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made a kirtle from Hold Jarls shirt

9/16/18-9/22/18 Snapsh11

~~pure see the Hold Jarl sitting in his chair eating quietly...he just got home from his day....pure crawls up beside him on his right and nuzzle her cheek against the back of his hand...he looks down to her "yes girl?" he says...his voice loud and deep her baby blue eyes look up to him as he licks his fingers clean from the juices of the vulo

~~" Jarl? do you have any old clothes you not wear anymore?"...she asked as she batted her eyelashes cutely..."Well...pure...there is a shirt... the brown one...worn only once....why do you ask?"...he tipped more mead into his mouth.

~~"girl was going to use it to make a piece of clothing out of...instead ofgirls long warm is getting a tad bit warmer....and with girls longer kirtles...the verr try to nibble at it"...her chime like voice responded.

~~"Aye, pure" he said and told her about the chest were he kept his clothing up in his chambers..."thank you Jarl"...she squealed and stood up and ran to the stairs where she took them two at a time to get to his chamber quickly

~~she pawed through all the clothing and boots....she finally found it and yanked it out of the chest...there was a hole in the front of it already...she gathered a a pair of scissors and cut a "v" down to the belly in the shirt...there were pretty patterns on the front side of the shirt...and the shirt smelled of the Hold Jarl..and of the mead he drank....the shirt's sleeves were far to long...she had to trim those too

~~she put the scissors up then slipped the shirt over her head,...t was still a little bit box like on her... but it was very soft...she tied a small belt around her waist to make it a bit less box like...soon this shirt became her favorite thing to wear...for it reminded her of the Hold Jarl...she darts downstairs to show the Hold Jarl what she did with the shirt that he let her hopes he approves

The female slave, sometimes considered nothing, supposedly, is yet in actuality, valued commonly more highly than even gold, which in turn, is often valued for its capacity to buy such women, to bring them into chains."
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