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PostSubject: 2/25/18-3/3/18    2/25/18-3/3/18  EmptySun Feb 25, 2018 11:40 am


stocking wood to fire/ collects dishes/washes dishes/big boy/somersault/dinner/bathe/tarsks

2/25/18-3/3/18  Little-feet-on-steps-happy-feet_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  597924ce092aa292c132234b0d7443f3_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Old-hearth-pile-fire-wood-pot-indoor-closeup-bonfire-36965059_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  1-1_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_3_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Dirty-cups-kevin-h_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-3_1
2/25/18-3/3/18  Iap-300x300-1430902335-cebyhbhe 2/25/18-3/3/18  B269cbe6efbfb29b100b2574a3f2ecf7_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Beef-wellington-22208-16x9_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Mg-8243-2_1_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_9_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  5225778-281271-cherice1_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  161814150-56aa14803df78cf772ac50ef_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Honey-mulled-wine-horiz-a-1800_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  D03599557531029afe593dec22b54f8a-bubbles-wet_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Ea3ff53cfb4c0483f46c0fadc4ae07a7_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  151209pigseatingswillcropped

~~her palm presses against the wooden eases open with a soft whoosh...bare feet dance lightly down the stairs to the Main Hall...she drops to her knees...fingers sifting thru the soft fur...leaning back as her slave belly flattens...her spine lengthens...ripe breasts lift as shoulders ease back...pure's chin eyes sweep the room the cast to the floor...palms come to rest on kissed thighs resting palms down...she can almost feel the Hold Jarl's  intense gaze upon her

~~sighing softly as she glances up and the Main Hall is still empty...she rises gracefully to dainty feet and strides to the large hearth...walking along till she reaches the wood pile...girl crouches down and fills her arms with logs...grunting softly as she stands...shhe throws several logs on the low embers...reaching up she opens the flute then watches as the flames begin to lick at bark...the flames climb high and roaring...pure closes the flute the logs spark and crackle being eaten by the starving flames

~~she brushes the chips and slivers of wood from her chest and belly...girl goes to the water vat and dips a cracked pitcher in...gasping as the cold water nips at her fingertips...she saunters back to the hearth...pour the water in the pot used to heat water for dishes...she then grabs a tray and strides to the dais...stepping up she gathers the used vessels...the tray full...she lifts it over her head then carefully steps down off the dais...skirting the sand pit...her firm thighs carry her quickly to the kitchen..lowering the tray...she lifts the vessels on to the counter

~~twirling blonde hair fans out around her as she weaves among the low tables gather all the vessels...lifting the tray overhead she returns once more to the kitchen...bringing the tray down she empties it onto the counter...taking a damp rep cloth she wipes the tray before dropping it into its' slot

~~she crouches down and fills her palm with soap flakes...rising up she drops the flakes into a pan...brushing her hands together to remove the residue...girl moves to the water vat and dips the old pitcher in...turning to pour the cold liquid into the pan...she moves to the hearth...grabbing a padded rep cloth..and lifts the pot off it's hook...she stumbles as the pot pulls on her right arm...taking a few staggering steps she lifts the pot higher...she pours the hot water into the pan...seeing the soap bubbles form...she moves to another pan and empties the steaming water into the pan...her soft voice hums as little tune as she sets the pot back on its' hook then hangs the padded rep cloth

~~she saunters back to the water vat fills the pitcher and pours it into the rinse pan...she fills the pan with soapy water with used vessels...chuckling to herself when big boy is present (the huge drinking horn)..she pushes the wash cloth deep into the recesses of big boy...twisting the cloth then she wipes the outside of the horn...she then places big boy into the rinse water...she washes a tankard...three footed bowl and dainty cup and places all in the rinse water

~~wiping the soap suds from her hands she dips them in the hot rinse water...gasping at the heat...she fingers the edge of the horn and lifts it up...emptying it and placing it on the drying rack...she rinses the other vessels then picks up a rep cloth and dries each of the vessels...with the horn in one hand and the tankard in the other she moves to the shelves...she reaches up with the tankard...her feet flexing as she reaches higher...revealing her firm buttocks...she grunts as the vessel is pushed pass the edge

~~she glances up at the higher shelf that hold the horns...her aqua eyes scan for the stool but it is nowhere to be found...she moves to the far side of the shelves...she runs four steps then leaps up...setting big boy in his place... gravity takes hold and her feet slam on the tile...her momentum carrying her...she tucks her head...and does a forward somersault...returning to her feet...she quickly flips her hair back...pure is very glad that no one is here to witness her display of her slave treasure

~~she turns to check on the lunch she is preparing for the Hold Jarl...knowing the time is about due she check on the bosk wellington that is in the oven ...taking a rep cloth and pulling it from the fire knowing it is done for it has a nice golden brown look...also she takes out the scalloped a tray she places the platter of wellington...scallops...along with a small bowl of gravy..then she dishes some beets and crumbles some verr cheese on them..also some of the snow peas with tark bits....getting utensils and a napkin

~~she goes to the cold room and get a nice cold treat and tops it with a few cherries for a sweet desert..the lifts the tray up and takes it to the Hold Jarl's side table so it will be ready when he arrives...she walks back over to the fire pit and stirs the mulled wine and ladles up a mug of the warm brew..knowing this will finish off the afternoon meal nicely...she places the mug beside the platter of food..then rushes off to bathe

