finds happiness in the work...happy to do such and relieved the slave girl can...pours the milk to a pot already heating on the it closely as it must be just body jewels focus and observe it quietly...once the a layer of steam starts to appear...a rep cloth is used to lift the milk pot away from the hearth

~~carries it to the wooden work bench...the temwood space now nestled on curves...leans back with a beautiful display present if any Free should enter...smiles a large bowl is gathered...she makes quick works of combining sa-tarna flour...yeast...sugar and finally a pinch of salt...uses a wooden spoon to whisk the dry ingredients together...uses a small knife to chop the bosk butter into pea size pieces...adds this to the dry ingredients...pours the body temperature bosk milk into the bowl...uses the wooden spoon to combine to a dough that just came together

~~smiles as she looks down at the perfect dough...a satisfactory the slave is a perfectionist nothing else acceptable in her mind...she must please and be exquisitely beautiful in the execution of her duties...golden mane...traces down spine...hips turn into the work space...the firmness causes a whimper to sound from red lips...commemorative of the will of a strong man...much like that of the Hold Jarl himself

~~smiles...and continues she clears the dishes from the wooden work space...lightly dusts with sa-tarna flour...not too much as drying out the dough is the worse thing a girl could do...once it is perfect she turns the dough out to the she forms the dough and presses into a square...smiles and wraps in rence paper tightly...walks to the cold room...shivers prepared...places it inside and starts to watch the chronometer knowing it needs ninty ehns...

~~walk back out to the kitchen...mind still in a dreamy state about the Hold Jarl he makes her will bend...she becomes extensions and chinks in invisible chains he wields...features now flushed...the deeper she is engrossed by this...starts to clean a bit...washes the plate and bowl and wooden spoon in fragrant waters...scrubs with a harsh rep cloth and next set to the side to drip dry...smiles...head extends back...the white ribbon displayed and obvious...body now squirmy... the more she thinks about the Hold Jarl

~~tosses locks back...hips sway with their own volition...becomes a moving piece of art...malleable only in the Frees hands...grips a large clean rep cloth...dries the plate and bowl and spoon...keeps watch for any damages...pleased to find none they are replaced on the shelving...beams...happy and content in work...starting to find a peace and serenity in service to the Hold

~~returns for the dough as ninty ehns had passed...smiles happy to see it ready...the cold room now makes shivers to spike...they run down fair body as she moves towards the door...steps out and presses it shut...weaves back to the wooden work space...lightly flours it and a rolling pin again...the square dough now unwrapped...rolls the dough out into a rectangle...folds the short sides of the dough into the middle...rotates a fourth turn and rolls out to uses a knife to cut into triangles...pierces slits in middle on each...adds chocolate shards...counts the pastries... finds twenty five

~~next rolls each pastry up...lines a baking tray with rence paper...places the pastries down...spaces them evenly...covers with greased rence paper next...leaves for three ahn...the dismisses herself to take a bath...returns to find them risen...smiles and beats up the eggs in a small dish...uses a pastry brush to wash each pastry on the top...once done the girl weaves to the ostrakon...smiles brightly...slides the tray inside to allow to bake for ten ehn

~~once the ten ehn passes she moves to a different part of the ostrakon of reduced heat...they bake for another five ehn...beams once done...uses a large thick rep cloth stack and pulls the tray out...slides the chocolate pastries to a cooling rack drizzels a bit of chocolate on them...washes up the remaining dish...washes down the work spaces and brushes around the floor...uses a pan to brush up the dust...leaves the kitchen in perfect order.

