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 1/6/19 in the home

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1/6/19 in the home Empty
PostSubject: 1/6/19 in the home   1/6/19 in the home EmptySun Jan 06, 2019 6:08 pm

posted by ebediyetO

1/6/19 in the home B0b2a610

[17:43] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[17:49] *ebediyetO coming out of the Main Hall into the kitchen almost dancing like happy to know her Jarl is back from his trip as she looks up...stopping in her tracks as she spies him as handsome as he is in her dreams leaning on the counter...her steps hurry her to his right side her hands lift her to her tip toes as she presses her body against his right side and places a kiss to his cheek then says and she goes flat footed*
[17:50] ebediyetO: my Jarl your home your girl has missed you
[17:53] ebediyetO: are you hungry my Jarl may your girl get you a bite to eat or perhaps a warm drink to settle your evening?
[17:54] *Onak chuckles, seeing her kinda startle, leaning down to kiss the crown of her head before speaking*
[17:54] *ebediyetO she runs her hand along his back and his right biceps*
[17:54] Onak: Blackwine. Then, I will watch you cook for Me
[17:54] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl blackwine...
[17:59] *ebediyetO steps up again on tip toes leaving a butterfly kiss to his cheek again before she turns on those toes around and wiggle her pretty ass to the cupboard to pluck a mug from the shelf..then shimmies to the hearth grabbing the ladle to dip into the blackwine pot and fills his mug full...hanging the ladle up on its hook carefully holds the mug in both palms as she nears him slowly on his right she offer out the brew singing to him*
[17:59] ebediyetO: your blackwine my Jarl may it warm you as it has warmed her heart that you are home
[18:00] *Onak takes it and says simply*
[18:00] *ebediyetO she takes in his handsome face one that she longed to see ever since the last they saw one another*
[18:00] Onak: A salad, with grilled vulo.
[18:01] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl a salad with grilled vulo...she will be happy to get that for you my Jarl
[18:04] *ebediyetO she turns thinking of what she will be needing...careful steps take her to the cold room where she gathers katch red fruit...carrots purple cabbage and a boiled egg and some chopped vulo...exits setting all to the counter...looks to him and smiles lovingly*
[18:06] *Onak takes a swig of the blackwine, boots crossed as I watch from My viewpoint, elbows resting upon the counter I lean against*
[18:06] *ebediyetO gliding to the shelf she takes down a bowl then grabs a skillet...she places the bowl to the counter then places the skillet on the counter and she adds some butter from the butter dish beside the cooking fires...she adds the vulo to the skillet...hearing the sizzle...meanwhile she takes to the counter...and tears the katch in bite side pieces*
[18:08] *ebediyetO places the katch in the bowl...she stirs the vulo in the skillet while it cooks...then chops some carrots ad slices the red she adds them to the bowl with that katch...she leans her head to the side seeing that her Jarl is watching her every move and a smile appears*
[18:09] Onak: Tell Me of your day wench
[18:09] *ebediyetO to the skillet she tosses the vulo around a little more then removes it from the flame and adds the cooked vulo to the bowl...hearing her Jarl speak she sings*
[18:11] ebediyetO: alright my Jarl...rested most of the day for your girl is getting over being sick but not sick enough to be bound to bed...she drew some just lounging and watched the thrall out the window do their chores
[18:12] *ebediyetO she peels the boiled egg and cuts the egg in to little coins placing them around the bowl to decorate it...then she sheds some purple cabbage to add color...a little salt and pepper...then goes to the pantry to get the oil and a tospit....returning to the counter and speak as she works*
[18:12] *Onak watches, listening as the smells fill the air*
[18:13] *ebediyetO then nancy wanted your girl to braid her hair so girl helped her adding some little orange bows to the ends to match her kirtle*
[18:15] *ebediyetO in a small bowl she adds some oil..then rolls the tospit on the counter to make sure she gets a lot of juice from it and cuts it and squeezes the juice from it into the bowl with the oil...adds salt and pepper then whisks it real good*
[18:15] ebediyetO: her Jarl thought she was beautiful as did your girl....
[18:15] Onak: Is another essay in order?
[18:16] ebediyetO: no my Jarl she is sorry please forgive her
[18:18] *ebediyetO she pours the tospit oil over the salad she made...placing the bowl in the sink to wash later gathering a fork and a napkin lifting the salad and she slanders up to her Jarl to his right with a smile to light up the night offering it out with the napkin on the bottom of the bowl and the fork on top and announces*
[18:18] Onak: I disagree. I am thinking however, instead of as last time, since it didn't work.
[18:18] ebediyetO: your salad with grilled vuloi my Jarl may it fill your hunger need...shall she feed you my Jarl??
[18:19] *ebediyetO she bows her head as he speaks to her*
[18:19] *Onak takes the bowel in My rt hand, the mug in My lft as I stride towards the Main Hall, sitting upon the bench as I continue*
