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PostSubject: Anniversary   Anniversary EmptySun Jan 13, 2019 2:54 pm

In case I am not here tomorrow, know I did this

*taking into account that many Free Men enjoy, and even celebrate their slave's anniversary with them, I pause in My cutting of wood to instead turn and stride down the long road, nothing but time for once as I let Myself wonder*

*the market still afresh and going strong, I pause, unused to the wants of a female, even a slave. Light green eyes scan each stall, figuring I'll know what I want when I see it. Ignoring many calls of this and that from the stall owners, I set My face into determination*

*the stall of kajira silks, and yet to a point could be those of a bondmaid cause Me to pause, as we are about to pack for Port Kar...overwhelmed at the idea of going through all the different ones, I shake My head, turning around to face the walkway once more, smirking as I see bustling slave cleaning up and around*

If you've no personal Owner, and are merely a working slave, I have need of you slavegirl.

*a sigh of relief as she runs to Me, a waif of a girl but a help she will be as I explain to her the colors and style I am looking for*

*watching her dash through the clothes like she being chased by a rabid vulo I chuckle, nodding to her when I approve of one she finds..bargaining with the stall merchant, we agree upon the price and the silks are slipped into a bag*

Before you disappear, a trinket I will buy for you if you further assist Me.

*shakes My head, all slaves wishing something, as I stride down aways, letting her lead Me to what she insists are the best ones for what I want*

*the next stall, of perfume and jewelry I actually enter, and though I look around Myself, I tell the wench to go find some gaze scanning the perfumes, I pause at one, the one I want as it's a scent I know I will love on My slave, calloused hands grasping it as the wench comes back with what appears to be a million trinkets*

*quickly I spot 2 anklets and 2 necklaces that indeed will soon adorn My slave. scanning through the others I pick out a 3rd anklet, this one for the slavegirl that assisted and am about to tell her to return the rest, when one fixes My's a set, celtic knots and a fire red of passion in color and I know this one is special and meant for her*

*Not even bargaining, I give the merchant their asking prices, and give the slavegirl her anklet for the help before I stride off, making quick work to stride home, now hot and sweaty and reminding Myself to have a slavegirl go do this for Me next year*

*knowing My Own limits, I have a thrall grab Me blackwine, as I watch a kitchen slave wrap the gifts, two wrapped in shiny, almost like it's see through though it's not, wrapping papers...those 2, are the biggest to Me, the celtic jewelry and thee silks of blue and dark red*

*draining My blackwine, I go about the day as normal, waiting until the moons have risen, waiting and knowing My slave girl still sleeps. Quite strides carry Me to before her kennel, as I set down the gifts, watching her a moment before I stride out, mission accomplished*

I know it's tomorrow but it's our 1 year anniversary. Didn't want to miss it just in case.
Click for full sized pics.

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PostSubject: Re: Anniversary   Anniversary EmptyMon Jan 14, 2019 6:57 pm


Anniversary Gift_boxes

~~ebediyet awakens to the sound of the door closing sitting up she sees a few packages in the doorway she unshackles her ankle arising reaches for her grey kirtle slipping her tiny feet into the ankle high boots shimmies the garmet to adjust the slits and her tits just right she ties the belt around...fluffs her hair and pinches her cheeks...she makes her way to the door passage

~~crouching down she picks them up and wonders what are in them...she walks with them to the Main Hall to where she sets them down by the window seat and quickly goes to the herath to adorn a fire in its place to take the chill from the room...goes to the kitchen area to start a pot of blackwine
but see someone beat her to it looking about seeing her Jarl special mug is missing..nodding her head knows he has been served his morning drink

~~quickly she get a bowl of the gruel and a heel of bread and a small cup of bosk milk and eats her mind wondering what are in the packages...enjoying for once the breakfast she served herself..then quickly cleans up her mess washes her hands dries them then glides herself back into the Main Hall
to the window seat to which she enjoys sitting at

~~she takes the small package and opens it...a bottle of perfume in a beautiful bottle is unveiled in her small hands...she takes a whiff...and what a lovely smell it is of lavendar and vanilla...sets it to the side and opens another package to which contains some silks of blue black and red that are lovely but why silks?? she thinks...oO(why silks?) then remember we will be moving soon to Port Kar and a kirtle will not do there knows her Jarl would only wish a sweaty girl when he is using her knowing she is working hard to please him in the furs

~~another package she opens sees that contains a fire red celtic knot anklet...remembering he told her her color is red...she looks around at all of the gifts feeling special that he thought of her on their Anniversary...her smile turn to a frown knowing she has nothing to offer him...she thinks as she cleans up the paper from the packages and tosses them into the fireplace...her gifts she takes to her kennel and places them upon her dresser...she dabs a little bit of perfume on her neck and quickly undresses and puts the red silks on...them feeling a bit weird at first...takes her boots off and picks up the anklet..then looks for her Jarl as she pitter patters down the Hall barefooted

~~she check the Library he is not there he is not in his chambers...but she finds him in his office going over his books drinking from his mug which she can only
think is blackwine for that his his drink of choice...she carefully waners over to him as he is bent over looking over the figures...on his right she finds herself she lifts her right foot places it on his right thigh...then hold out the fire red celtic knot anklet and sings to his ears requesting

Anniversary 1378867805pizapw1547573754

~~"my Jarl..can you help your girl with this?"...she smiles from ear to ear as he looks to her...he smells the Lavender with the hint of Vanillathe scent he purchased and it smells just as he wished it would on her...he settles back into his chair and admires her in the silks he purchased for her...."my Jarl your girl thanks you for the gifts...she is overwhelmed that you took the time out of your busy day thinking of her...Happy Anniversary my Jarl...but my Jarl your girl has nothing to give you that you do not already own...just know my Jarl she will see to it that you will be pleased with what you already own"...with that she leans to him as they kiss..."ebediyet your eternity  a gift you already possess"

Anniversary Giphy

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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