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 9/29/18 bitter sweet

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9/29/18 bitter sweet Empty
PostSubject: 9/29/18 bitter sweet   9/29/18 bitter sweet EmptySat Sep 29, 2018 2:24 pm

posted by pure

Bitter Sweet

9/29/18 bitter sweet Images699/29/18 bitter sweet 36001810

[11:52] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[11:56] *pure1 having went to the docks to see if the Hold Jarl has returned  from his voyage he took a few weeks ago...she always checks...she sees his ship docked and his men unloading...this makes girl excited for she had not saw the Hold Jarl yet...she turns on booted feet and runs back to the Hold...seems she runs forever half way from the water is a long way to come <C>*
[11:58] *pure1 the run is worth it...if only she can see him for a moment it will be well worth it...not having him around was pure agony the other girls would laugh at her for being love lorn...they knew she had a special place in her heart for the Hold Jarl and was not ashamed to show it or feel the love she had for him...he was her 1st and she has been told you never forget your 1st <C>*
[12:02] *pure1 almost out of wind she reaches the back door of the Hold that leads to the kitchen...entering she quickly rids herself of the brown kirtle and washes up at the sink she want to be fresh and at her best when she spies him and visa versa...she brushes her hair and slips into the kirtle he gave her she makes sure that her right leg where he banded her shows so she lifts the skirt some and tucks it into her belt too help with the visibility <C>*
[12:04] *pure1 she takes one last look in the mirror as she dabs on some of the lavender oil behind her ears and down her cleavage...a scent not to strong but just right to mix with her natural skin...slipping to the shelf and she tips his favorite mug to her awaiting palms coddling it she slides over to the fires and reaches for the ladle to which she dips into the pot of blackwine <c>*
[12:08] *pure1 filling the mug right up to the ledge...dark black and rich just the way he likes it hopefully she will be able to serve him if he just happens to be in the Main Hall...she spins around leaving the ladle hanging back on the mantel...facing the Main Hall direction...she bows her head swallows hard then straightens up and sways her hips from side to side making her away around benches table big Jarl legs stretched out  in the isle <C>*
[12:11] *pure1 her focus now with her baby blues is the Hold Jarl siting at his big Chair...seems no one has served him yet knowing he would also like to have some of the nachos nancy prepared for a snack she will give him his blackwine then fetch him a bowl of the nachos to enjoy <c>*
[12:13] *pure1 she steps up to his right upon her cheery kissed lips is a smile full of love her gems sparkle like that stars in the night...the lavender scent aroma follows her...pressing up against his right shoulder she places the mug of blackwine to the table before him and with a soft kiss she whispers*
[12:15] pure1:  welcome Home Jarl...pure has missed you...your blackwine as you like it...dark hot and rich...may it please you to have this bond do your bidding
[12:16] *pure1 her body trembles as her bosoms press more into his back her left hand gracing his right arm softly...then she asks him*
[12:17] pure1:  would you like a bowl of nachos nancy has prepared for the mid day snack?
[12:18] *pure1 she places butterfly kisses to his neck and awaits his answers...she has waited a long time to serve him but with him being gone for so long it feels like the 1st time...her slave belly can hardly contain the fire that rumbles within a slight pleasurable moan escapes her lips*
[12:22] *pure1 she steps on the bench and sits on the wooden table legs crossed one over the other her hands clutch toe legde of the table as she looks to the Hold Jarl...her heart beating so fast that you can see her bosom rising and falling with each breath she takes...his stern face only causes shivers of pleasure to crawl upon her skin her tongue licks her cranberry lips leaving behind a shine to the smile that adorns her face one of pure love intended*
[12:43] *Onak grins, the brazen bond as I reach with My lft hand to grab My mug from the table*
[12:44] Onak:  No nachos as of yet however, 4 berries would be enjoyable
[12:44] *pure1 she hears his request and wonders then asks*
[12:45] pure1:  any kind??? Jarl
[12:46] *pure1 she scoots her round ass to the ledge of the table as she makes to get down off the table as she awaits what he has to say*
[12:46] Onak:  2 bitter, 2 sweet
[12:47] *Onak takes another swig of blackwine, enjoying the practiced movements of her, the brand healed and gorgeous  on her thigh*
[12:47] pure1:  yes Jarl..bitter and sweet two of each right away