~~she fills the tub with warm water bath salts and oil and soaks...the warmth eases the woes of the world away...knowing she is deep cleansing herself so she will be extra clean and smelling good for the Hold Jarl this evening...she takes her time drying herself and pampers with powder and perfume in just the right spots..she cleans the bathing area up and takes the towel to the laundry...then goes out in the yard and watches as the tarks eat their dinner being fed by the thralls

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/18-3/3/18    2/25/18-3/3/18  EmptyMon Feb 26, 2018 2:49 pm


ship/tor shrub/planting/watering/lunch/bath/awaiting

2/25/18-3/3/18  Draken5_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_5 2/25/18-3/3/18  7902-15repot1_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  280-0014-w_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Pizzahut-3319465k_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images_9_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  1383061070644_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_10_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  36d9d6f56b56ee28c3011ad815e2e24c-erotic-photography-sexy-girls_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  29c9f683a7d3379917d1718ffba01fad_orig

~~she made her way into the yard...humming a soft tune as the girl often did...her thoughts busy in her head...she had made a clear path from the markets...taking the pathway that went past the docks...she slips around there quietly without being noticed...she saw that Hold Jarl's ship was close to being finished and her heart leap with joy...she wondered if pure would be able to partake on a journey with the Hold Jarl she hoped he would want her around to serve him
~~she carefully placed down the tor shrub and the little brown bag....lifting her golden hair from her shoulders and carefully sliding around her shoulders she wriggled a little making sure it covered the rounded globes her pert bottom...knowing the hour is late for many she picks up the tor shrub in its tiny pot and the little brown bag.....

~~she goes to a pot that is empty... and taking a small spade she digs the soil turning it over and over making sure its ready to grant life to this bush....she tosses her soft blonde curls over her shoulders stopping them from falling into the soil...she knows the Hold Jarl wishes for his to look after his property always...seeing the soil looking like it has been turned well

~~she digs a small hole...then taking into tiny hands the brown bag she upturns it and wriggles it slightly noticing that she is wriggling her butt at the same time....oh she says...thinking...o (thank goodness there is no Free woman in here at this time)...but a deep longing for the Hold Jarl to see her tease him...the tor bush loosens from the brown bag and with tiny fingers she teases out the roots...she knows with the right care this will bloom and help to fill the area with its beauty...she is not sure of the color of the flowers of this one but knows they will be yellow or white...its often thought of a bright bush will make the area more appealing

~~setting the bush down into the hole...and carefully filling it with the soil...she carefully pats it down...please grow strong and beautiful for the Hold Jarl allowed her to fetch it from the market and plant it here...turning then with haste she goes and gets a small watering can and goes to the well to draw some water...she looks around she loves the openness of the garden area she sees the herbs she had tended to...she strives to do the best for this little plant...filling the watering can half full she twirls on a dancers heel....a smile on her soft lips...makes her way back to the plant and carefully dampens the soil with the water tipping the can carefully

~~once a little water has gone on there she places it down...and taking the small brown paper bag she opens it and tips some of its contents onto the area surrounding the plant...this will give it a boost and help it grown into a beautiful bright tor bush...she must ask the Hold Jarl what season we are in as it will flower in the fall she hopes its grown enough by then to flower....

~~her heart sings in sweet delight at the thought of speaking with him about the seasons...she is blessed with a Jarl who has been a scholar and is able to do most things...fingers reach and trace over the white ribbon that he tied around her neck so many days ago making her property of Hunjer Isle

~~"oh pure" she says "your wandering mind"...then she hears the heavy unfamiliar boots...but they pass the garden she wasn't sure if that is good or not.....taking the watering can again she carefully puts a little more water around the tor bush .....she empties the rest of the water onto some other plants that look like they need a drink then going to the basket picking it up and leaving the garden area going to the kitchen...she places the basket and watering can away in the cabinet

~~the morning ran away from pure so she has to hurry to get the Hold Jarl's lunch...thinking something hearty and simple would be nice...she gathers some flour in a bowl mixing some bosk milk..olive oil salt and baking powder making a dough...flours the counter and rolls out the dough...then places it on a flat oven pan

~~tossing on some citrus sauce and a few handful of shredded verr cheese adding some left over meats verr chunks bosk strips vulo pieces and tarsk strips making this a meat lovers pie...placing eight lil pies to the crust then shoving it into the oven to bake..while she waits she gets a tray ready with a mug of ale..napkin utensils...

~~she places a plate of verr cheese sticks with a tiny bowl of the citrus sauce..and another plate with the cinnamon sticks with a small bowl of chocolate...checking the oven the meat lovers pie is done she take it and tops the tray...cleans up her mess and takes the tray to the Hold Jarl's side table just in time as some of the Free are entering the Main Hall

~~she slips out silently then rushes to the bathe area and bathes off making sure the the bond of Hunjer Isle is clean and ready for service if needed...she walks back into the Main Hall and kneels sweet honey thighs kiss as long lost lovers as back arches and hands lay palms down upon her knees...perky breast presenting them self while her golden crown bows...she awaits silently to be of service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/18-3/3/18    2/25/18-3/3/18  EmptyTue Feb 27, 2018 1:33 pm


furs/lamps/day dream/drinks ice mugs/gruel/dishes/towels/airing out Jold/entertainment/peeping thrall/dishes/folding towels/lil ganni/pedicure/inventory/bath/flowers/dinner