[18:20] Onak: Should not a slave, for even the slightest misstep beg for forgiveness? Yet you, say sorry, forgive you...and you go back to cooking. Is that the behavior of a slave?
[18:20] *ebediyetO her hands fall beside her and she follows him into the Main Hall as he continues to speak stopping on his right side standing as a slave should stand tall and beautiful*
[18:21] ebediyetO: no my Jarl it is not my Jarl please my Jarl forgive her
[18:21] *ebediyetO with saying that she falls on her knees her head down and her arms reached out to him*
[18:21] *Onak sets My stuff down, taking the fork to eat a mouthful of the salad, enjoying the taste quite well*
[18:23] *ebediyetO she stays quite while he eats and speaks to her*
[18:23] Onak: That would have been sufficient. If I wouldn't have been the one to remind you of your duties as a slave
[18:23] *ebediyetO she speaks silently*
[18:23] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[18:24] *Onak takes another bite, not once looking to her on the ground as I swap between bites to take a swig from My mug*
[18:25] Onak: However, since you do seem to enjoy your actions, so much so that you will speak in them...I have decided the punishment
[18:25] *Onak finishes the salad, and nodding as though I don't often wish salad this was fantastic*
[18:25] *ebediyetO her tears wet his boots...she wipe them dries with her hair....hears him speak then softly says*
[18:25] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[18:27] Onak: I think it only fitting, that you be unable to speak. And yet remind you that you are lower than even a thrall
[18:28] *ebediyetO she nods her head up and down*
[18:29] *ebediyetO she places her hands together and shakes them up and down thanking him*
[18:29] *Onak bellowing for a thrall I speak quickly as he arrives*
[18:29] Onak: I need your sock, as I assume it's a long wool one with this weather
[18:30] *Onak waves him around with a broad hand, the sock still warm from the thralls foot as I lean down, shoving it into her mouth and tying it behind her head*
[18:32] Onak: For 3 nights, except to get a drink of water, you will leave this in your mouth. Just water. Drink as often as you wish. Either way, speaking in action will stop. And you will be reminded not to forget what you are.
[18:32] *ebediyetO she nods her head to his command to let him know she understands*
[18:34] *ebediyetO the sock smelly and stinky...she thinks..oO(man you could of least changed your socks dude) 3 days she will have to endure this understanding her Jarl does this cause he wants the best out of her*
[18:36] Onak: Good. Now nadu as normal wench
[18:36] *ebediyetO she nods yes*
[18:36] *Onak takes a swig of blackwing, finishing it as I chuckles*
[18:38] *ebediyetO she lifts up to her knees that spread widely for his pleasure back arches as her ample breasts perk up and out soft hands lay upward in offering as her long blonde hair pours down her back to her heart shaped ass...eyes affixed upon him*
[18:41] Onak: Good
[18:44] *ebediyetO smiles the best she can with the stinky smelly sock tied around her mouth and head*
[18:44] Onak: Is there a message from Me in your journal
[18:44] *ebediyetO she nods*
[18:44] Onak: It shows it? Topic troubled mind?
[18:45] Onak: It doesn't for My side.
[18:46] *ebediyetO ???? closes eyes trying to let him know she does not see it*
[18:47] Onak: Fuck
[18:47] Onak: The one time....
[18:47] Onak: I don't remember it all, nor do I have the time, as I am about to go. However the gist of it was....
[18:48] *ebediyetO listens*
[18:49] Onak: With Me pretty well never speaking on this, I do now. With My mind on troubles today, and coming online to see you I analyzed. Every movement, every word,'s all toward Me. All of it.
[18:50] *ebediyetO nods*
[18:50] Onak: It literally, all given by you. you back it up, because it's who you are. I've always known you were slave don't get Me wrong. But today I seen a another layer that has been there all along.
[18:51] Onak: you know I Own you, and that it's up to Me to teach you, punish you, keep sell or slay you. But you deeply give everything.
[18:52] *ebediyetO nods not truly understanding what layer he sees*
[18:52] Onak: Noticing it quite like that, isn't something I've done. I've known you were slave obviously and loyal. But noticing every...step, move of your fingers, to write or cook or whatever, all of that is done with Me in mind
[18:53] *ebediyetO nods*
[18:53] Onak: you're just...slave. you don't argue or whine or say I'm unfair or any of it...
[18:54] *ebediyetO hands go up like what???? shaking head from side to side*
[18:55] Onak: Today, analyzing to figure out My head for reasons that weren't you...strengthened My Ownership over you. Already a strong bond, this kinda just cemented it more. Like looking at a picture you see, then realize you didn't quite see it all
[18:56] Onak: Either or. My point is that I felt more your Owner than I did yesterday, seeing worth in you previously missed. However, note My feelings will never cause Me to hesitate to do whatever is needed.
[18:56] Onak: If anything, I will rule you yet more with an iron fist than before.
[18:56] *ebediyetO eyes light up brighter..then nods understanding..then sighs with relief*
[18:57] *Onak stands, having said My piece as it didn't post..and strides out*
[18:57] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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1/6/19 in the home
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