[12:51] *pure1 feeling his practiced eyes upon her as she lift to a full stand...twirling from him the brand perfectly visible as the kirtle slays around her frame...qucikly she wiggles herself thru the table benches and leaping over the Jarls the kitchen snatches a small bowl from the cabinate and waltzes to the cold room to which she finds almost ripe cherries she chooses two as told then two of the black berries *
[12:54] *pure1 placing them in the bowl and exits the cold room and bumps the door shut with a switch from the hip...stepping lightly through the Main Hall once again the sound of her kirtles skirt is the only thing heard as most of the occupants are indulging in making out some...once again she approaches the right side of the Hold Jarl...kneels upon the bench next to him holding out the small bowl of berries*
[12:54] pure1:  Jarl the berries you acquired for
[12:55] *pure1 she smiles as she places the bowl closer to him with both hands offering*
[12:57] *Onak takes a moment to swig My blackwine, taking the bowl and handing the empty mug to her*
[12:57] Onak:  Refill wench
[12:58] *Onak eyes the berries, sweet succulent cherries and a bitter blackberry without sugar and smirks to Myself*
[12:59] *pure1 she accepts the mug as they trade off vessels hopping back to the floor then announces *
[12:59] pure1:  yes Jarl more
[13:00] *pure1 she canters back thru the Main Hall this time avoiding all the long legs of the the kitchen area she finds herself quickly...steps to the fires and takes down the ladel to fill the mug back full of blackwine so dark and full of robust taste*
[13:01] *Onak watches the fires, My thoughts far away*
[13:03] *pure1 replaces the ladel and retraces her footfalls back through the Main Hall beside the Hold Jarl setting his blackwine full mug before him as she reaches around him as she sets it down her arms hug around the Hold Jarl and her left cheek kisses his back she breathes in deep smelling his manly musk and sighs as she whispers to his ear*
[13:04] pure1:  Jarl more blackwine girl has brought as requested...might she say she is happy that your back girl has missed you
[13:04] *Onak takes another swig, the burning brew just what I need before I turn on the bench, My back resting upon the table, boots on the floor as I speak*
[13:04] Onak:  Kneel beast
[13:05] *pure1 she speak quickly *
[13:05] pure1:  yes Jarl
[13:06] *pure1 slithering down to a kneel upon the wooden floor..soft creamy thighs part hands rest upward upon them her back arches and her long blond hair trickles down her back and some over her shoulders her baby blues resort to looking at his boots*
[13:08] *Onak eyes her, scanning her position, her form, in silence, My hands cupping the bowl she brought*
[13:12] Onak:  What exactly, is a slave?
[13:15] *pure1 thinks for a few moment then straight up her kneel*
[13:17] pure1:   they individuals  who are are owned by others..who control where they live and at what they work what they eat etcetera
[13:18] pure1:  Jarl they are mer property to be handled as seen fit by the owner
[13:18] *Onak inspects here a moment*
[13:19] Onak:  And why do slaves enjoy that?
[13:19] *Onak lifts My mug, enjoying another swig as I question her*
[13:20] *pure1 thinks a moment to be sure her wording is right she sofly replies*
[13:23] pure1:  to be free to express them self Jarl and not be something they are not by faking it there are two sayings 1 being "Myths say that only the woman who has been an utter slave can be truly free."  and 2 . Only in a collar can a woman be truly free
[13:25] Onak:  I see.
[13:26] *Onak inspects the girl, the slave that is lower than an animal*
[13:26] Onak:  And personally, you don't think, at times you should be treated better, at least more than an animal?
[13:26] *pure1 once again she ponders the question then replies*
[13:29] pure1:  Jarl girl has witnessed man beating their animals killing them just as they would a slave if the slave did not act accordingly so girl would think she is just like the animal property to do with as seen fit by the owner...yes some men praise their slaves more than they do their animals but all in all we are treated just about the same...<C>
[13:30] pure1:  quote "the female slave...sometimes considered yet in actuality....valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn... is often valued for its capacity to buy such bring them into chains" Jarl
[13:31] *Onak listens to her words, My gaze never leaving her flesh*
[13:37] *pure1 she wiggles while she kneels...her belly burning with desire to be near him even if it is only knelt before him...she feels his eyes burn into her sould a man such as he should know his property and what is on her mind and her thoughts so his questioning which makes her nervous for she does not get to why he is aking her these things...she takes in a deep breath as his eyes feast upon her *
[14:06] Onak:  Yes, wars have been fought over slaves. However, slave have absolutely no say so. I believe few that. That most while happy to do so, don't hit that last 1% of true slavery.