2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-4 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-5 2/25/18-3/3/18  Article-2335455-1a23aa94000005dc-284-634x426_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Pitchers-of-beer_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Glen-mead_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-4_1
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-5_1_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Steel-cut-oatmeal-with_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_11 2/25/18-3/3/18  981383628_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_6_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  B4355218a2a570a4b5a56162ff43a5d1-garden-windows-open-window_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_4_orig

2/25/18-3/3/18  Fs-scary-bl
2/25/18-3/3/18  8_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  12-pack-forrest-green-edgeless-microfiber-polishing-cloths-1_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_7 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_12
2/25/18-3/3/18  123ecb8a9838a34159af2f2679199186 2/25/18-3/3/18  0215af0a36d03b517b37df162820834e-nude-photography-color-splash_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Male-hand-notebook-wooden-table-67480648_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  4335550-stock-photo-writing-accessories-bunch-of-old-keys-and-book-on-a-vintage-paper-over-wooden-background_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Crocus_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  27164251-167401253987069-1241538176802631261-o_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  490859714_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  795527_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Dsc-0430_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  F25f5793e87669234fdc4ef4355cd5f9-sexy-feet-colour-splash_orig

~~waking in the early morning she stretches and yawns...rising up she takes the furs from the floor...moving them out the Hold Jarl's bed chambers then outside she place them over a line of binding fiber...and begin beating them with a large stick freeing them from dust and dirt...she takes them back to the chamber laying them out...placing a kiss of devotion to them then quickly she moves her full frame to the storage shed...once inside her tiny fingers grasps for the oils to fill the lamps

~~taking the oils back she climbs back up the stairs to his chambers and begins filling the lamps with the oil...once the lamps are filled she descends back to the supply shed and her mind starts to wonder...her body slowly slipping to a piles of furs her as she thinks of the Hold Jarl and the kiss he forced on her lips

~~oO((she begins to see a picture clear in her mind of him throwing her to the furs...and using her to the fullest...laying on the furs he would caresses her soft flesh...pulling her head back to meet his sensual lips placing a kiss upon her...his strong hands grasping at her breasts squeezing and pulling on them...low moans (mmm) escaping while her back would arch it to his touch

~~his hands slithering down her warm body reaching her slave heat...his strong fingers probe her inner womanhood making her squirm and wiggle his finger in deeper...her pelvis engulfing his finger as her body follows His motion.)))
suddenly she is startled by heavy foot falls

~~looking about she realizes she has been day dreaming...makes way back up to the Hold again along the path...entering the Hold to the Main Hall she looks about...seeing most is in order...she goes fetches fresh pitchers of mead  and ale setting them to the tables...and then fetches ice to keep them cool...making sure vessels are available smiles

~~she darts in the kitchen eats her gruel topped with sugar and berries...washes up the dishes...thinks about the goings on of the Hold and the talk her and the Hold Jarl had last night...she rises her hands out of the water...towel dries them then...pads to the bathroom to brush teeth and comb out hair

~~fluffing her hair some...lifting the basket of towels she takes them out back and begins to wash them in the big tub...twirling them around with the huge paddle...dunking them up and down in the soapy water...then transfers them to the cooler rinse water...then wrings them out and hangs them

~~one by one on the clothes line...inside she opens all the windows so the breeze will blow in and freshen...seeing one of the musicians she begs to use his kalika he allows her... he sits and watches the girl along with two patrons she plucks and strums the strings and sings entertaining them...she smiles watching them tap their feet and clap hands while she does...some of the other musicians join in music fills the Main Hall such liveliness

~~ song after song...she entertains...some more guest arrive...she stops long enough to serve them beverage then continues at their command...they tell her they can hear all the way to the docks...pure sees the eyes of the thrall peeping through the windows...smiling....knowing she is making a lot of people happy with her songs...strumming the kalika...she sings her heart out...pure always loves to her slave desires of pleasing is being overfilled at this moment

~~takes a few requests from the crew ship members...then stops knowing she now must finish her chores...she thanks everyone and hands the kalika back to the musician thanking him....she returns to the laundry to take the towels down...before she does she sprays them with vanilla the towels smell good....she unpins them folds them and then takes them to the supply room and sets them to the shelf so Hold Jarl his guests and slaves alike will have fresh towels...

~~ she smiles knowing now the rep clothes and towels are plentiful...she prays the home slaves will tend to the tunics robes...and leathers...she washes up the vessels from her little entertainment session...smiling humming too...she feels the tickle to her feet looking down she sees a little gani bending picking him up she pours a bowl of cream and feeds him bits of shark bits from the other night she made sure some of their meat from the bones where they made combs the meat picked she saved...smiles to him then she takes her favorite spot up on the windows ledge..sits bathing in the sunlight that shines thru

~~she wonders if the Hold Jarl will allow her to keep the little she leans to pick him up his little belly full and she pets him

~~pure hears the soft sound of a woman speaking...turning her head the woman asks her "pure your name is pure is it not?"
pure says "yes Mistress it is" the woman replies would you be so kind as giving me a pedicure it has been weeks  since I had one and with travleing I just never had the time to do my toes" yes Mistress....pure will be glad to give you a toe manicure and paint your toes for you
~~pure harta's to the kitchen and then to the supply closet and reaches for the bag that contains the files and polish then turns to the main room...smiles brightly to the woman as she approaches her left then kneels gently down at her feet thighs kissing...leans back to drag the bag closer...opening it she reaches in and takes out a small file...takes the womans left foot and rests it on her lap taking the  slipper off