​~~finally washes hands and dries on a rep cloth...smiles and departs kitchen with a tray topped with a chocolate pastry and a cold blackwine treat for the Hold Jarl pleased to have made the treat for him and his Home...she heads up to the Hold Jarl's bed Chambers and places the sweet treat on his side table she cuffs her ankle to the right side of his bed and lays down awaiting for him to come to bed

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 3/4/18-3/10/18   3/4/18-3/10/18 EmptyThu Mar 08, 2018 1:48 pm


checking tankards and goblets/bath/dinner/awaiting

3/4/18-3/10/18 Th_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 78-tankards_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-1_20_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 9a80afbd8cca2a9baf71d9aac118f0eb-gifts-for-husband-beer-stein_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_19_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Amanda-seyfried-bio-net-worth-facts
3/4/18-3/10/18 Chipped-1_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-4_8_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 04-rag-dust-free-home-sl
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-5_8 3/4/18-3/10/18 February-valentines_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Amanda-standing
3/4/18-3/10/18 Unnamed_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Crispy-beer-battered-onion-rings-29301 3/4/18-3/10/18 Petit-fours-mini-cakes
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-3_8_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-2_13_orig

~~rises upwards to a full height...her bare limbs catch the light and reflect spectrum's of it about...she smiles softly licking her lips and moving towards the kitchen...she approaches the vessels laden on the shelves...her aqua eyes cast a cursory glance upwards and she then reaches for a large clean rep cloth...with the intent of checking tankards and goblets for faults and dust ahead of the dance and sparring night knowing the Free will need drinks and having all vessels perfect will save time for the slaves serving them

~~she smiles and reaches for the tankard and starts to line them in a row...her fingers then grip the first and she starts to skim the rep over it...knowing if snags appear it has faults...she carefully dusts it down to make the wood gleam...her heart races inside her chest...she breathes comforted by the task at hand and knowing it will help bring satisfaction to the Free later...especially the Hold Jarl...she breathes inwards and keeps moving the rep working through the tankards and goblets in sequence with great care and ease...her heart continues to speed as she works...blonde mane piles around her frame and she sways back and forth on the balls of her feet as she works with diligent loyalty

~~smiles as she carefully continues and breathes inwards...her hands move the rep over the wooden tankards and goblets...the are all soon dusted and on the last goblet with etches on the sides she finds a snag and gazes down noticing the chip...she walks with it to the rubbish and discards it not wanting it to cause harm to any of the Frees lips later or the skin of her fellow slaves in bondage...she smiles and works full of enthusiasm for the task...her step now has a bounce as she drops the first rep in the laundry once done with the vessels places them to the shelves in perfect order and in neat organised rows

~~smiles moves on the balls of her feet...her hair gets a life of its own and storms about her like wicked Thassa... peeking up at the Dais and knowing the Hold Jarl would be seated there if sends a delicious tingle and shiver down her ivory spine... therefore proclaiming the tankards and goblets are each perfect and have no flaw...bites down lightly on her lips as she images strong potent Gorean wines being poured to these vessels to fill the desires of the Free

~~smiles as she then moves to the water source...her step is more like a glide now as she smiles happy to have accomplished such a task and to make the serve preparation a little more stream lined and efficient for the busy night ahead...carefully eases back and reaches for a clean rep cloth...she then dampens the cloth and grins once it is gleaming with water...she squeezes it out with fullness...turns and with a twitch of her hip she starts to lean forward...her hips moving as she wipes down the surfaces she worked over...completes them and drops the cloth in the wash with the kitchen

~~she had been working for a while getting things ready now knows she must get a bath and then serve the Hold Jarl dinner from his busy day of working after the ships down at the docks have delivered some of the stock that he had ordered...she quickly goes to the bathing tub and soaks in the tub for a few making sure her slave flesh is clean and gleaming for when she is in service....she towel dries and brushes her hair.....she makes her way to the kitchen to gather the Hold Jarls dinner with a smile

~~she looks about for a tray and supplies for dinner...on a platter she places four tarsk ham sliders with verr cheese on a bun...some onion rings...a mug of ale..and a plate of three different colored lil cakes with a chocolate piece a top...she carries it out to the Main Hall setting it to the Hold Jarl's side table..then takes a kneel with thighs closed shut hands cupping knees back straight aqua eyes diverted...head crown of gold bowed...awaiting to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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breakfast for the Hold Jarl/fire/braids hair/water/dirty dishes/wash dishes/2 dances/sweep/wipe down tables/mop/bath