[14:06] Onak:  How would you describe the difference in that last percent?
[14:07] *Onak turns to look above her a moment before cool blue eyes find her once more, the mug warm against My lips*
[14:09] *Onak sets My mug to the side upon the bench, large hands cupping the bowl she brought, as calloused fingers run over the berries*
[14:09] *pure1 chews on her thoughts a moment before she answers saying*
[14:11] pure1:  the 1% must of thrived above the rest giving their absolute to their owners showed their loyalty their devotion with out question and the owner found in their favor
[14:12] Onak:  But HOW. How do they have that, WHAT makes them different? Any slave is taught to give it all.
[14:20] *pure1 ponders then answers the best she thinks she can*
[14:21] *Onak waits, sensing her thinking on a question that has probably never been posed to her*
[14:24] pure1: hiding nothing by the way the accepts what is dished out may it be cruel or kindness they accept their lives for what it is and instead of thinking of it as a horrific...disgusting burden they must endure that it is a blessing in disguise...slaves tend to simply enjoy it after all their lives are not their own but if they are worthy of being a slave...then they will be treated with as much respect honor care love and truth as any Free .
[14:26] Onak:  Treated as a FREE?
[14:28] pure1:  no Jarl..did not mean it that way...
[14:28] Onak:  you should quickly fix what you meant when you said treated with as much respect, honor and care, love and truth as a Free
[14:29] pure1:  just as you would a Lady or Mistress you would love and care for them would care for your slaves just like you would them but in a simpiler manner yes Jarl
[14:30] Onak:  So I must love and respect a slave?
[14:32] *Onak quirks a brow, not quite pleased with the last answer*
[14:33] pure1:  not really Jarl..slavery Jarl is very simple and yet truly layered in its complexity woven between the simplicity that it just exists and everyone accepts it openly readily  and willingly is the reality that slavery holds such deeply emotional metaphysical and spiritually profound basis...some Free love their slaves thus the love slave...and pure would think you would respect a slave decision to be a slave what she is
[14:35] pure1:  and her not to hide the way she feels or to be fake at that
[14:37] *Onak eyes her, lifting a cherry from the bowl as I say*
[14:37] Onak:  And are you one, that not just accepts you are slave because the Free say so, but one instead that actually thrives in it good or bad?
[14:38] *pure1 looks up into his stern face and smiles from ear to ear and announces*
[14:39] pure1:  you would be correct in saying that which she always tried to be faithful dedicated loyal honest with out trying to be nothing but pure at heart mind and soul
[14:40] *Onak pops the stem, pressing the cherry to the beast feeding her indeed as if she were a mere pet*
[14:43] *pure1 the cherry grazes her plump lips and she opens so the fruit will be injected with in her mouth tho he is stern and strong looking he can also be kind when tending to his property she is blessed that he felt the need to award her mouth with the fruit*
[14:44] *pure1 she bites down and the sweet juices trickle just a tad to the sides of her mouth she chews the sweet tasting cherry and swallows then licks her lips the sweetness applied she replies*
[14:45] pure1:  thank you Jarl
[14:46] Onak:  Being a slave, not always easy, Is a slave allowed resentment? How about anger?
[14:48] *pure1 she thinks of her answers but for a few moments then answers*
[14:55] pure1:  they are one in the same Jarl pure thinks...slaves are always begging pity or mercy of their misfortunes noted a quote here..."He pulled away, in anger. He moved to the side. He kicked me twice, in fury. I returned to him on my belly, and showered my hair upon his sandals, and then again kissed his feet, again and again. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept, an errant slave, one who had done wrong, pleading for mercy and forgiveness."
[14:56] Onak:  No I mean can YOU as a slave, be angered?
[14:56] Onak:  Yes or no
[14:56] pure1:  yes Jarl
[14:56] Onak:  Is being a slave...bittersweet?
[14:57] Onak:  Yes or no
[14:57] pure1: no not at all is a hard row to plow with many of twist and turns no all will be rainbows and lollipops you have to take the bad just as you do the good
[14:59] Onak:  I gave you one cherry. There are 3 berries left. One because you are slave, a slave I see has even the rare 1%. Two, as slavery is bittersweet, not just easy. And 3, as being a slave is hard work, harder still if you are Owned of Hunjer
[14:59] Onak:  For now I run, but return after My errand
[14:59] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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9/29/18 bitter sweet Empty
PostSubject: Re: 9/29/18 bitter sweet   9/29/18 bitter sweet EmptyTue Oct 09, 2018 3:17 pm