~~leaning forward  starts to shape the nail with the file until it is perfect...reverses the file and softly pushes the skin under where in the half moon where it meets the nail, then starts on the next dainty toe the woman laughs softly when the beauty touches the feet

~~pure files and shapes each of the womans toes...lays down the file aside and takes a cloth and wipes them clean...reaches in to the bag and lifts out a small brush and pot...unscrews the lid and pushes back golden colored curls...behind her ears and dips the brush into the pot...very carefully and slow...paints each nail till they gleam brightly of a rich pink...lays down the brush and blows delicately over them until they are almost dry

~~the woman wiggles her tiny toes laughing girl lifts the woman's foot and places it down to the floor...takes up her other foot removes the slipper and starts with the file...shaping each and delicately tucking the skin back under...taking up the brush and carefully paints each toe...her whole concentration focused on her task...till she lays down the brush and blows softly over her toes to dry them...giggling with the woman as she wiggles her toes she lifts Her foot and places it back on the floor

~~the woman grins admiring the care the girl has shown in her task and says  "its heaven I tell you..sheer heaven and I bet You would look good in pink too" pure smiles to her then puts the supplies away takes them back to the supply cabinet then comes back to kneel in tower...blows upon her toes for a while till she knows they are fully dry then slips her feet into her slippers again...smiles up to the woman knowing she has enjoyed her pedicure.....

~~"your dismissed pure...and thank you" she says...yes Mistress...your toes look was nice meeting you...will be sure to tell the Hold Jarl you came for a visit in his absence

~~girl rises up to her full statue and turns on her toes and departs the Main Hall to go bathe at the waters edge...always enjoying her time near the water...she only stops long enough to grab a bar of soap and a towel the prances off to clean the bond of Hunjer Isle...slipping into the cool water bathing her self quickly but thoroughly...exits the water drying herself off

~~she quickly walks up the path from the waters edge...lifting a brush to her long golden locks...she ties it back before quickly going around the kitchen...she has to check the pantries in the Hold and the supply shed this the Hold Jarl can order the supplies to restock them...lifting her notebook along with writing tool she scans the shelves checking all the bins...writing down a few of the things that need replenishing

one huda of blackwine beans
sugar a huda of yellow and a tefa of white
a tef of cinnamon
a tefa of tea
and a tefa of salt
a tefa of chocolate powder

~~she moves from the pantry to the wine racks checking them...she writes down

two bottles of turian wine
3 barrels of ale
one barrel of mead
three bottles of ka-la-na wine
ten botas of paga
two bottles of Merlot wine

~~this done wanders out through the kitchen door into the garden...the early evening sunsetas beautiful as ever a slight chill in the air...birds singing gaily as she glides softly across the luscious grass towards the supply shed...smiling as sapphire orbs take in the beauty of the multitude of flowers peeping through the ground...their soft perfume redolent in the air

~~ducking into the supply shed...notebook and writing tool held in tiny hands...she steps around the supply shed checking the various containers...nay having to add anything to the list making sure nothing is missed... satisfied now her list is complete she moves back out into the evening air the soft breeze blowing a few golden tresses across her face...flicking the stray tendrils behind her ear...she ambles back into the Hold...reluctant to leave the beauty of the outdoors but it is still cool and she is nakid...the stock take done she returns to the kitchen...then to the hearth to warm up....then stepping into the Main Hall to take the list of needed supplies to the Hold Jarl leaving them upon his  table....

~~she jets to the kitchen to get the Hold Jarl's dinner for she knows if it is not on his table on time she will be punished..she plucks up a tray and utensils napkin a plate and goblet...thankful for waking up early and getting thing prepared she adds some vulo kabobs to a plate and get a full bowl of wild rice placing them on the tray

~~she pours a goblet of red wine setting it to the tray...she fills 2 pastry shells with whipped cream dips them in chocolate chips on each side then dusts with powdered a garnish she places a red berry to the tray she place it ...taking up the tray walking it to the Hold Jarl's side table weaving around patroons and tables till she reaches his seat...bends to set the tray down on the table nay to disturb the note she left him...then she turns and takes her favorite place in the window sill looking to see the Hold Jarl on his arrival to the Hold after a busy day of business...she smile still thinking of her day dream

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."

