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 1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar

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1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar  Empty
PostSubject: 1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar    1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar  EmptySun Jan 28, 2018 1:24 pm

1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar  Download

[16:33] GCN Server set topic to:
'[RP] {Gor} Auction Block in Scagnar a place where you can aquire a slave or two'

[16:57] *Onak striding in, tired of doing shit Myself around My new Home, I glance around having heard a few experienced slaves are tied up too the block to be inspected and purchased *

[16:59] *pure1 she is jerked from the wall where her and 3 other girls are being kept till Auction day... flings to her feet hands cross behind her and her  bright blue eyes divert and focus on the ground below her.... Master Earl lines her up with the other girls she is 4th in line..she takes a deep breath and exhales as begin to walk towards the block*

[17:02] *Onak not neccessarily looking for an untrained slave as they are quite the work, I step closer to the block as they enter one by one, dark green eyes scanning each one*

[17:04] *pure1 as she is led up the 2 steps to the block she follows like the other girls and stands with feet apart and hands behind head eyes lowered she can feel the eyes of the men looking at her*

[17:06] *Onak not seeing much of My specs as 3 are obviously untrained or semi trained, I climb the short steps behind a Man or 2 as I am  in no rush...pausing at the first girl*

[17:07] *pure1 her chest rising and fall as her heart pump heavily allowing her breast to rise and fall in a fast rhythm*

[17:09] *Onak noting she has the most confidence in her slavery, My lft hand reaches out sliding over her flesh then up to check her teeth as if she were an animal, her answers to My questions adequate*

[17:11] *Onak stepping forward to the 2nd girl I see her trembling, eyes lowered as if she wants to disappear..a quick glance but My gaze is flat, uninterested as I move on to 3*

[17:12] *pure1 as a hefty man puts his dirty hands on her she thinks to herself please no no can't handle his smell the next man in the line at least his boots are clean*

[17:14] *Onak well rounded in all the right places, a natural bond, I grin as I step behind her, calloused hands tracing her body knowing she will most likely be My purchase*

[17:17] *Onak My mind mainly made up I nod to the auctioneer to hold her for Me, then I move behind the 4th slavegirl My lft hand grabbing to her tresses as I yank backwards to whisper in her ear*

[17:17] Onak:  Are you Southern, wench?

[17:18] *pure1 my body begins to trembele as this man pulles my head back  having never been touched like this before except when she has served a few men before being a Womans slave had it good gasping she says*

[17:19] pure1:  no Master girl is Northern from Scagnar Harbor Master

[17:21] *Onak pushes against her head as I release her hair, stepping around her to inspect, green eyes scanning every inch from foot to top*

[17:21] Onak:  So you are accustomed to the Northern ways?

[17:23] *pure1 she regaines her stance standing a bit more upright and answers the man with the clean boots*

[17:24] pure1:  so to say Master you would think that girl being from the North  her whole life, but she has not lived to be trained to Master she was a Woman's slave and was taught to read and right and keep books

[17:27] *Onak roars laughing, a woman's slave on the block..quirking a brow I notice a few Men showing interest so I move to inspection, calloused hands stroking up inner thighs, the crease where thigh meets groin, pausing at her belly*

[17:29] *pure1 she is afraid her not being as other slaves that this man or any man would want her..the feeling of his rough hands makes her breath in deep and holds it as he reaches her belly*

[17:30] *Onak watches her reaction, My lft thumb merel caressing her abdomen as I watch her face*

[17:30] Onak:  Why did you suck in your belly, beast?

[17:30] *pure1 she releases her breath as she answers his question*

[17:31] pure1:  pure has never really had a man touch her as you do Master pure is like her name in all ways Master

[17:31] *Onak glancing over, hearing the auctioneer calling to Me, I shake My head, releasing the previous girl from My interest so the dirty Man can purchase her*

[17:32] *Onak groans, the slave pure...untrained to Men, hence untrained and damn that's not what I what...but gorgeous she is as I slide My lft hand between her tits and up spreading her lips to see her teeth*

[17:33] *pure1 girl tries to smile still as he looks at her teeth which she has all of them and keeps them clean as she does her body*

[17:36] *Onak the price a bit high for an untrained wench, but wanting to end discussion and head back to My home I call out to the auctioneer*

[17:37] Onak:  1 silver tarsk, no counters for the slave of the Women

[17:39] *pure1 hearing the mans bid her heart jumps thankful that the man with the dirty hands did not bid*

[17:40] *Onak seeing the quick nod, I untie the binding fiber from My belt a quick work binding her wrists tightly in front of her*

[17:41] *Onak crouching I do the same to he ankles, leaving but a step loose betwin her...running it up around her wrists, securing her before I speak*

[17:42] *pure1 hands being jerked to wrists & ankles being tied together by the Man who bought her in front of her she wiggles her arms some as the knots are tight*

[17:43] Onak:  Run, fight or even think twice I will gut you like a bosk without a second thought. Clear, slave girl?

[17:44] *pure1 she answers quickly*

[17:44] pure1:  yes Master

[17:44] *pure1 really she would not run he did not have to tie so tightly*

[17:45] *Onak nods, stepping off the block, as I tie the put together leash to My belt as I toss the tarsk to the coin man, and stride out, a long walk ahead of us*

[17:46] *pure1 she follows behind the Man that paid a silver for her..wonders where he will take the girl to*

[17:47] pure1:  Master?

[17:47] *Onak groans, already she whines as I keep walking ignoring her*

[17:48] *pure1 did he not hear me?? as we walk a little bit and again asks*

[17:48] pure1:  Master?

[17:49] *Onak nearly to the exit, and again she can't seem to shut up, I turn, My lft hand swiftly connecting with her right cheek*

[17:49] Onak:  slaves are to be seen, to serve and to fuck, not talk

[17:50] Onak:  Now..ask whatever it is, and then shut up like a good slave the rest of the way Home.

[17:51] *pure1 places my right hand to my right cheek that has been stricken then says*

[17:51] pure1:  yes Master...pure just wanted to say thank you Master

[17:52] Onak:  Don't thank Me. you'll likely be dead within the hand, woman slave.

[17:52] *Onak turns, jerking her forward as I stride from the block already regretting My decision as I head up the dirt road*

[17:52] *pure1 then she buttons her lips and keeps treading on her hips rocking back and forth *
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1/14/18 pure was bought by Onak at the Auction Block in Scagnar
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