3/4/18-3/10/18 Download_17_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Coffee_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 5ee6032f-1e8a-4055-a236-2dfc59fd03b0_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-1_21 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-2_14_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-3_9 3/4/18-3/10/18 Washerwomen-renaissance_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-1_11 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-4_9_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-5_9_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Belle-femme-couchee-dans-lherbe-regarde-et-envoie-un-baiser-au-coquelicot-noir-et-blanc
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-2_7_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-6_6 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-3_2_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Dishes_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-22_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-7_3
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-4_2 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-8_4_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 999_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-7_1
3/4/18-3/10/18 Sweep 3/4/18-3/10/18 6d3ec013-fc99-4bb5-b2c2-d65527691690-4nutcrackercincinnatiballet-patricpalkensmaizyaletvelazquez-photopetermuellercopy 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-6_2_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-5_3_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 57fd3e7d1b0000e218ef6494_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-10_2_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-9_3_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Pcandiceswanepoel33_orig

will add the rest of pictures she has them but needs to go to bed right now she has a early morning

~~long legs quickly take pure through the dim and empty Main Hall...she is feeling too much energy to be all alone with nothing to do she quickly get the Hold Jarl's breakfast of three fried vulo eggs...two fried tarsk stripes some hash brown sul two biscuits blackwine and fruit parfait...and takes it to his room so he can have breakfast in bed...tiptoes in his bed chambers and set the tray down beside his bed on the chair...checks his fire place to make sure it is still glowing to keep him cozy...smiles that it is...then rushes back downstairs to start her chores for the day

~~girl excitedly walks into the yard...her senses come alive feeling a cool breeze along her face...hearing the trickle of the water fountain...smelling the aromas coming from the fire...seeing the other slaves washing down the stairs and tasting a desire to do what makes her heart happy

~~taking a deep breath raising her chest...she decides to make the best of being outside...hands reach to gather her hair...dividing it into three parts her nimble fingers quickly braid it and tie it off at the end using a couple strands of her own the Mistress taught her when she was a little girl...going to the kitchen she grabs a kettle and ladles it full of water from the huge water barrel...Using both hands she struggles to carry the heavy thing to the fire...heaving it up unto the hook over the fire...she thinks how arms may be toned but apparently from other forms of exercise

~~happily making her way back out to the yard...she basks in the light of the the grass with the wild flowers...then she goes to the Main Hall walks around collecting the dirty dishes...balancing plates and goblets from various tables in one hand...hugging glasses to her chest with the other arm and hooking tankards with the remaining fingers...girl returns to the kitchen and sets them carefully in the big metal basin waiting by the water barrel

~~taking a few joyful steps to the counter...girl squats down...ass kissing heel...and pulls out a cleaning container and places this near the metal basin on the floor...amazingly the more she does the more energy she feels to do more...girl imagines the handsome Hold Jarl watching her...sways her hips with a giggle back to the fire to retrieve the kettle...using two hands and a rep cloth...she carries the kettle to the metal basin where she dumps half the hot water...the remainder of the water goes into the container on the floor

~~stretching her torso and reaching with her arm...girl reaches for the clay jar...takes the stopper out and adds a pinch of soap flakes to the metal basin...fingers dipping into the water are immediately pulled back with an ouch...after kissing the tips of her fingers...girl adds a ladle or two of cool water to the able to tolerate the heat...she swishes the water around mixing the soap...grabbing three clean rep cloths she lays them on the counter next to the metal basin...washing a goblet...she pulls it out of the soapy water...squats to rinse it and immediately dries it with a rep cloth ensuring no streaks

~~she holds the vessel up and inspects it for flaws with the bright blue eyes of hers...noting no imperfections she runs the rim along her small wrist as she dances over to put the vessel in its proper place....girl performs this same routine with each dirty dish in the basin...when the final spoon finds its home...pure pulls the stopper on the metal basin and blows a breath of air up her face to move the strand of hair that fell across her forehead

~~moves to the left side of the counter where she finds a broom and mop...once she finds herself in the Main Hall again...she lays the broom down and flips the mop upside down...holding it up high she playfully says..."Hold Jarl what a beautiful head of hair You have" and immediately dances around the Main Hall with the breath-taking "Jarl"