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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/18-3/3/18    2/25/18-3/3/18  EmptyWed Feb 28, 2018 6:39 pm


groomed the bosk/painted 3 supply wagons/washes off/spin wool/bath/dinner for Hold Jarl/awaiting

2/25/18-3/3/18  Da66o-wxyaayr1x 2/25/18-3/3/18  Dog-cat-bathing-shedding-gloves-6200_orig2/25/18-3/3/18  Bull-1863730-960-720_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Bab922a3551cf13a2581e39649f8753d-ranch-exterior-old-wagons_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Conestoga-wagon-bows_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Army-wagon-banner_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Cleaning-dried-paint-in-paint-brushes-32/25/18-3/3/18  Images-4_2_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Il-570xn-571811371-ikzw 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-5_2
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_13_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_5
2/25/18-3/3/18  80142a91b217fdc34b908653b18ce670_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Img-3830_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Tengri-wool-yak-huntsman-05_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  35bcf12500000578-3663097-i-like-a-challenge-ms-wheatland-has-also-spun-horse-hair-bison-a-27-1467078102841 2/25/18-3/3/18  Close-up-on-yarn-1_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  169406-36212b256994c5dd42d4928ac11e145bca8c793e-642x428_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  714013
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_8_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  462167707
2/25/18-3/3/18  Thebeautyofsubmission

~~she spies the bosk entering the yard...immediately she goes to the supply shed filling her arms with the items of grooming...turning on her feet she makes her way through the paths of the Hold and work shed to the grooming area...through the afternoon she cleans down the bosks hair with wire combs and heavy brushing along with a few thralls...the beasts not leaving her before the horns glinted and the hooves shone

~~the hair removed separated for spinning into sacks that she kept at the ready...the nose rings were spit shined and brilliant in the sun as the animals one by one were lead out of camp and back into the herd...the line of bosk came and went as she worked steadily along with the others

~~ the evening hour upon her...she needed to tend the other half of her chores...girl placed up all the grooming items in a small heap out of the way and went on a search for red paint and stick bristled bosk hair brushes to paint with it took her some time but in the bottom of the supply wagon she managed to dig out many cans of the stuff...and finding two brushes she laid them on top of the tins and carried them to the supply wagons that Jarl Thunderbolt required to move supplies back and forth from ship to Hold

~~ beginning with the 1st wagon the girl popped the lids and stirred the contents neatly and quietly she worked painting carefully the areas that were supposed to be redecorated with a bright new coat...dipping the brush within the green paint she drew the brush over the length of the wagon...until every nook and cranny was completely covered...even the inner edging of the planks were coated she made sure to inquire if this had been done correctly

~~when it was all painted she moved on to the next she painted blue...and the next she painted brown taking care to paint all three just as they should be the girl worked through to get as much done as she could...the paint bucket empty and her arms and hands dashed with paint layers...she cleaned up the brushes and disposed of the empty tin taking the remaining one back to the supply shed

