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 Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel

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Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel Empty
PostSubject: Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel   Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel EmptySat Nov 17, 2018 9:20 pm

recorded by ebediyetO

Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel 82b07110Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel Pizap_15
Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel 13788613

[21:57] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[22:02] *ebediyetO hearing my Jarl stating he wishes his mead girl stops fanning the fire after just put fresh logs on it and she turns and sashays across the room to the kitchen area... the fire building  in her belly for being able to serve such a man as her Jarl...and her hips ring side to side...enters the kitchen and washes her hands looking to the shelves for the perfect mug *
[22:05] *ebediyetO while drying her hands she spies the mug befitting for a strong man...she plucks it from the shelf and slips over to the pot of honey mead and ladles the mug full...turning slowy around not to disturb the liquid inside the mug taking careful steps back to his seat reaching over his right shoulder she places the vessel down before him...then quickly waltzes over to the wall where he keeps his whips*
[22:10] *ebediyetO reaches for it then folds the handle with the whip and places it in her mouth...crouching down to her knees and falling frontward on her hands...palms to floor her knees moving with each arm movement to crawl to his feet...avoiding the chairs and tables...she is in front of him off to the right and stops...awaits for him to take the whip *
[22:10] *Onak takes My mug, a steaming drink on a cold day eyes the small rod only a small part into the flames of the fires as I watch the smoothness of the slavegirl who worked long to earn My steel*
[22:12] *Onak lets her remain there to taste the leather of it, as I drink My mead, My face blank as I merely watch her*
[22:13] *ebediyetO rises her blue eyes to him and tilts her head to the right thinking...oO(how handsome he is)*
[22:17] *Onak takes another swig, then leans down and over My side, taking the whip*
[22:18] *ebediyetO as he takes the whip from her mouth...she smiles up to him*
[10:56p] Onak takes another swig of mead, setting it to My lft before reaching over, taking the whip  lifting it to just slide over her back
[10:57p] ~ebediyetO~ as she feels the whip leave her mouth and outlines her spine as he toys with his girl...she shivers some then sings to his ears
[14:17] *ebediyetO as he takes the whip from her mouth and feels the strands caress her spine she shivers and states*
[14:17] ebediyetO:  your mead and your whip my Jarl may the mead warm your insides and the whip mark your pleasures
[14:18] *ebediyetO she stands on all fours looking up with her baby blues eyes to him*
[14:19] *Onak smirks, taking it enjoying the warmth of the thick drink, swapping to use My rt hand to glide the whip over her flesh*
[14:19] Onak:  Strip, beast
[14:20] *ebediyetO she states with a soft tone*
[14:20] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl
[14:21] *Onak watches, cool green eyes knowing the beauty of her flesh as I drain half My mug*
[14:24] *ebediyetO pushes up to her knees then stands slowly...the grey kirtle he gifted her she unties the belt and lets it fall to her left...then reaches down and pulls the garment slowly up her frame revealing little and little of the flesh he owns...lifting it up and over head and slowly letting it fall to mate with the belt...she stands beautifully left foot our front hands with soft palms showing..head of golden lock that illuminate her frame holds high *
[14:26] *Onak smiles, a beauty to behold, but a slave all the I speak*
[14:26] Onak:  Kneel to the whip
[14:27] *ebediyetO she softly announces... yes My Jarl*
[14:28] Onak:  No. Never speak in action
[14:29] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl sorry my Jarl
[14:29] *Onak growls*
[14:32] *ebediyetO she obeyed...she slowly melted to a kneel...she put her head down and underneath her body crossing her though bound...her back was bowed...ready for punishment he might see fit to administer to her*
[14:35] Onak:  What are you?
[14:36] *Onak stands from My bench, draining My horn, as I flick the whip, a sting caress upon her flesh*
[14:37] *ebediyetO she flinches from the sting...and says a bit louder than usual*
[14:37] ebediyetO:  she is your slave my Jarl
[14:37] Onak:  And what are your duties, slave girl?
[14:37] *ebediyetO she says with delight*
[14:38] *Onak flicks the whip again, a bit more of a movement to send it just a bit harder, the welps bright against her back*
[14:40] *ebediyetO feels yet another sting of his whip..tears well up she states*
[14:40] ebediyetO:  absolute obedience my Jarl
[14:41] Onak:  Why do you belong to Me?
[14:41] *ebediyetO she produces a smile as she says*
[14:42] ebediyetO:  because you want to my Jarl
[14:42] *Onak leans back, lifting My lft hand, the 6 pieces of leather flying down to her lower back*
[14:43] *ebediyetO the lower part of her spine feel the abuse given as the strings of the leather hits she yelps out*
[14:43] ebediyetO:  utt