~~she twirls around imagining the fabric of a festive dress floating around her and smiles thinking of the Hold Jarl dressed to impress with his possessive arms around her....she twirls and twirls until she is sitting on the tiles laughing and laughing...regaining her composure girl carefully lifts the mop to the ceiling in strategic spots removing any debris that accumulated up there....returning for the broom...pure makes short work of sweeping the dirt into a pile...brushing it into a dustpan and dumping it in the kitchen rubbish

~~however her saucy attitude is not done dancing...this time Jarl Broom is a partner in a ballet inspired routine...using him for balance as she extends arms forward...raises up on right toes..calf muscle prominent in this position...lifts left leg straight behind her with pointed toes completing an exquisite line...once again carefree giggles fill the Main Hall...  sweeping items...pure grabs the hot water container and makes her way to the tables

~~using a blue rep cloth and a traditional dance number tune in her head...pure bends over to wipe down each table with a shake to the heart-shaped ass and a shimmy on the way back up....looking at all the furs laying about...girl makes a mental note they may need cleaning soon...finally she dumps the hot water on the tiles of the floor and starts mopping the water toward the opening to the kitchen

~~hands holding the mop handle firmly and using a little elbow grease...pure makes sure the tiles sparkle in the sunlight...she makes the final swoosh of water into the yard and returns all cleaning materials...tired but happy...she sits on the edge surrounding the fountain...

​~~her nose crinkles up as she looks at her dirty little feet and her wrinkled fingers...she may be happy with the work she did here today but unless she does some work on herself...the Hold Jarl  will not be happy with the Isle bond...taking in one last deep breath of fresh air...girl sashays her way back to the kitchen to get some bathing needs and take a well needed bath

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_20_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-1_22_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Dabd9cb576dace28c44ffc21adf18eee-water-reflections-vertical
3/4/18-3/10/18 Pure-soap-flakes 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download_18 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-1_12_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Amandaseyfried-1624023a 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-3_10_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-2_8
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-3_3 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-4_10
3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-4_3_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-2_15_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-5_10_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Bucket-with-soapy-water-450x370 3/4/18-3/10/18 Wiping-a-table_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images-6_7 3/4/18-3/10/18 Download-5_4_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 P56-re-jesse-jane-actress_orig
3/4/18-3/10/18 111225-290x194_orig 3/4/18-3/10/18 Img-6977 3/4/18-3/10/18 White-hart-flagon-o-mead
3/4/18-3/10/18 Images_21

~~aqua eyes peek up to the Hold Jarl as she wiggles back from his feet and out of his way before rising upwards on shapely legs...turning on highly arched feet...she looks around her...nearly frozen for an ihn before slipping around the low slung tables collecting the left behind vessels...filling her slender arms with each step she takes

~~stopping as she smiles...watching him go...a little prayer drips from her lips as she hopes that his work is better to him...ambling around the sandpit she swings by the high set counter of the kitchen and deposits the vessels before spinning around and walking back to the Dais...once more she collects the left behind tankards before taking the two little steps with ease to head back into the kitchen

~~dipping below the line of sight...she pinches some soap flakes in dainty fingers before lifting back up and dropping them into the sink...brushing back locks that play in her face...she slips to the fire pit before grabbing up the rep cloths and gingerly taking up the kettle of hot water...watching as she pours it until the sink is nearly half full of the steaming water...she slips to the water barrel to refill the kettle before light steps leads her back to the fire pit...

~~replacing the kettle to warm the water once more...she heads back to the kitchen and looks around for the chipped pitcher...a little frown curves her lips downwards as she does not see it in the usual hiding place in the corner...thinking for an ihn she finally ducks down behind the high set counter and begins rummaging around...creating banging noises as she does...a little urt scurries away causing her to nearly jump from her own flesh with a yelp...frowning as she crinkles her nose at the scurrying critter...aqua eyes catches the glimpse of the pitcher...a smile lifts her lips as she reaches down to take it in dainty hands before she heads back to the water barrel...filling it

~~her voice softly hums a tune as she pours the tepid water into the sink...aqua eyes watching as the bubbles grow and the steamy water is tempered enough to allow her hands to work...slipping down the edge of the counter...she nestles the pitcher in the corner for use later before turning her attention to the dishes that away their scrubbing