~~girl washes up at the waters edge scrubbing free the paint from her skin...she saw a deer drinking the water..she dried herself off and she headed back to tend to the bosk some more...back to grooming the bosk her on hand and knees she shone up the dirt hooves to let the black shine through...she horns washed and dried...rubbed into a glossy look with clean clothes...the wire comb pulled through the hairs and the burs and grasses removed...those bits tossed to the fire close by the layers of hair...separated from soft to fine and heavy over coat into the bags

~~~she did not count the numbers merely worked through each beast as if they were her first one sending them on their way when complete...the darkness came quickly and she cleaned up her work area with quickness...the brushes and such restored to their proper place the bags of hair she took with her to the Hold and with carding paddles and a drop spindle the girl spent the rest of the early evening working out in the yard the varying types of wool into skeins for washing and dying...her attention to her work she listened to the chatter among the wild animals smiling softly as she worked persistent to do as much as she could to get things done

~~when finished knowing the Hold Jarl would be late for dinner..she was relived so she could get another proper bath then get his dinner ready for him...she grabs a towel and some soap and makes her way to the tub area and steps inside her little body soar and tired of bending and shinning...and the painting...she prays the Hold Jarl will note the hard work she was doing to keep his home running smoothly...she soaks a bit before exiting and drying off and her hair she combs till it is shinny almost as the bosk rings...she giggles

~~prancing to the kitchen she takes up a tray thankful some one else had dinner prepared since she was busy out tending to the wagons and the bosk...a platter and utensils and napkin she places to the tray...looking at all the lovly smelling food she serves up a plate of the roasted mustard vulo with some whole kort and diced roasted sul..the platter looked forms on her cherry colored lips..knowing the Hold Jarl would enjoy this...

~~some butter and bread and a poached pear with walnuts and a goblet of white wine...all decorated the tray for the Hold Jarl...she lifts the tray and sashays her perk lil ass into the Main Hall and sets the tray where the Hold Jarl can easily access it..she hears the familiar boot falls of the Hold Jarl...she quickly get in her place to the right of the Hold Jarls chair..kneeling in tower...back straight breasted perched up and out hands resting palms down on her knees..tiny golden head bowed and awaits to be called upon in silence

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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cleaning up the beach area/dishes/bread/list/market.shrimp & clams/cooking/dinner//bath/awaiting

2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_14_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_9_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Mexican-yoga-blankets_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-1_4
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_6_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Img-8757-copy_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Goletabeach-areac-3_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Jack-tran-hoi-an-private_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  1267449636212-f_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-2_1_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Maxresdefault_2_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-6
2/25/18-3/3/18  S-l225_1 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_1
2/25/18-3/3/18  Fireplace-11_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  240-f-193047657-qytkexngmqluhkuzatflqmxf5qnvxzbd_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  11-20-dishes
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-25 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-23_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-24_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_10_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Homemade-pizza-dough-recipe-taste-and-tell-1 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-7_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  16887537-303_orig2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_7
2/25/18-3/3/18  Img-5322-small_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Clam-shell-shrimp-seafood-market-ice-57230233_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_11 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-2_2 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-5_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-1_5
2/25/18-3/3/18  East-coast-lover-1200x628-social_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Thumb-600
2/25/18-3/3/18  Grilled-fiesta-shrimp-cocktail-800x800_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Chocmoussecake_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  102383075 2/25/18-3/3/18  Ddbwrflxuaajshg_orig

~slips outside and moves down to the beach where the bonfire was last eve...noting the animals had eaten all the food...but also damaged many platters and wooden bowls...using a stick she stirs the embers of the fire and tosses a bit of wood on...starting up a small fire and tossing in the ruined platters and bowls and the bits of food scattered around...lifting the bin of dishes she had already gathered last night and setting it on the table...noting they had not been touched...giggling at the thought of drunken animals running around Hunjer Isle

~~emptying all tankards that had been filled and not used...and adding the dirty vessels to the bin...moving around the firepit tossing sand o to ensure the fires are totally out and safe...gathering any dishes or debris and placing the dishes into the bin...the debris into the fire...lifting a blanket and shaking it out...folding it and setting it on a clean spot on the table...gathering tarps and blankets shaking them to remove sands and any critters and folding them carefully to stack

~~gathering up the Hold Jarl's creams and salves and returning them to His pouch and setting it with everything to return to the Hold to leave at His chair on the dais hefting the branding iron and setting it with the be replaced where it belongs in the storage room

~~starting with the heavy bin...she begins to carry the items all back to the Hold...leaving it on the counter to be dealt with once everything is back in order scurrying back to the beach she grabs a stack of blankets and tarps and lugs them back up to stow away until needed once again

~~shaking the furs that were brought down extra hard to remove every bit of sand from them before hauling them back to the storage shed and returning them to where they belong...stepping back to the beach once again...pulling the empty ale barrel off the table and rolling it to set outside the kitchen door of the Hold  and then moving to grab the mead barrel and set it beside the ale barrel

~~grabbing a cloth from the kitchen and wetting it...adding a few soap flakes and working it into a soapy cloth...then getting another one wet but leaving it soap free to rinse with...and grabbing a dry one as well...stepping back down to the beach and washing...rinsing and drying the tables...knowing this girl cannot move them on her own...she leaves then turns to look along the beach

~~noting the large stack of wood still...she begins to move it armload at a time to the stack that is stored in the shelter by the Hold door...stacking it back up in takes her several trips...but she has her mind elsewhere as she sings softly to herself and not even minding the work as she is outside...enjoying the sea air and sunshine

~~once the wood is taken care of...she notes her fire is almost burned out so she tosses sand over it to ensure it is fully out and smothered..covered so no one would step on a hot coal while walking the beach this day picking up the Hold Jarl's pouch..she moves back to the Hold to the Main Hall and places it with care under the edge of his chair before turning towards the kitchen and tackling the large bin of dirty dishes

