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1st kiss

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[16:55] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[16:59] *pure1 girl rinses off and climbs out of the bath dries herself off well rinses the tub out then using a comb she combs out the tangles from her damp head...reaching for some lavender oil she dabs some behind her ears her shoulders neck behind her knees and on the folds of her arm rubbing in so she smells good...prancing to the laundry and placing the damp towel in the basket with the others making a note all need to be washed*

[17:02] *pure1 placing the soap and comb in the cabinet...turning on her toes she shimmies to the Main Hall to be of service hoping the Hold Jarl has returned from his busy morning*

[17:03] *Onak seeings the wench, I bark*

[17:04] Onak:  Blackwine and food bondmaid.

[17:05] *pure1 seeing him her belly does flip flops hearing his command she sweetly replies*

[17:05] pure1:  Yes Jarl blackwine and food...may she ask you would wish your blackwine Jarl?

[17:06] pure1:  girl means how would you like your blackwine Jarl??

[17:08] Onak:  Dark as the night when the clouds cover the Moons
[17:09] pure1:  yes Jarl Black as the midnight hour right away Jarl

[17:15] *pure1 stepping back turning around on her heels...lush curves unfold...sunny tresses whip amidst and flutter about her flesh hips swaying provocatively...she shrinks away to the kitchen pulls out a tray and sets it on the counter close succession she takes out a series of items placing them on the tray plate mug silver wear a seductive smile gracing her lips*

[17:16] *Onak cracks My neck, seeing pieces of her as she moves around the kitchen*

[17:21] *pure1 making sure he is watching...supple curves extend revealingly as she stretches arms out to the mug bringing it to her as she walks over to the fire carefully fills the cup from the kettle over the fire and sets it down on the tray...then the plate to be filled next with food...she carefully takes the plate to the fires as she did the mug and places upon it a slab of tarks ribs...sul salad and baked beans with a freshly made thick slice of bread*

[17:25] *pure1 carefully lifting the tray her blue eyes never leaving him as tender feet guide her past obstacles hard and soft to his right side...she places the tray to his side table she cleaned this morning...she sits on the arm of his chair shivers feeling his eyes upon her giving her unimaginable sensations that only a slave can know she carefully holds the mug to her cheek testing the temperature then holding the mug out to him she whispers*

[17:26] pure1:  your blackwine Jarl as dark as the night as you requested she prays it warms you as perhaps pure has warmed you with her sereve

[17:26] *pure1 she awaits him to grasp the mug from her hands to his in silence*

[17:27] *Onak using My lft hand I lean across and smack the mug from her hands after seeing her touch her cheek to it*

[17:28] *pure1 her head bows and she trembles as the mug flies past her to the floor*

[17:28] Onak:  Someone teach you that I can't check My Own temp? Hell it's like checking the vessel. It's stupid. If you don't already know the vessell is good I have bad slaves washing them.

[17:28] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:28] Onak:  If I can't feel and taste the heat, I'm stupid. Should you taste it to make sure it's not bad, that it tastes good? I don't think so

[17:28] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:30] pure1:  would you like a fresh mug of blackwine Jarl??

[17:30] *Onak ignoring the unpreferred salad, I grab a rib, tearing into it with a groan of pleasure as I swallow it in nearly one bite to eat another*

[17:30] *pure1 she awaits his command*

[17:30] Onak:  you cook these?

[17:31] pure1:  she did the Bread this morning Jarl the rest was already prepared before she started the bread Jarl

[17:32] *Onak chomps down on the rest of the ribs, flavored smokey as I like them*

[17:32] Onak:  Did you prepare them?

[17:32] pure1:  no Jarl girl did not

[17:33] *Onak shrugs broad shoulders, doesn't really matter, they are gone I use the thick bread to sop up the beans in pieces, nearly as good as the ribs as I talk between bites*

[17:34] Onak:  Well, minus salad, it's great. And I posted your first training lesson to the back of your door.

[17:34] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:35] Onak:  From now on, you kneel at My feet, until you learn how to make Me happy. you don't deserve to touch Me or sit upon My chair to tempt Me.

[17:36] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:38] *Onak reaches up with My lt hand to grab her hair, pulling her downards until she faces Me, My lips crushing hers, a taking of what I want without care, before I push her not hard off My chair*

[17:38] *pure1 she slowly slips from the arm of his chair kneeling with knees tightly kissed hamds resting downward on her thighs head bowed*

[17:40] Onak:  I think you did't quite just do that, but it works

[17:40] *Onak smirks evilly*

[17:40] *pure1 feeling his kiss that lies still upon her lips she answers*

[17:40] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:41] *Onak shakes My head with a chuckle*

[17:42] Onak:  Clean up the mess you caused, bondmaid. Then chain yourself in My Chambers. There is a 3ft chain at the side part of My bed just enough to have you lay on the floor like a slave should

​[17:43] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:43] Onak has signed off.

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Posts : 829
Join date : 2018-01-27
Age : 37
Location : Hunjer Isle

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PostSubject: Re: 2/11/18-2/17/18   2/11/18-2/17/18 EmptySun Feb 11, 2018 8:09 pm


does as commanded for the night

2/11/18-2/17/18 797948539_orig 2/11/18-2/17/18 629437688
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2/11/18-2/17/18 Shackled-feet-by-princeps76-d4kmu7w_orig

~~hearing his command she rises up and takes the tray now of dirty dishes..bending to pick the mug up from the floor with the napkin she wipes up the spill knowing that just will not do she will have to sweep and mop...walking to the kitchen she places the dishes in the wash basin....wipes the tray down placing it in bed to rest for the night...she checks the mug to make sure it did not chip or crack..her nimble finger run along the edge...thankfully finding the rim is not chipped...turning the mug around there are no cracks lips that have been kissed
upturn to a smile finding no harm came to the mug

~~she washes and dries the dishes.putting them to rest like the tray..where they belong....grasping up a rep cloth and the broom and dust pan she dances back into the Main Hall she wipes off the Holds Jarl table and wipes down the arms of his chair in case any crumbs have fallen...taking up broom and sweeping making sure the floor is clean as it was earlier...taken up the dirt into the dust the kitchen she goes and deposits the waste to the garbage...the broom and dustpan to the closet..the rep cloth tossed to the basket to be washed in the morning

~~filling a bucket with warm water and a tiny bit of soap flakes..she chooses the mop as her dance partner now and they move along the floor of the Main Hall divinely...pure making sure she mopped where the mug left it's contents...moving and mopping backwards now to the kitchen..leaving the floor to dry for the night....she dumps out the bucket wrings out the mop...wiped the bucket dry with a cloth then put them to bed...her thinking now she must clean herself up then do as Hold Jarl commanded..that she chain her self to lie on the floor near his bed

~~she quickly freshens up..then makes her way to the Hold Jarls Chambers...seeing the three foot chain with ankle cuff as he meantionedshe bends and sits on the floor near his bed...taking up the cuff and placing it around her left ankle snapping it shut...she leans to her right and lays down...the Hold Jarl's kiss still felt upon her lips...her tiny hand touches her she smiles...then she shuts her blue eyes and falls fast asleep...dreaming about how she can better herself for him
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