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 1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead

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1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead  Empty
PostSubject: 1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead    1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead  EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 1:28 pm

1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead  Horn

[16:31] Current topic is:
'[RP] My rules, My ways. Entrance by ship, Long Hall half way through the Island'

[16:33] *Onak debarking the ship, a mainly smooth ride it was, I grin, seeing Traitor My supposedly desert very spoiled kailia*

[16:34] *pure1 having left the ship that brought us to a halt pure heels once again to the Jarl that purchased her from the Block in Scagnar..she hesitates as they stop looking at a Kailia that girl can only think would be his...*

[16:37] *Onak her leash still the binding from My Master's belt, I yank on it, tugging her to Me as I throw her, stomach down onto him before securing her waif form and and climbing aboard Myself*

[16:41] *pure1 gasps!! as she is yanked towards him by the same fibers she is tied with then being lifted to be positioned on her stomach across the back of the beast him making sure she was secure to the animal feeling him adjust him self to the back as well..*

[16:45] *Onak letting the reigns loose, I let Traitor have his head, accustoming to jostle of his run knowing in but a minute I will see the long hall *

[16:50] *pure1 as the beast runs pure can feel each of his hoofs fall to the ground through the jolting of my belly the closeness of Jarl makes her a bit nervous having not really been close to a man except for a serve or two to which she only mimicked what the other girls were doing...pure wishing soon they would be where he was taking her to*

[16:52] *Onak riding hard straight up to the door, I slide off, giving Traitor a drink of water from My bota before unbinding the slavegirl and sliding her off, My lft hand wrapped around the original bindings as I tell the thrall to tend to the animal and I push open the heavy wooden door with the other animal*

[16:57] *pure1 my feet feel the ground finally listens as the beast laps the water given the big door opens by my body pushed by the Jarl inside it is kinda dark and cool pure stays distant as one should behind head bowed awaiting to further her steps to within the building*

[17:11] *Onak headed straight to My chair set back in the Main Hall, I collapse, tired. then look to the wench, a wench I didn't plan to purchase*

[17:15] *pure1 as he sits down i stand before him still with hands and ankles bound by the fibers from his belt..not hearing nothing but a umph! as he settles to his seat pure keeps her head down and remembers he said slaves are to be silen...seen but not heard her heart pounds heavily she is new to this being a slave to a man knowing soon she will have to submit to him in all ways*

[17:17] *Onak seeing her stand, and wondering if she's cute but dumb I kick out My lft leg, swiping it to My rt to knock her feet from under her as I speak*

[17:17] Onak:  Never stand before a Free.

[17:18] *pure1 being brought to my knees quickly she hears his words softly she speaks*

[17:18] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:26] *Onak shakes My head, untying the binding from her throat wrists and ankles and placing it back in My pouch as I eye her, really eye her for the first time*

[17:29] *pure1 being glad that girl was untied kneeling upright hands run along her thighs and rest downward sky blue eyes devert to his ruffed up boots now that they are not as clean as she first noticed at the Auction...the firelight dances upon her fair sleek form and fair skin..she bites  at her lip as she can feel his eyes look upon her*

[17:31] *Onak quirks an eye*

[17:31] Onak:  you turn palms up often when Owned by a Woman previously?

[17:32] pure1:  no Jarl girl would kneel in what she learned a Tower kneel keeping hands downward as girl is now Jarl

[17:33] pure1:  she has not been opened Jarl

[17:33] Onak:  NM I missed the kneeling upright.)

[17:33] *pure1 smiles*

[17:34] Onak:  Tell Me wench, 3 things you'd like Me to know of you? Other than you are unopened and obviously not worthy of a FW as you were on the block.

[17:35] *pure1 girl thinks mighty hard for she would like to make a good first  impression in his Home..she swallows and speaks in a soft but noticeable tone*

[17:37] pure1:  Jarl girl can read and write keep books...she is the daughter of a widowed Merchant who sold girl to Mistress Naomi before he died to keep her books, now she finds she is also died...she is fond of making things with her hands Jarl

[17:39] Onak:  I see. And do you know what a bond circle is?

[17:40] *pure1 listens and answers quickly*

[17:40] pure1:  yes Jarl girl being from the North does Jal

[17:40] pure1:  Jarl

[17:41] Onak:  you have a speaking problem?

[17:41] *pure1 fidgets some but regains her kneel*

[17:41] pure1:  no Jarl girl is just nervous

[17:42] Onak:  I see. Do you know the basics?

[17:43] pure1:  girl would think she does Jarl and she prays that she pleases you with what she knows

[17:44] Onak:  Fetch Me mead.

[17:44] pure1:  yes Jarl Mead...

[17:50] *pure1 she obeys instantly, rising and skirting through the Longhouse as she makes her way to the hearth were she gracefully reaches for a horn hanging near by fills a horn with some of the warmed Mead by the ladel keeping warm by the fires that illuminate girl figure as she turns around and faces him*

[17:53] *pure1  cradles the horn in both hands smiling, and her bare feet make hardly a noise as she moves across the floor, intent on the man ahead of her. the warmth of the fire pit wraps about her flesh as she makes her way past it, gently flared hips swaying enticingly from side to side, delectable scent of roasting tarsk, verr, and bosk hovering in the his feet she sinks to her knees, folding slender legs beneath her*

[17:54] pure1:  the smooth curve of her rear nestling against her upturned heels. when she bows her head obeisantly, thick locks of gold tumble about her shoulders and her arms as she lifts and extends them, the horn held carefully. softly she speaks

[17:55] pure1:  pure offers you Mead Jarl she prays that it warms you

[17:55] *pure1 she awaits the release of the horn from her hands to his*

[17:57] *Onak watches her, noting basics are fine, but training will definaely need done, as I lean down taking the horn before I lean back, a long warm swig before I say*

[17:57] *pure1 she pulls her arms back and hands rest palm down upon her thighs*

[17:57] Onak:  you are bond, at some point you'll end in My lap. Willing or not

[17:57] pure1:  yes Jarl

[17:58] Onak:  For now, you need a bath. you'll find what you need in the slave quarters down to the right. When you return, your training begins.

[17:58] pure1:  yes Jarl Thank you Jarl

[17:58] *Onak tilts up the horn, steaming mead a welcomed heat as I down it*

[17:58] Onak:  Go wench

[17:59] pure1:  Yes Jarl

[17:59] Onak has signed off.
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1/20/19 Onak takes pure to his Home in Hunjer/ 1st serve of Mead
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