~~upon setting the pouch down she realizes something is missing...she dashes back to the beach and spies them...upon the still full barrel of ale that she cannot even attempt to move...she grabs the gloves that the Hold Jarl  used and then the branding irons and dashes back to the Hold to replace them where they belong

~strides in placing the branding iron to their place and the special gloves where they belong next to the Hold Jarl's pouch...setting it just beneath the edge of His chair upon the dais and turning towards the kitchen once again to tackle the large bin of dirty dishes~

~~getting a clean basin and setting it beside the sink...moving to the fire pit and carefully wrapping the handle with a rep cloth and lifting the kettle of hot water...carrying it into the kitchen and pouring some into the sink...pouring more into the clean empty basin and then moving to the water barrel...carefully dipping the water to fill the kettle once more before setting it back over the fire to heat...dipping some of the water from the barrel into both the sink and basin to cool it from scalding to hot, but not too hot to burn this girl's hands..

~~returning the ladle to it's hanger on the side of the barrel and stepping back to the sink...tossing in a handful of soap flakes and stirring the water to create a layer of suds...filling the sink with dirty dishes...grabbing a couple of clean rep cloths and spreading them out on the counter...washing...rinsing and setting the dishes upon the cloths she makes quick but careful work of the dirty dishes from last night

~once the last dish is washed...she picks up another clean cloth and dries each...polishing them...and returning them to their proper places...washing out the basin that had held the dirty dishes and then rinsing it...letting the water out of the sink and rinsing it down with the basin full of rinse water...wiping the basin and the sink out and drying both basins and returning them where they belong

~moving around the Hold and noting what needs done for this day...quickly she moves back to the kitchen...taking out the dishes she needs...preparing several bread pans and setting them aside...quickly making quick work of mixing bread ingredients...grateful she learned to bake and cook so well...thinking of the special treats she has learned to make for the Free and the Hold Jarl deciding she will make a special trip to the market to get the ingredients to make the special desert she hopes he loves..this day

~~placing the dough onto the paddle in round shapes and setting them into the her mess and returning all the ingredients and dishes where they belong, settles for a bit until the bread is done so she can remove it from the ovens in case none come in to do so*

~~pulling out a well and parchment...she writes out the list of ingredients she needs to find at the Market this day

Cocoa powder
bosk milk
bosk cream

~~she knows the rest of the ingredients are on hand flour sugar verr butter

~~she smiles as she blows the ink dry and fold the small piece of parchment...remembering how well he loved the chocolate pudding she once made him and cannot wait to make him this

~~the bread done...she removes it from the oven..dumps it from the paddle..wraps it in cloth and sets it into the warming ovens and quickly washes things up returns the paddle to where it belongs...turning from the kitchen as she dries her hands and tosses the cloth into the basket..she heads back out the door towards the Market and rushes off to  get a basket and heads to the Market

~~she get the ingredients for the silky pudding cake she is making the Hold Jarl...skipping down the path humming a sweet tune she see a thrall with a basket of shrimp and some clams and asks him if he might leave her some in the kitchen so she can make a chowder and a shrimp cocktail to go with the cake she is making...he replies he would she smiles to him and keeps about her business

~~once in the kitchen she quickly get everything together to make the cake thankfully it needs to chill it and not bake it...once done she decorates a plate with chocolate and atop the cake she places a mint leaf...once down she dices up some red fruit onion and peppers to make a cocktail sauce and peels the shrimp putting them on a plate in the cold room as well...she sees the pitcher of ice tea she has made is still plenty full for she wishes the Hold Jarl a goblet full for his dinner

~~next she steams open some clams getting the meat out and placing them with a few diced sul and kort and some heavy cream salt and pepper making a chowder..while that is cooking she takes a bread bowl she just baked and cuts a round the top cutting what she pulled out she lays beside the bread bowl as the chowder is done she ladles it into the bread making sure it is full to the rim...getting a tray and utensils and a napkin she sets all she made to the tray for the Hold Jarls Dinner

~~making sure she does not spill the ice tea or the chowder she weaves her way to the dias and sets the tray to the side table so the Hold Jarl can eat his dinner..she rushes to take a bath which she quickly does she puts the vanilla scent on and makes sure her hair is clean and shiny she finishes up and takes her place to the right of the Hold Jarl's chair...kneeling with soft thighs that kiss back at is arched breast up and out hands cupping knees golden crown bowed blue eyes cast downward and awaits to be called to service

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 2/25/18-3/3/18    2/25/18-3/3/18  EmptyFri Mar 02, 2018 12:25 pm


furs/fire place/floors /tables waxed/fire started/oil lamps filled/bath/lunch/awaiting

2/25/18-3/3/18  3551f4d300000578-3643639-wrinkling-your-nose-at-the-sun-or-in-confusion-could-eventually-a-18-1466040229262 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-1_6_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Enamel-basket-full-of-ashes-by-the-fireplace-158909916-582b862a5f9b58d5b1813469
2/25/18-3/3/18  Sheepskin-rug-brush-04 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images_10 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-1_16_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_8 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-6_1_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Scrubbing-floor_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-5_3_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Bees-wax-100-pure 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-4_3_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images_11 2/25/18-3/3/18  78029237_1_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  The-japanese-hearth-5365
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images_12 2/25/18-3/3/18  A73ba8696caeee7e2579c393be17286f 2/25/18-3/3/18  Article-0-1759992a000005dc-294-634x837
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-9_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Delaware-strawberry-soup-shutterstock_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-8_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Strawberryrhubarb-salad-side
2/25/18-3/3/18  Exps10622-qc10054c21a 2/25/18-3/3/18  Strawberry-basil-cocktail-main_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Img-thing_orig

~~steps into the Main Hall and looks around...slight wrinkle to her nose at the stale ale and paga smell...moving to drag every fur outside and shake them out before laying them upon ground and moving back into the Hall...going to the utility room off the kitchen and finding a brush and pail of cold ash from the fire pit returning to the furs and setting the brush aside for a few as she sprinkles a double handful of ash over each fur....kneeling and running her slender fingers through the furs...letting the ash sift through to freshen and remove dirt and odors

~~after sifting the ashes through each fur...lifting them over the line and brushing each one carefully to remove not only the ashes...but any debris as well...sniffing them and finding them once again fresh smelling...and looking nice and new stepping back into the kitchen and finding the broom and dust pan and sweeping every nook and cranny and inch of the floor clear of any thing that may be upon them...sweeping it up and dumping it in the waste bin before tackling the fire pit