~~taking up the first tankard...she plunges it within the water along with a clean rep cloth as she goes about washing it with care...inside and out...before rinsing it and setting it to drain...turning her attention to the next vessel...she gives it equal care as the first...washing and rinsing before settling it to dry

~~shifting back and forth on tiny feet that feel to her as if they are floating...she finishes the last dish before taking up a dry rep cloth and drying each one set to eyes watching carefully under sooty lashes for any flaws or nicks that may hurt any Free that may next use them...spying those high set shelves...she goes to replace the first vessel and realizes her long legs are not enough to get it on the shelf...a shake of her head sends golden locks to dance around her lithe body

~~lifting up on the near tips of her toes...she finally is able to reach the shelf to replace the first tankard before going back to grab the next one...humming softly...she replaces each vessel each time the rise on tip toes causing a flexing definition of her long legs until finally the last once has been replaced...turning her attention to the sink once more...little hands plunge into the water and wrings out the rep cloth before she goes about wiping down the counters of the kitchen...ever mindful of the water clock as she works

~~scrubbing the counters until they gleam as much as possible...she is careful to move each little item to get in every nook and cranny...until she is satisfied that every bit of the counters have been properly scrubbed...turning around on the balls of her feet...she looks around once more for the bucket usually nestled in the corner near the door leading to the yard

~~finding it near the fire pit...she takes it up in little hands and slips back to the kitchen to shoo some soap flakes into it before heading back to the fire pit to take up the kettle of hot water...pouring some into the bucket she replaces the kettle and heads back to the water barrel to ladle enough room temp water in to lessen the burn...grabbing up the rep cloth...she drops it in and heads with a tilting gait back to the low slung tables

~~settling the bucket down near the furthest table..she bends down and wrings out the cloth before going about scrubbing the first table...scrubbing with little strokes and frequent dips of the cloth in the bucket...she wonders how in the world this dried...stuff...ended up on the tables before it dawns on her that last night was class...therefore the Free were left to serve themselves...aaaahhhh...yes...that explains it...a little giggle bubbles from her pink lips as she begins to hum again...her mind forming the dance in her mind's eye as her hands work at scrubbing the table

~~working with care and devotion...she scrubs each table as she moves the bucket along with her and causing a thin sheen of sweat to cover her nakedness of her body as she works...stopping often to brush back errant locks that keep sliding past the gate of her slender shoulders until the last table is finished...stepping back with a lilt to her long slender frame...she inspects her work before turning with a little slosh of the water in the bucket and makes her way to the Dais

~~settling the bucket down...she once again goes about scrubbing the high set tables...taking care to wash them with attention to detail as the smile created last night continues to shape her pink lips...she finishes the last one before taking up the bucket and ambling with a tilt back towards the kitchen...setting down the bucket...she grabs the rep cloth and wrings it out before setting it near the fire pit to dry...turning her attention back to the bucket of dirty water...she takes it up in dainty hands and pushes the back door open with the swell of her bare right hip...breathing deeply the salty air...she quickly crosses the yard to dump the water and return back into the Hold before setting the bucket upside down to dry

~aqua eyes looks to the firepit as she sees it dying a slow death...she decides to feed it before leaving to tend to her other chores...taking up the poker...she jabs at the glowing embers before settling it down and scooting to the wood pile...back and forth she ambles as she feeds the fire with careful placement of the logs...little grunts and umphs pushing past her lips as she lugs them around...stepping back...she dusts off her hands as she watches the hungry flames begin to feed on the wood

~~~turning around she heads to the bath tub with towel and soap in tow...slipping in the warm water she soaks her sweat stained flesh making it clean...rinsing off and dries adds powder and vanilla scent to her clean slave flesh..she deposits the towel in the laundry before getting the Hold Jarls lunch

~~on a tray she places a bowl of redcitrus fruit soup and a grilled tumit cheese sandwich..some fried berry pies..and a tankard of honey mead and takes it out to the Main Hall and places on the Hold Jarls side table then kneel to the right of his chair thighs touching tight hand cupping knees back straight chest out aqua eyes diverted head bowed some and await to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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