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 ebediyetO being ignorant

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PostSubject: ebediyetO being ignorant   ebediyetO being ignorant EmptySat Dec 22, 2018 11:33 am

posted by ignorantO

ebediyetO being ignorant S-l300

[11:18] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[11:19] *Onak stands near the fires, soaked with sweat from splitting wood though the temp outside is beyond bone chilling*
[11:21] *ebediyetO having heard the heavy boot fall of her Jarl enter the Main Hall as she was finishing up placing some flowers on the tables...turning with the grace of a dancer her eyes light up seeing him near the mantle although dirty and wet...<C>*
[11:23] *ebediyetO quickly she reaches the fireplace and bends plucking up a hospitality bowl and a couple of rep cloths she hangs on her forearm then approaches him eyes sparkle like diamonds as she looks to him with love in her heart and sings to him*
[11:24] ebediyetO: Welcome back in my Jarl some water to refresh your self?
[11:24] *ebediyetO she holds out the bowl and awaits to see if he is wanting..heart fluttering being so near to him*
[11:27] *Onak turns, My gaze blank as speak*
[11:27] Onak: Hair, wench
[11:27] *ebediyetO yes my Jarl*
[11:29] Onak: Dont' speak in action. Perhaps writing those words 700 times will help
[11:30] *ebediyetO she bends to place the bowl down to her left along with the rep cloths... then she steps closer to his right side but back just a step and bends at the waist legs straight as her long hair cascades over her head and falls in front of her her hands link behind her back...and speaks softly *
[11:30] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[11:30] *ebediyetO she is ready in the hair position *
[11:30] *Onak shakes My head*
[11:30] Onak: With the bowl
[11:31] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[11:31] *ebediyetO she bends a bit further down and picks up the bowl offering it out while still in the position he commanded*
[11:33] *Onak not sure exactly how she will hold it, nor do I care, I reach down, a fist of blonde hair in My rt hand as I stride to My chair, releasing only a step away so that I can turn to sit*
[11:35] *ebediyetO keeping the bowl as steady as she can in her hands as he strides to his chair holding tightly on her long blonde locks leading her as she is still bent over when he stops the bowl offered to him once again*
[11:36] *Onak reaching only for a rep cloth, I wipe the dirt and sweat from My face and arms*
[11:39] Onak: you will do My boots, after you fetch blackwine. I believe on all fours will be interesting.
[11:40] ebediyetO: a smile crosses her lips as she looks to the floor knowing he has all control over her and will do with her as he pleases...his girl wss in need of such a man so she could be free to be her self...she hears his command and answers him with a gleeful sound
[11:40] ebediyetO: yes My Jarl
[11:42] *ebediyetO she places the bowl of warm water to the floor beside his seat on the right along with the other rep cloth...then stands to her full height looks to him smiles then turns and sashays to the kitchen area..s where she plucks a mug from the shelves then travels to the hearth to ladles the mug full of the warm brew to awaken her Jarls senses...turns to face him stalls for a moment just to look at the man that owns her*
[11:43] *Onak watches silently as the beast blatantly disobeys orders*
[11:45] *ebediyetO then slowly she takes careful foot falls up to his seat on his right side she stops leans to her left to balance on the arm of his chair as she faces him remembers she has done wrong and quickly drops to her knees then starts again*
[11:46] *Onak before she can movek I grasp a handful of hair, yanking her to stay on her knees*
Unknown '/' command, type '/HELP' for list.
[11:47] *ebediyetO she still holding the mug of blackwine is stopped in mid action*
[11:49] *Onak fueled by anger at the obviousness of her not listening, I use My rht hand with her tresses to yank her harshly, My biceps bulging with the force of pulling her to the floor before Me, a swift motion as I stand, My lft boot kicking her back forward before placing it upon her neck*
[11:52] *ebediyetO the mug of black wine tossed to the floor as she is yanked by force to be on all fours...the strength from his boot holding her hard against the floor...she shutters with fear knowing he could easily break her neck if he so wished..she stays silent but scared*
[11:53] *Onak leaving pressure upon her neck I speak with a growl*
[11:54] Onak: I have slain slaves for less. you were obviously not giving your 100% to Me, or you would have heard My sentence.
[11:54] *ebediyetO she listens to his growls then utters out *
[11:55] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl...please she will do better she promises
[11:55] Onak: you forget your place.
[11:55] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[11:56] Onak: you are like a stupid bosk that just shit in My Hall.
[11:56] *ebediyetO she hangs her head and speaks out*
[11:56] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[11:57] Onak: Well, actually you are worse then that. Because when I would have slain the bosk, it offers meat.
[11:57] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[11:58] Onak: Name one reason, why the hell I should consider not spilling your blood? you are to listen, to give, to do, to speak, in total defferance to Me. Not you, you are nothing. But to Me.
[12:00] ebediyetO: because my Jarl as you say your girl is nothing but to you so she must be something you desire
[12:01] Onak: I would enjoy the bosk too, until he shit in My hall. slaves are a dime a dozen
[12:02] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[12:03] Onak: So you have nothing?
[12:03] ebediyetO: girl is nothing my Jarl as you said but to you
[12:04] Onak: you could be nothing to another just as easy.. What do you offer Me in return for a mere punishment vs death
[12:05] ebediyetO: your girl only has herself to offer you my Jarl with total obedience for you
[12:05] ebediyetO: her slavery her submission my Jarl
[12:07] ebediyetO: Absolute obedience my Jarl
[12:08] Onak: you failed today, you displeased Me. Perhaps being on all fours for the next hand will remind you that you are indeed an animal, as is a bosk, and listening to the One who Owns you, trains you and keeps you alive much less all the good stuff, you should make damn sure to listen to
[12:09] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[12:17] Onak: ignorantO ....simply because I expect more of you, I will force more out of you, and you quite ignorant to not put 100% to listening
[12:18] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[12:21] *Onak removes My boot and sits down once more*
[12:22] Onak: So, 700 sentences on don't speak in action. A hand in crawl position, you may be on hands instead of forearms.
[12:23] ebediyetO: yes my Jarl
[12:24] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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ebediyetO being ignorant
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