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 Onak takes what he wishes

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Onak takes what he wishes Empty
PostSubject: Onak takes what he wishes   Onak takes what he wishes EmptyWed Nov 21, 2018 10:43 pm

posted by ebediyetO

Onak takes what he wishes Kneeli10

[22:24] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[22:30] *ebediyetO with a little more pep in her step her new collar displayed perfectly on her swan like neck a smile upon her cherry stained lips red the color her Jarl said was hers...slinking up to her Jarl on his right who is standing by the warm fires...stops stands like a slave should and sings softly*
[22:30] ebediyetO:  Tal my Jarl may your girl get you your drink?
[22:31] *ebediyetO then licks his ear as she presses up to his right side*
[22:31] *Onak smiles, the steel fitting her as it should as I turn, My hands suddenly in her hair, a tight embrace as I force her to her knees*
[22:31] Onak:  How about, something else
[22:34] *ebediyetO as his hands guide her down to her knees and she adjust her kneel to her long legs spreading widely laying the soft back of her hands to her velvety soft thighs spine as a hunter arrow and she replies*
[22:34] ebediyetO:  yes My Jarl
[22:37] *Onak leaves My hands tangled in her hair, knowing beneath My leathers My cock twinges already*
[22:40] *ebediyetO she lifts her hands to caress his package that is already coming to life...she runs the length of his shaft up and down with her palm...licking her lips..she runs her fingers to his waist and playfully tugs them down to his pelvic and with her teeth she pulls the sting and looses it so then she can pull down his pants to his knees...her head flows forward and she places butterfly kisses to his stomach trailing to his shaft*
[22:42] *Onak stands, letting her do as a bitch should and please the Free Man, for the moment My hands just a hold*
[22:46] *ebediyetO darts out her toung to taunt his shaft as she licks up an down his length,,,soft little mews escape her throat...she looks up with her blue eye up at the man that owns her to whom she is pleasuring...she engulfs the head of his dick between her cherry lips only the head she pops in and out her hot mouth*
[22:47] *Onak groans, because for a fw slave damn she's got talent, and waits until she takes it back in before using her hair to shove her all the way,, holding her there*
[22:51] *ebediyetO his hands forces her to take in all his shaft for a moment she tries to gasp but her breath is cut off as her hold her tp the hilt of his shaft..her body gets closer as she moves about on her knees struggling to breath*
[22:52] *Onak waits, for that right moment feeling her throat tighten and gag before I release her*
[22:54] *ebediyetO being gagged with his cock...she sucks in a big breath as he pulls her off hi cock and she fights to feed upon his hot big cock once again*
[22:59] *Onak growls, guttural, having seen many beautiful slave girls in My travels, and shoves her back down, My hands tight in her hair as I thrust My hips fucking her face, a hole in which I use My property*
[23:04] *ebediyetO her inner fires burn as he takes what he wants something she has had a hunger for ever since the first time he de-flowered her never knowing it would be so soul satisfaction him face fucking her only makes her fires ignite to the make she hums and groans with each stoke he take..spittle running down out her mouth over her chin..she is his to do with as he wishes and she willingly submits to him*
[23:07] *Onak takes her, pounding without mercy, My gaze sliding down, watching her mouth fueling Me on as I fuck her, again and again, My cock swelling, as I use My hands, to make her mouth meet every thrust a growl erupting as I pull her away just in time, the warmth of My cum spilling over her face*
[23:09] *ebediyetO his hot jism splashing her face and she takes her fingers to not waste a drop her body shakes as with his spillage on her face  she knows she has pleased him and when he is pleased she is also...licking each of her fingers as she looks up to him letting him know just how much she enjoys the treasures he gives her*
[23:12] *Onak takes My semi limp cock pressing it to her smeared red lips*
[23:12] Onak:  Clean it, and then get ready to sleep at the foot of My bed
[23:13] *ebediyetO she kisses then lick his coack clean..then states*
[23:13] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl
[23:13] *Onak releases her hair, tussling it before I retie My leathers*
[23:13] Onak:  Today you have pleased Me, whore of Mine.
[23:13] *ebediyetO she smiles*
[23:14] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl
[23:14] *Onak smirks and decides instead to lift her up, tossing over a broad shoulder as I take us to My chambers, just in case the need once more to take her arises*
[23:15] Onak has left the room.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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Onak takes what he wishes
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