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 1/21/18 lesson 1-- basic positions

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1/21/18  lesson 1-- basic positions  Empty
PostSubject: 1/21/18 lesson 1-- basic positions    1/21/18  lesson 1-- basic positions  EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 1:31 pm

1/21/18  lesson 1-- basic positions  Displaypos-rs

​[15:18] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[15:22] *pure1 freshly bathed she has done as commanded by her Jarl she has returned with the offering of berries and whiped cream she placed upon his table upon his furs she folds her slim legs and kneels upright hands flat against her creamy thighs crown of gold bows along with soft blue eyes that scan the fibers of the furs she awaits as told for her lesson to begin*

[15:25] *Onak popping a a berry into My mouth I say*

[15:25] Onak: Display

[15:26] pure1: yes Jarl Display

[15:30] *pure1 pure lifts her frame up gracefully she stands with her slim legs widely spread her blonde head back slender hands rise up and her fingers of both hands claps together behind her neck*

[15:31] *Onak chewing a few more berries, I watch her before I bark another*

[15:31] Onak: Table

[15:32] pure1: yes Jarl Table

[15:35] *pure1 she bends down slowly to her knees bending over forward blonde hair cascades over her fair shoulders unto the furs below her..hands splaw out upon the furs to rest her body on her hands and her knees her back straight as a board her head held still*

[15:37] *Onak growls at the wrong direction of the position*

[15:38] Onak: Stay.

[15:39] pure1: yes Jarl Stay

[15:40] *pure1 she would now keep the position she is in*

[15:40] *Onak stands, moving around her to stand approximately 3 ft behind her, My lft hand reaching to the short whip in a circle on My Masters belt*

[15:42] Onak: You see I understand you belonged to a bitch. I understand some things will need training. But those are basics.

[15:42] pure1: yes Jarl

[15:43] *Onak flicks My wrist, standing just far enough that the lash lands just above her ass, once, twice, three as I enjoy the red whelps appear as I pause*

[15:44] *pure1 she yelps out as the kiss of the whip stricks her rump not once but three times quickly*

[15:44] pure1: OUCH!!!

[15:47] *Onak moving a step left and turning 180 so that her ass is now sideways to Me, I reach back, straightening My rt arm before I send the short, but effective whip in another secession of 3 across her ass as if I was spanking*

[15:49] *pure1 being repositioned so her body now is sideways from the way it was poised feeling now yet another sessions of kisses to her rump with the Jarl's whip again she yelps as the stings leave three more stripes*

[15:49] pure1: OUCH!!

[15:51] *Onak steps forward, sitting in My chair once more, the whip rested in My lap as I speak*

[15:53] Onak: 1) If you don't know how, ask. 2) If you do know how, do it right. 3) What I've seen you do, sucks. your training will begin tomorrow, with the bare basics. 4) I don't want a proper Southern brat, this is the North I want a sensuous bond. 5) Most important, you'll earn and learn well much it hurts along the way is up to you

[15:54] pure1: yes Jarl

[15:56] Onak: If you still are found lacking to what I want, you will find yourself traded in the Markets for something I want.

[15:57] pure1: yes Jarl

[15:57] *Onak stands, taking the bowl of berries with Me, but leaving the white shit I hate as I stride outdoors to speak with the Guard*

[15:57] Onak has signed off.
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1/21/18 lesson 1-- basic positions
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