To be continue, as was with you at My feet having ate the berries. This will be position when we both return to the Hall. This conversation is not over.
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9/29/18 bitter sweet Empty
PostSubject: Re: 9/29/18 bitter sweet   9/29/18 bitter sweet EmptyTue Oct 09, 2018 5:29 pm


yes Jarl

9/29/18 bitter sweet Re6IMG_9386dicon

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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PostSubject: Re: 9/29/18 bitter sweet   9/29/18 bitter sweet EmptyThu Oct 11, 2018 11:53 am

posted by pure

9/29/18 bitter sweet Tarl_cabot_of_gor_by_whyterayven

Tarl Cabot

[12:20] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'
[12:20] *Onak sits on the bench I prefer at times, the fires a warmth to combat the start of the colding weather soon to be nothing but snow*
[12:23] *pure1 having saved the bitter berries for last pure pops them both in her mouth making an awful looking face from the bitterness...she swallows quickly and sets the bowl to her right...looks to the Jarl as he has returned from his errand... adjusts her kneel placing the soft back of her hands to her creamy upper thighs...licks her lips softly sings*
[12:24] pure1:  Welcome back Jarl and thank you for the 4 berries the 1st two were great the last two very bitter girl should of added sugar to them when she brought them to you...
[12:25] Onak:  No sugar was asked for. As for any slave, you should know, though barely upon the berries, that slavery at times is no pleasure to be found.
[12:26] pure1:  yes Jarl
[12:26] *Onak eyes the wench, a cool gaze once more skimming her, toe to head..noting her posture, her natural submission before I speak*
[12:28] Onak:  you kneel, your submission a both demure and sexual. Everything a slave should do and be. Granted training never ends, however. Is this how you would kneel before merely any Man. A silent beg to be before him, to use how he pleases?
[12:29] *pure1 listens to his words and carefully replies in her soft tone*
[12:30] pure1:  her being bond of the Isle with no personal Jarl she would Jarl
[12:31] Onak:  So the fire, that of a slave, would burn just a bright for a Man who entered reeking of no bath due to long travels, as it would for a Man of Scribe, put together?
[12:32] pure1:  sadly yes Jarl
[12:32] Onak:  So not as with much...enjoyment? Perhaps hidden, but you would feel differently?
[12:37] pure1:  Jarl her enjoyment is not the important thing the enjoyment of the Male is her main thought...tho she probably would suggest perhaps bathing the Male for his pleasure which as you said hidden would be better
[12:38] pure1:  <c> she would nay feel different but if he would allow her to bath him while pleasuring she would have a great time pleasuring
[12:39] *Onak nods, the answer ping ponging around My head a moment, taking a swig of blackwine before changing subjects*
[12:39] Onak:  You have heard of Cabot yes?
[12:39] pure1:  Jarl Tarl Cabot?
[12:40] Onak:  That is the one I know of.
[12:40] pure1:  then her answer would be yes Jarl
[12:41] Onak:  He was a very intelligent Man, both before when He was in university and after when He was brought Here.
[12:42] *pure1 nods as she listens to him with a smile shadowing her lips*
[12:45] Onak:  Cabot..seen himself as a normal person, just an everyday Man. Yet he did amazing things and damn sure Owned some of the best beasts.
[12:46] pure1:  his story in History was a well read
[12:49] Onak:  Indeed it is. I believe, a 1000 word essay, only upon his facts, his traits, his honors, and how he chose things he did and owned.
[12:49] Onak:  I think that will be your assessment now. Then you will return, with gruel and water, to wait upon My arrival once more
[12:49] *Onak chuckles*
[12:50] Onak has signed off.

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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9/29/18 bitter sweet Empty
PostSubject: Re: 9/29/18 bitter sweet   9/29/18 bitter sweet Empty

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9/29/18 bitter sweet
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