[14:44] *Onak repeats the process not once, but 3 times, each time harsher until the last 2 bring a flash of blood, not enough to scar what is Mine, but enough to remind her of her slavery*
[14:44] Onak:  you are slave. you live, because I allow it. you are nothing but property, but you are MY property.
[14:45] Onak:  Please Me, and you'll find an easier lot, anger Me and you'll wish you were slain
[14:46] *ebediyetO each lash of the whip stings more and more as it marks her back with his desire of control over her which she willing submits to she yelps out then says*
[14:46] ebediyetO:  utt yes my Jarl
[14:47] *Onak sets the whip to the table, using My lft hand to lean down as I stride towards the fires to grasp her hair, yanking her along with Me only to place her head upon a wooden block*
[14:49] *ebediyetO her body following him as he pulls her along with him towards the fires and the wooden block she feels the roughness on her cheek*
[14:51] *Onak taking the rod, small as it may be, but having had a end with the small curve in the fires so it's ready, I remove it, a quick movement so it doesn't cool to slide it just between where it was anvilled, heating it enough to weaken the iron, having not used My thickest figuring where she would end up*
[14:54] *Onak a strike of a tool meant to bust the anvil nails,, and the iron steel is loose as I speak*
[14:54] *ebediyetO wonders what he is up too...*
[14:54] Onak:  Nadu My slave girl
[14:54] *ebediyetO yes my Jarl*
[14:55] Onak:  Within 24 hours, I want in your journal: I will not disrespect and disappoint My Owner by speaking in action
[14:55] Onak:  I want this 300 times and I trust you to type it not copy and paste
[14:56] *ebediyetO she leans up and kneels the roundness of her ass resting upon her heels her sore back arches but she smiles through the pain hands rest upon her soft thighs with the back of her hands palms up her head held high her gems looking at him*
[14:57] *Onak nods, watching the iron steel slide off her neck*
[14:57] Onak:  your steel that I had ordered, it's came in.
[14:57] Onak:  Tell My why you are worth getting something more than I mere regular steel
[14:59] *ebediyetO thinks about her wording before she speaks so she gets across to him what he asks*
[15:02] ebediyetO:  because my Jarl she is named her you administered your lashes you allow her to exist..and you deserve something that pleases you and your girl knows you do not just want something mediocre to adorn your property so a plain black steel collar will not do but knows you would rather  have something you picked out to adorn her so she will always be beautiful for you
[15:03] Onak:  Very good. It's not that you deserve it. But because I wish to see it upon you
[15:03] *ebediyetO nods and smiles gleefully*
[15:03] ebediyetO:  thank you my Jarl
[15:04] *Onak nods, smart slave, and pulls out more closer the red lathered collar, crouching before her*
[15:05] Onak:  Let Me explain this. Outside of your name, you will see this entangled knot. The knot of eternity as there is no way to separate it.
[15:06] *ebediyetO listens..hearing eternity which her name also means*
[15:07] Onak:  Leather too easy get off a slender neck, so instead it overlays the steel of My steel. Thickened but won't injure your neck due to the leather. Red, the color I've now made yours.
[15:07] Onak:  And of course, the ring....for all kinds of things from punishments, to pleasures. And I plan to do them alol
[15:08] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl thank you my Jarl
[15:08] *Onak slides it over her neck, hinged as it is indeed steel, and shoves her face down to the wood once more*
[15:09] *ebediyetO feels the soft leather adorned around her neck and his hand once again shoving her head to the wooden block*
[15:11] *Onak pushing aside the bit of leather that would be in the way, I lift the heavy hammer, a skilled 2 strokes and the nails are flush with the steel, fully enconsced*
[15:12] ebediyetO:  me hears the pounding locking the collar around her neck
[15:12] *ebediyetO me hears the pounding as he closes the collar around her neck*
[15:13] *Onak setting the hammer to the side, I lean over her neck brushing tresses to the side as I clasp the leather with 2 snaps, hiding the steel entrapped*
[15:16] *ebediyetO as he leans over her moving her locks to the side  she hears the snaps *
[15:17] *Onak nods, yanking her upwards by her hair, only to slide calloused hands down her neck, firm but letting her breathe as I take possession of her mouth,*
[15:20] *ebediyetO his kiss takes her breath aways as he does it quickly yes she has been kissed by him a couple of times but this time it was different guess it is because he now truly Owns her*
[15:21] *Onak takes her, never breaking as I pull her against Me roughly, taking in harshness the taste of her mouth before I break off and speak*
[15:21] Onak:  Now. It's time for Me to to see to other Hall Matters
[15:22] *ebediyetO her left hand reaches to caress her Owners steel tho softened by leather and a smile as bright as the sun can be seen*
[15:22] ebediyetO:  yes my Jarl
[15:22] ebediyetO:  do you need anything before you leave My Jarl
[15:22] Onak:  you heard your punishment yes?
[15:23] ebediyetO:  yes the writings my Jarl
[15:24] Onak:  Good
[15:24] *ebediyetO smiles brightly*
[15:25] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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Onak gives his ebediyet her lashes and his personal steel
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