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stocking wood to fire/ collects dishes/washes dishes/big boy/somersault/dinner/bathe/tarsks

2/25/18-3/3/18  Little-feet-on-steps-happy-feet_orig 2/25/18-3/3/18  597924ce092aa292c132234b0d7443f3_orig
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~~her palm presses against the wooden eases open with a soft whoosh...bare feet dance lightly down the stairs to the Main Hall...she drops to her knees...fingers sifting thru the soft fur...leaning back as her slave belly flattens...her spine lengthens...ripe breasts lift as shoulders ease back...pure's chin eyes sweep the room the cast to the floor...palms come to rest on kissed thighs resting palms down...she can almost feel the Hold Jarl's  intense gaze upon her

~~sighing softly as she glances up and the Main Hall is still empty...she rises gracefully to dainty feet and strides to the large hearth...walking along till she reaches the wood pile...girl crouches down and fills her arms with logs...grunting softly as she stands...shhe throws several logs on the low embers...reaching up she opens the flute then watches as the flames begin to lick at bark...the flames climb high and roaring...pure closes the flute the logs spark and crackle being eaten by the starving flames
~~she brushes the chips and slivers of wood from her chest and belly...girl goes to the water vat and dips a cracked pitcher in...gasping as the cold water nips at her fingertips...she saunters back to the hearth...pour the water in the pot used to heat water for dishes...she then grabs a tray and strides to the dais...stepping up she gathers the used vessels...the tray full...she lifts it over her head then carefully steps down off the dais...skirting the sand pit...her firm thighs carry her quickly to the kitchen..lowering the tray...she lifts the vessels on to the counter

~~twirling blonde hair fans out around her as she weaves among the low tables gather all the vessels...lifting the tray overhead she returns once more to the kitchen...bringing the tray down she empties it onto the counter...taking a damp rep cloth she wipes the tray before dropping it into its' slot

~~she crouches down and fills her palm with soap flakes...rising up she drops the flakes into a pan...brushing her hands together to remove the residue...girl moves to the water vat and dips the old pitcher in...turning to pour the cold liquid into the pan...she moves to the hearth...grabbing a padded rep cloth..and lifts the pot off it's hook...she stumbles as the pot pulls on her right arm...taking a few staggering steps she lifts the pot higher...she pours the hot water into the pan...seeing the soap bubbles form...she moves to another pan and empties the steaming water into the pan...her soft voice hums as little tune as she sets the pot back on its' hook then hangs the padded rep cloth

~~she saunters back to the water vat fills the pitcher and pours it into the rinse pan...she fills the pan with soapy water with used vessels...chuckling to herself when big boy is present (the huge drinking horn)..she pushes the wash cloth deep into the recesses of big boy...twisting the cloth then she wipes the outside of the horn...she then places big boy into the rinse water...she washes a tankard...three footed bowl and dainty cup and places all in the rinse water

~~wiping the soap suds from her hands she dips them in the hot rinse water...gasping at the heat...she fingers the edge of the horn and lifts it up...emptying it and placing it on the drying rack...she rinses the other vessels then picks up a rep cloth and dries each of the vessels...with the horn in one hand and the tankard in the other she moves to the shelves...she reaches up with the tankard...her feet flexing as she reaches higher...revealing her firm buttocks...she grunts as the vessel is pushed pass the edge

~~she glances up at the higher shelf that hold the horns...her aqua eyes scan for the stool but it is nowhere to be found...she moves to the far side of the shelves...she runs four steps then leaps up...setting big boy in his place... gravity takes hold and her feet slam on the tile...her momentum carrying her...she tucks her head...and does a forward somersault...returning to her feet...she quickly flips her hair back...pure is very glad that no one is here to witness her display of her slave treasure

~~she turns to check on the lunch she is preparing for the Hold Jarl...knowing the time is about due she check on the bosk wellington that is in the oven ...taking a rep cloth and pulling it from the fire knowing it is done for it has a nice golden brown look...also she takes out the scalloped a tray she places the platter of wellington...scallops...along with a small bowl of gravy..then she dishes some beets and crumbles some verr cheese on them..also some of the snow peas with tark bits....getting utensils and a napkin

~~she goes to the cold room and get a nice cold treat and tops it with a few cherries for a sweet desert..the lifts the tray up and takes it to the Hold Jarl's side table so it will be ready when he arrives...she walks back over to the fire pit and stirs the mulled wine and ladles up a mug of the warm brew..knowing this will finish off the afternoon meal nicely...she places the mug beside the platter of food..then rushes off to bathe

~~she fills the tub with warm water bath salts and oil and soaks...the warmth eases the woes of the world away...knowing she is deep cleansing herself so she will be extra clean and smelling good for the Hold Jarl this evening...she takes her time drying herself and pampers with powder and perfume in just the right spots..she cleans the bathing area up and takes the towel to the laundry...then goes out in the yard and watches as the tarks eat their dinner being fed by the thralls

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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