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 punishment over

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PostSubject: punishment over   punishment over EmptySun Dec 23, 2018 2:09 pm

posted by ebediyetO

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[14:29] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[14:31] *ignorantO haven scrubbed the hall ways since being on hands and knees the task was at hand when returning the bucket and scrub brush nancy told ignorant that the Hold Jarl was in the Main Hall...his girl thinking he may like a cup of blackwine asks nancy if she would ladle up a mug full black as night and hot as summer...she agreed to do so <C>*
[14:33] *ignorantO his girl asked nancy to place the mug in front of her on the floor...then thanked her and ignorant pushed forward the mug full of  blackwine and wiggle her pretty little ass behind it...pushed the mug some more and wobbled and wiggled behind it while on all fours...till she reached the boots of her Jarl a little to the right <C> *
[14:34] *ignorantO she looks up to here Jarl with a loving twinkle in her blue eys and a smile across her angelic face and whispers a soft melody to his ears*
[14:35] ignorantO:  my Jarl your girl has brought you some blackwine she prays it will keep you alert so you can keep the Hold running smoothly
[14:36] *ignorantO then she pushes the mug closer to him in offering and awaits in silence*
[14:36] *Onak chuckles, and leans down grabbing the mug from the floor*
[14:36] Onak:  Creative.
[14:37] *ignorantO smiles*
[14:37] ignorantO:  she thought so as well my Jarl did not want to burn your property any with the brw
[14:37] ignorantO:  brew*
[14:38] Onak:  Very true. And has My property learned anything?
[14:40] ignorantO:  yes my Jarl she has...learned to always give her all even when she is not really meaning not to...your floor in the hall sure is clean
[14:41] *ignorantO she wiggles her bottom just a little just to make him smile perhaps*
[14:44] *Onak shakes My head*
[14:44] Onak:  I may keep you in this position simply because it's hot
[14:44] ignorantO:  yes my Jarl
[14:45] *ignorantO then shakes her head letting her long hair fly as some was in her eyes*
[14:47] Onak:  A beast at your core.
[14:47] *Onak takes a swig of blackwine enjoying the burn*
[14:47] Onak:  Lap, bitch
[14:48] *ignorantO crawls up a little closer and rubs her left cheek on his right shin...hears his command smiles and crawls up his leg to sit in his lap curling her legs to the side of her saying*
[14:48] ignorantO:  yes my Jarl
[14:50] *Onak wraps a broad arm around her her waist, My lft hand lifting the mug to swig from*
[14:50] Onak:  Tell Me of your day, wench
[14:51] ignorantO:  yes my Jarl (here in Hunjer or in r/l)
[14:52] Onak:  Either
[14:52] ignorantO:  thank you my Jarl
[14:53] Onak:  I don't want to get too far into rp so I don't have to leave without finishing it
[14:55] ignorantO:  in r/l went to exchange some pj bottoms and 2 shirts that were small needed medium that your girls daughter bought the grandson...then picked up bananas eggs drinks bologna bread and fur baby Hunjer woke up nancy she got your girl a bowl of gruel then girl decided to clean the Hall way since she was down there already on the floor
[14:57] ignorantO:  now sitting talking with you my Jarl as you enjoy your blackwine and your girls tush sitting on your lap
[14:57] Onak:  I nice ass at that
[14:57] *ignorantO blushes as he speaks and wiggles*
[14:58] *Onak takes another swig draining it before speaking*
[14:59] Onak:  you are released from your punishment.
[15:00] *Onak setting the mug down I just enjoy the moment for a bit, being able to do so with a slave, My slave, fairly important as well*
[15:01] *ignorantO hugs your neck and gives you butter fly kisses all over saying in between the smooches*
[15:02] ignorantO:  thank you my Jarl thanks you...does this mean your girl can be your eternity again also??
[15:03] Onak:  Indeed.
[15:03] ignorantO:  thank you my Jarl

[15:05] ebediyetO: my Jarl this is much better
[15:05] Onak: Indeed
[15:07] ebediyetO: so any plans on us moving or you going into the building business?
[15:08] ebediyetO: my Jarl
[15:10] Onak: I been speaking with some. I believe it will be moving. But I am in no rush for the moment at least.
[15:13] ebediyetO: well your girl has things packed that we will need immediately as you asked her to do your girl will do as you wish for her to do and can wait till your ready to make the move however long that will be my Jarl
[15:13] *ebediyetO runs her fingers across his big broad chest as she speaks feeling his heart thumps as the converse*
[15:16] Onak: Of course you will
[15:16] *Onak chuckles, My thumb idling caressing her side *
[15:17] Onak: In but a few hands, it will be a year.
[15:19] ebediyetO: yes...yes indeed my Jarl can you believe it...your girl came in as a innocent pure girl and now is your personal bond and you make her as hot as you wish for her to be
[15:20] Onak: you've learned much, and given yourself to slavery to Me. I am well pleased
[15:21] ebediyetO: glad she had a man such as you are to guide her and one she is wanting to please you will have her submission as long as you want it my Jarl
[15:22] Onak: submission My ass
[15:22] *Onak smirks*
[15:23] ebediyetO: whattttt my Jarl
[15:24] ebediyetO: you have all i got to offer
[15:24] Onak: slavery lmao
[15:24] ebediyetO: so your girl is funny now my Jarl?
[15:25] Onak: Indeed.
[15:25] *Onak chuckles*
[15:25] Onak: Ok, she's up. I will prob not be back on tonight but will be on tomorrow
[15:25] Onak: Think of Me.
[15:25] ebediyetO: always my Jarl
[15:26] *Onak kisses the top of her head and lifts her to set her down*
[15:26] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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punishment over
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