~~with the fire out and ashes cooled...scooping them out and dumping them into a pail using a hand held brush and sweeping out and down the whole pit...each wall and the floor before getting a bucket of hot soapy water and scrubbing the fire pit back to almost new looking leaving the fire pit to dry and carrying the pail of water out to toss into the gutter...rinsing and then refilling it with soap and hot water...grabbing a second bucket with rinse water...finding the raggedy cloths and a scrub brush and tackling the floor...scrubbing...rinsing...and drying every square inch of floor

~~dumping the dirty water and again getting clean in both buckets...grabbing clean cloths and tackling the tables...scrubbing...rinsing and drying before grabbing the beeswax paste and rubbing it carefully into each table until it shines once again dragging the furs back in...loving how fresh they smell and how new they look...replacing them all to their proper places before building a fire in the fire pit

~~starting with tender and slowly building the fire into a proper blaze...setting the paga kettle to heat refilling the lamps with oil and then looking around the room....a soft smile upon her face as she sniffs and the only smells is that of fresh...along with the tantalizing smell of cooking food

~~she quickly goes to the bathing room and pours a tub of water and sinks into the middle enjoying the warmth...making sure to get all the soot off of her from the fireplace...knows soon the afternoon meal will need to be prepared for the Hold Jarl and she wants to be nice and fresh...thinking about food...since the thralls went berry picking this morning while she was cleaning the Main Hall...she thinks it would be cute to have a berry themed lunch

~~she hops from the tub squeaky lean and freshens up her skin with the oils and perfume especially the vanilla scent she so loves..brushing her hair out she fluffs it some pinches her cheeks and makes her way to the kitchen she cuts up a lot of a pot of milk and tossing some berries in cooking it down to a soup which when done cooking she places in the cooler to chill for this is served cold

~~she takes a biscuit and cuts it in half and adds some whip cream and tops it with some berries...gets a tray out and adds the plate to the tray along with napkin and spoon and fork...pure makes a quick cool cocktail using a few berries in it and one for a garnish sets that to the tray...on a platter she places a few slices of the tarsk steak topping it with a berry sauce...and to finish it off she makes a dish of katch radishes and berries tops it with a berry vinaigrette

~~she gets the soup from the cooler and places the bowl and platter to the tray...she has to giggle just a little at how girly the tray looks but knows the meal is hearty enough for the Hold Jarl...she lifts the tray and wiggles her way in to the Main Hall and places the tray to the side table ready for the Hold Jarl who will be arriving in just a few

~~she kneels in tower on the fresh fur to the right of the Hold Jarl seat till she hears foot steps coming into the Main Hall for lunch...some of the other slaves are getting the other Frees lunch ready as well she hears the little tinkling of slave bells and belly chains as the make their way in to the Main Hall...they too kneeling on the slave furs till it is time for service...we all smile and giggle and wave to one another

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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washes up/cuts meat and cheese/lunch/awaits

2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-2_9_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Images_13
2/25/18-3/3/18  Download_12_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Images-3_3_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Narezka-kolbasy-yapfiles-ru 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-1_7_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Meat-and-cheese-board_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Download-2_3_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  Peachgelee_orig
2/25/18-3/3/18  Img-7441

~~rises with a smile on her red lips...she breathes in gulps of air and allows them to travel through the slaves body...carefully travels the length and width of the Hold bathed in an ambient lamp lit glow...smiles cautious as if she is on a trip over the scourged Thassa with rough rip curls to contend with..light straight mane carries a life of its own as it slashes about her frame...stops in the kitchen at the watering source...her hands drop into refreshing fluids as she washes up and then dries on a rep cloth...smiles happy to complete her chore of preparing lunch for the Hold Jarl

~~reaches for a large rep cloth...smiles and then pats hands on it...gains permission from one of the Free Cooks to use a chained knife for her work...they grant permission with a grout "Be careful girl" remind her to be cautious so as not to damage the Hold Jarl's property...shivers as tingles skim down her spine as her mind turns to thoughts of the Hold Jarl...breathes in air allowing it to travel through her system as she moves towards the cold room with a large empty platter now in the safety of her ivory hands...long strides...preceded by the toned legs move her closer as she smiles and breathes in

~~balances the empty tray against her sweetly curved hip...her eyes focus on the heavy cold room door...she inhales and focuses on the Hold Jarl's strong will and power to give her bravery to endure the cold...opens the door and enters the alternative temperature...focus and diligence in every step and breathe and extension in...hisses at the cold as it shan't keep her in out of the way of the foods...places a large block of bosk cheese...followed by tabuk and tarsk and bosk meat hunks...then organised large bunches of ta-grapes also on the platter...

~~ladens them...her skin creeps with cold...launches a desperate assault over the slave...steps out and with relief evident in her features room temperature starts to return her limbs to a normal afterglow from the cold room...turns her broad hip in and uses it to seal the door of the room of nightmarish temperatures...she grasps a long loaf of bread smiles as her mind always remains loyal to the needs and wills of the Free as a building block to work from always for her

~~walks slowly back to the kitchen with the platter...she stops at a large wooden chopping board with a chained knife close to it...places the ta-grapes...followed by cheeses and  bread then meats down upon it...smiles as the various luscious scents make her senses tremble...deep blue eyes focus without relent on each in turn...breathes slowly in and then starts with the bread she slices a few pieces butters them and toasts them on the fire the the meats

~~carefully slices them into generous but edible slivers...smiles as each in turn slice evenly...tucks her fingers in so as not to befall her limbs in anyway....continues till all the meat is sliced...follows closely with the bosk cheese next... smiles as she watches the knife move with care but also precision through the it become perfect and each piece perfect...she leaving these in whole  big pieces

~~presses back on her feet...she feels her station with every gives her happiness as she watches the cheese finish...arranges them next to the meats on the tray next...smiles as she de stalks the ta-grapes next...leaves them in small bunches and then places them to the tray smiles as she finally moves to the...slices them in halves and then removes the stones...carefully quarters them with the knife next...smiles once each is ready for eating and artistically arranges them next to the ta-grapes

~~smiles once complete with the taskthe tray arranged with the offerings...she also add a bottle of red wine and goblet and a sweet treat of jellied peach candy...lifts the heavy weighs down in the girls hands and she carries it back to the Main Hall and sets it to set on the Hold Jarl side table

~~opens the door as she balances it against her hip...walks inside and lays it on his table..smiles as she sinks to her knees that kiss on the Hold Jarls furs to the right of his seat with a contented smile now to have been of use in wishful thinking of being in need of more service her...back arches as palms of hands cup her knee caps..she deverts her blue eyes that twinkle as her head bows

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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